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February 13th, 2013

A visit to the flour mill

Image thanks to Est Ouest

From quiches to choux pastry, flour is definitely one of my staple ingredients (along with everyone else out there I’m sure). So when I was in Alsace before Christmas, I snapped up the opportunity to visit one of the region’s artisan flour mills. What better opportunity to stock up on good-quality Alsatian flour for my festive season baking?

The mill that I visited is called the Moulin de Hurtigheim, where the current owners (the Becker family) have been producing flour for five generations. From pastry flour and organic blends, to flour specially crafted for baking, the flour produced at the Moulin de Hurtigheim is some of the finest in the region.

You can visit the mill’s website to browse their recipes – including traditional spice bread and kugelhopf. The site is in French, but Google translate does a pretty good job ;)

Image thanks to Est Ouest

Marie from the lovely Est Ouest blog joined me (along with her iphone) and filmed a little snippet of our time at the mill.

Many thanks to Marie for the lovely images and video, and to the team at Moulin de Hurtigheim for showing me around. If you’d asked me a year ago, I would never have thought that my work would lead me to the inner workings of a flour mill!

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5 thoughts on “A visit to the flour mill

  1. Its so nice to be able to share these experiences with you and I agree that its exciting to see what will happen next to this little paris girl.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  2. Rachel-been in flour milling industry as career and just retired. Alley and I happy you were able to learn more about the magic of wheat and wheat flour milling. It is the staff of life and good flour will make wonderful bread…so good to know where your flour..and wheat comes from. Have fun and continue your quest to expore…we are really enjoying the USA series on TV now and hope you continue to produce a few more shows..tried some of the recipes..fun and good. Most of all must share the bottle of wine with Alley when we cook..a delight to watch your show so thanks! John and Alley

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