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August 15th, 2013

Peek-a-look* – My recipe writing process


In the lead up to my book launch (My Little French Kitchen is due out in the UK on October 10), I’m sharing bits and bobs behind-the-scenes. Here’s a little insight into my recipe writing process:

1* – Inspiration is key to developing a successful recipe. I always feel most inspired when I work with fresh, seasonal ingredients, so when I’m in recipe writing mode you’re bound to find me at the market loading up my market bag with goodies. More often than not, I don’t start with a shopping list (note-taking happens later). Instead, I chat with local producers to find out what’s in season. I like this element of spontaneity.

2* –  My tip for starting out? Keep a notepad or a stash of recipe cards (love the cute range from Rifle Paper Co.) on hand in the kitchen. You never know when inspiration may strike! Flavour combination ideas, measurements, musings on ingredients – write it all down (your memory can become quite muddled when you’re in the middle of recipe writing madness!).

3* –  I love to approach recipe writing from a visual point of view. Sketching and illustrating is the best way for me to jot down my thoughts – this is my way of mind-mapping ingredients and flavours. My paints and brushes travel with me everywhere I go.

4* – A good-quality watercolour sketchbook is a staple in my recipe writing kit. What works for you when you’re starting a new project? Jotting down notes? Taking photos?

5* – After I’ve sourced (and taste tested!) the ingredients and my sketching is finished, it’s time to get to work in the kitchen. Perhaps the most vital element of recipe writing is to get your measurements accurate. So my measuring jug, spoons and electronic scales are always on hand when I’m in the first stages of recipe writing. Remember to keep track of any adjustments as you go.

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8 thoughts on “Peek-a-look* – My recipe writing process

  1. Really looking forward to the new book. In the US on…? Your baked eggs have become the new black around here lately!
    Glad you like to sketch as much as your readers like to enjoy them. Love that R.Khoo personal touch!

  2. Fantastic tips- I am always randomly creating dishes with either sourced ingredients or what’s left in the pantry/fridge. They often turn out really delish but then I can’t reproduce it. I’ll keep a notepad handy now! xx

  3. You’re an absolute inspiration Rachel, I really admire how you’ve made your passion your career! I’m a painting student with a passion for food and travel and your TV program and blog posts never fail to brighten my day. Just goes to show where hard work can take you! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes for myself. Best Wishes xx

  4. Thanks for sharing, such great insight and tips. Looking forward to your new book! I have tried many recipes from LPK and they are fab. All the best, xx singapore

  5. I’m a scribbler – I have my notebook with me always and write flavor combos I love when I’m eating out. I also have started writing successful ‘made up as I go’ recipes straight after eating before I forget. I rarely measure when cooking for myself but I’m forcing myself to now I have my blog and teach cooking classes. Wish I could draw like you but as I can’t, my iPhone is my visual resource for capturing my food.

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