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October 5th, 2008

Back to work Bento box

Rachel Khoo - Back to work Bento box

Back to work Bento box at Jo Evens Showroom in Paris on the 5th October 2008. Wacky manga characters, blue rice, lots of veg…everyone got their hands sticky making their yummy bento boxes.

Le dimanche 5 Octobre au Showroom JO EVENS à Paris “Spécial Fashion – L’atelier de boite à Bento”.

Télécharger la recette de l’atelier Bento box ici

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One thought on “Back to work Bento box

  1. My ancestors came from France (I don’t know which region) so to visit there is on my bucket list. I saw your show (Little Paris Kitchen) and fell in love with your concept of cooking in your tiny kitchen. I too have a tiny space and you made me enjoy it more when I saw you cooking in your toaster oven! My boyfriend chuckles when ever he sees me trying to make a meatloaf on the stove top in a cast iron pan. So I said “Look, she’s a chef and cooks in her toaster oven”! I can cook food any way I want as long as it comes out delicious! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of Paris 🙂 If you ever need a sofa to sleep on near the Boston area call me! (I don’t have a spare bedroom haha) xo

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