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August 13th, 2013

eat/share/listen with Steven Bonner


Readers on my blog will know that I’m a fan of cool typefaces. For my latest eat/share/listen Q&A I chatted with typographer Steven Bonner, who designed the lovely font for my new book. You can check out Steven’s portfolio (and his designs for ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ too) here. He’s also shared some of his original sketches – you can check out his creative process below. Merci, Steven!


(eat) my fail-safe dish… My wife is the chef in our family and she loves to cook a great selection of dishes for us – some traditional, some less so, but my absolute favourite is her traditional steak pie. She serves it with really tasty seasoned cubed roast potatoes. It never fails to please me. I’m not exactly sure what she does that makes it different, but it’s genuinely the best I’ve ever had.

(eat) favourite restaurant and why… I really like a little place in Villamartin, Spain called The Stone Grill. It’s an Argentinian steakhouse and they serve your choice cut of meat on a hot stone (so you can cook it to your liking). They also make a fantastic selection of desserts and pastries in-house, which are all amazing – even for someone like me who usually skips dessert.


(share) can’t get through the day without… Checking my emails obsessively.

(share) recent inspiring find I’ve discovered online… Niice. It’s such a great way to search for visual inspiration.



(listen) a tune I turn up on the radio… I don’t actually listen to the radio anymore due to the depressing state of mainstream music, but in my ideal world, it’d be ‘Cigarettes, Wedding Bands’ by Band of Horses.

(listen) a quote that resonates with me… “Don’t show anything you don’t still want to be doing in five years time”. It’s a throwaway line that I was told by Alan Ainsley of The Leith advertising agency years ago when I was first starting out, and I’ve lived by it ever since. Easily the best advice I’ve ever been given.

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7 thoughts on “eat/share/listen with Steven Bonner

  1. Hi Rachel:
    I am French born and have been living in New York for the past 8 years. I miss the simple French food. I eat out very often here without necessarily ENJOYING it every time. So I have decided to reconnect with my culinary intuition. I have had no training but get lucky most times I venture myself in the kitchen. I guess it is common sense. :-) I often look for inspiration on Youtube and BOY DID I GET INSPIRED BY YOUR VIDEOS!!!!! You are a DELIGHT!!! I have added you on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter. I have watched every video you have online and could not get enough. It made me want to try each recipe. I am not good with book recipes and much prefer the video platform but I may get the book just because you wrote it. THANK YOU for being so inspirational and lovely!!

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