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December 7th, 2012

Recipe: Gingerbread

Rachel Khoo recipe gingerbread

Nothing like some Christmas spices and baking to get you into the holiday spirit. Try my gingerbread recipe from my latest Evening Standard column.

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7 thoughts on “Recipe: Gingerbread

  1. rachel i want to subscribe to your RSS feed, but the link appears to be broken. tried via your blog and also via my own google reader.
    am loving the show over here in the u.s. on the cooking channel. fab!

  2. I just found you tonight, I have been enjoying your cooking show, it comes on BBC here in Canada, I just this very day made Ginger Sparklers, they look very much like the cookie in the photo above, I love your show! Best wishes from Canada

  3. Rachel! Really enjoy your program. You have an original approach that is so refreshing! And your appliance don’t match! Made the ginger cookies. They didn’t spread but were amazing. Thank you!

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