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December 18th, 2012

Giveaway! GoGo City Guides for Christmas

Update: Congratulations to the five winners: Geraldine, Gabrielle, Francesca, Blake and Julia! We’ll be in touch with details. Thanks to everyone for your fun answers 🙂

As someone who divides her time between Paris and London, I’m always on the look out for new places to check out in both cities. Cue GoGo City Guides constantly appearing on my iPhone screen. Fabulous insider guides (both in print and iPhone apps), the GoGo guides are full of the latest chic (and sometimes off the beaten track) places to wine, dine, shop and play in Paris and London.

This Christmas, I’ve got my hands on five GoGo Paris iPhone apps and print guides to give away to five lucky winners!

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! Head over to Facebook and like my page! Then, leave a comment below here on my blog and tell me what would be your dream day in Paris. Bonus points if you share this giveaway on your own Facebook page! Also, even better if you share it on Twitter, Pinterest or your own blog…after all, it is the season of sharing and giving :).

Please leave your contact information in your blog comment so I can get in touch to let you know if you’ve a winner!

I’ll be randomly drawing the five winners on Tuesday, December 18th so you can enter this giveaway until Monday, December 17th. Bonne chance!

**This giveaway is now closed.**

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66 thoughts on “Giveaway! GoGo City Guides for Christmas

  1. Dream day in Paris would include trip to the Musée de l’Orangerie to see THE waterlilies, not been since the clear roof was put in, those pictures there bring tears of awe, more galleries, some shopping, cafes and if I was really lucky dinner chez vous and ending with night-time walk at the Eiffel Tower and down the Champs-Élysées, bliss

  2. I’m off to Paris next year for my hen do and cannot wait. Paris is my favourite place in the world! My dream day would start by enjoying freshly made croissants with my friends before a nice leisurely stroll over the river to Musée d’Orsay. After taking in all the treasures we’d head over to Beaubourg with lunch outside the Pompidou Centre. The afternoon would be spent being the ultimate tourist at the Eiffel Tower, taking black and white photos and pretending we’re Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face! The evening would involve lots of Pinot Noir and views from the Sacre Coeur! 🙂

  3. Ha, mon jour idéal à Paris … Macarons are my main reason to go to Paris, so I think I’d start off at Pierre Hermé to buy a big Mogador (passion fruit, milk chocolate macaron). Then I’d head to Père Lachaise to put flowers on the grave of Amadeo Modigliani because not many people seem to do so. At noon I’d have a picknick in the jardins de Luxembourg. Then I’d go to some exhibition. Afterwards I’d head to les Tuileries to chill and relax. Then I’d go to Colette to shop and Ladurée to have some patisserie. To close the day I’d go to a good French restaurant

  4. AH, my dream day in Paris…that would be to recreate the birthday I spent in Paris a year ago. Sitting on the hill in Montmartre at night, with friends from study-abroad, looking at all of the lights down below. We were drinking wine (since I was turning 21, and we were all American, we needed to celebrate this occasion with SOME alcohol 😉 and laughing, maybe even singing. Parisians would come up to us asking whose Birthday it was,and one group even gave me a beer to celebrate. I was so touched by this (yes, it was just a beer, but it seemed so magical at the time) and it was a night I’ll never forget. I’d recreate this dream day over and over again if I could. No birthday will ever top it.

  5. I don’t know Paris very well at all but my dream day would involve pastries for breakfast at a cute cafe somewhere, then a walk along the Seine, browsing the book and art stalls. Then somewhere simple for a delicious light lunch so I’ve got space for macarons during the afternoon. Maybe visit the Louvre or Montmartre then a fancy dinner with good wine and a trip up the Eifel Tower to see the lights of Paris.

  6. I’ve never been to Paris, but I imagine my dream day would include a lot of food and as many museums as possible and the certain draining of my camera battery as I take as many photos as I can.

  7. Well, on a cold but blue skied wintery day, I’d head to the Puces de St Ouen to browse and play a game of “if I could choose any object regardless of the price, what WOULD it be?”, then I’d head out to the Marché des enfants rouges for a piping hot soup and bento (at Taeko’s). After that it’s a nice brisk stroll down to the marais to dive into random thrift stores and a hot cup of tea at the Loire dans la Théière (with a lemon meringue slice on the side) … after which, well I’d end up at neighbouring musée de la photo. To top it all up, I’d change into something chic and head out for dinner in a resto I’d never heard of before but want to discover. Pheeewff that was quite a day !!!

  8. My dream day in Paris would start with a trip to Jacque Genin’s beautiful patisserie where I would eat a caramel eclair which would be followed by a chocolate eclair (yes two!). I would also have one of his beautiful lime tarts and a selection of caramels boxed up for latter.I would then head to the Musée d’Orsay to leisurely soak in some beautiful paintings. I would then head to the Luxembourg gardens and eat a late lunch (lime tart and caramels). Finally I would head to the Sacré Coeur. After a day of subsitting on sugar I would indulge in cheese, cured meat and bottle of red wine whilst soaking up the ambience.

  9. My ideal day in paris would start with a strong coffee( parisenne style!) and an almond pastry. I’d walk up to montmarte and the sacre coeur- early morning to avoid the tourists. I bring a sketchbook and camera with me to record what I see. I’d also hop on a bus to visit the ‘sweat shop’ near the canal de saint martin (if it’s still open- I heard it might have closed) I then head to the musée d’orsay, since the last time I went it was closed. I’d have dinner in a a small cafe near the champs elyesses then visit the louvre in the evening- this day would have to be a friday then! Also, I would be accompanied by my 3 friends who I went to paris with in october 2011.

  10. Une journée de rêve à Paris would of course have to involve food, since the French love food.

    Therefore, I would like you (Rachel) to give me a quick tour of your favorite eateries, patisseries, boulangeres, brassieres etc., etc. in Paris.

    Incidentally, I visited Paris for the first time for a couple of weeks this November. Indeed, a beautiful city.

  11. I’ve been to Paris a few times and I’ve seen all ‘the sights’. In April this year I had my first baby so my dream day would be a day of baby free wandering (much as I love being a mum!). There would be a LOT of people watching and eating and drinking the best of the simple things in life- good bread and red wine! (and maybe some goats cheese & fig jam…it is a dream day after all!)

  12. ‘Parlez vous français?’
    ‘Oui madame’
    Perfect start to my dream day in Paris. I have miraculously woken up speaking fluent French.

    Le shopping – My infinite credit card would allow me to indulge in Parisian shopping – One pair of Louboutin heels (wait the card is infinite – make that 5), a Channel bag (yes, a REAL one) and a chic black dress from Dior s’il vous plait.

    Ensuite – a hot air balloon ride across the Parisian sky would be Parfait – not sure what I’m on about? Take a look:
    ( which reminds me a quick visit through an EMPTY Louvre would be dreamy too)

    And finally a hilarious dinner accompanied by Gerard Depardieu, where we would eat the BEST cheese fondue in France, prepared by a friendly rat called ratatouille!

  13. I would wake up early, go and sit with a nice strong cup of coffee, a pain au chocolat and watch people on their way to work!
    I’d love to wander aimlessly for a few hours before stopping for lunch and finding some macarons somewhere 🙂
    I would then have to at least do a little bit of shopping in the afternoon, but I think the activity of the day would definitely have to be just wandering topped off with a delicious dinner and plenty of wine.

  14. My dream day in Paris would be an early start to visit a market such as Boulevard de la Villette followed by chocolate chaude and a cake and Angelina’s tea room. All that indulgence would need a walk through the Jardin des Tuileries, after which I would be welcomed for a one night exclusive dinner at the Little Paris Kitchen.

  15. Hmmm dream day in Paris? Well when I first started living in France I couldn’t get used to the Sundays reminiscent of a sort of Ghost town. No one was about, everything was closed, apart from train stations and Cinemas- which is where everyone seemed to flock- a waste of a sunny day I sometimes find. That was until, I went to Paris. Sundays there were my favourite day! I au-paired for a family who lived in the 2eme, near a little street called ‘Rue Montorgueil’ which throughout the week would be hustle & bustle central! Although the street was still abuzz with people on a Sunday,there was a completely different feel to it, young couples or families taking leisurely strolls, indulging in a lunch treat together, just enjoying time to wander and nose around the fromageries, boulangeries, chatting to the locals,really enjoying and embracing the city that they so often hurry through cursing, without a second thought throughout the working week. So after a nice mid-morning stroll down this street & perhaps a little shopping (picking up a Sunday Afternoon Tea Macaroon or two from Stohrer) I’d then proceed towards the Louvre, along Rue de Rivoli and towards les Jardins de Tuileries (weather permitting) Wander through there up past Place de la Concorde, to les Champs Elysees where I’d treat myself to a much needed coffee & some people watching! From here I’d perhaps hop on the metro towards Champ de Mars, have a quick gaze at the symbolic metal beauty that is the Eiffel Tower and then a walk along the River until I find a cosy little bistro where I could cuddle up to a lovely glass of Cotes du Rhone and some fine French cuisine! 🙂 Olala Paris tu me manque! Je t’aime!

  16. It’s my birthday and if I was able to spend it in Paris I would go to Café Fauchon for breakfast in the Salon du thé. Then I’d go on the Bateau Mouche for a little water tour. I’d probably head to Galerie Lafayette after that. Then drink café au lait and people watch in a café near the Louvre. Then I would have menthe à l’eau in Les Deux Magots before a typical French dinner. long and luxurious with lots of red wine, potato gratin and les pâtes avec du fromage. mousse au chocolat to finish! perfect birthday in ideal world!

  17. Ah Rachael, my ideal day would start with me waking up on my barge on the Seine. After tea and croissants, my cameras and I would wander around all day. Then, in the evening I would make supper for you and a couple friends on the barge (I have a Cordon Bleu degree) and we would have some lovely wine and look at the city lights and chat and chat and chat.

  18. I`ve already lived my dream day in Prais, actually it was the perfect moment of my life. One summer afternoon my husband and I decided to have a pic-nic on the Seine river. We took a tablecloth, baguettes, salad and red wine. Just by chance, near us there were people dancing tango. So, the moment was perfect; the music, the flavour of the french food and wine, that particular smell of the river and an incredible sunset.

  19. Hot chocolate and a gorgeous pastel coloured macaron at Ladurée, a cocktail in the evening before dinner at the George V hotel folowed by a cocktail a wander round Pere Lachaise cemetry, onto Montmatre and then have a street artist sketch my loved one as a memento.

  20. Hi Rachel, My dream day in Paris would be: Wake up, open the curtains and admire the view of the city / Go for a ballet or a yoga class in le Marais / Have brunch at Bob’s Juice Bar with my friends / Walk from Montmartre to le Jardin des Tuileries / Have dinner at the Little Paris Kitchen (of course!) / Have a drink at Le Comptoir General, still with my friends / Dance Samba at La Favela Chic / Go to bed happy.

  21. My dream day in Paris would start early, with a visit to a street market. Breakfast in a street cafe in the Marais, then a day of walking through the city, along the river, through the Tuileries and on through the city, stopping in a cafe here, exploring there, up to Montmartre for sunset and then down the hill again into the night, and a late dinner at the LPK.

  22. Dream day starts with feeding croissants to myself and the ducks at the Montsouris. No doubt the ducks will eat more than me and il be starving by lunchtime. After a stroll through Montmartre I’d need a Patisserie stop and delicately cram in as many macaroons as was stylishly possible. After a lunch stop thoughts turn to dinner where I would pretend I had starved myself all day and book a table at Alcazar on la rue mazarine. It wouldn’t be on if I didn’t spend at least 4 hours in this food sanctuary, I would order Sambuca to help with the greediness and on the way home more than likely pick up some more croissants (for the ducks!).

  23. day dream… first, sleep until I wake up without any noise (neighbours, someone at the door,… the clock alarm!)Then some time to exercise without any stress (not so many people at the gym, I mean), and end it spending some time in the sauna. A massage, too, maybe.

    the day can begin, and I’ll enjoy everything after that, but the sun mst be shining, that’s all I’m asking for!

  24. If Paris and I ever meet, I would like to run down the steps of the sacre coeur like nino quincampoix did in the film Amelie. Then I would have a chocolat chaud and mont blanc in cafe Angelina. i would sketch in parks, visit a food market so I can spend all my euros. I would eat something extremely french, nothing too flashy though, outside so I can people watch. miss the eurostar back I suppose.

  25. I just found your show on the cooking channel. I’m loving it. I have a 3 week trip to France palled for next year that includes 2 weeks in Paris. My perfect day is going to start with pastry at Lauderee, followed by a trip to the D’Orsey. Then a little snack of macaroons at Pierre Herme with some hot chocolate. Then some wondering around the streets of Paris. We’ll finish dinner at Deux Magots with a Kirk Royale to start. I know after my 2 weeks in Paris I’m not going to want to come home. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been in Paris and I can’t wait to see and smell the life of the city and its People. Thanks for your show and getting me even more excited for my trip!

  26. My dream day in Paris will take place next year when my wife and I travel from the Isle of Man to watch Cav win his fifth final stage…….

  27. It would have to be waking up with the sun rising over the Seine, off for brekkie in a small cafe, wandering the side streets and exploring before lunch off the beaten track. Then up to Montmartre for the afternoon with the artists before an evening meal at a fine dining restaurant and a final walk along the Seine to see the sunset and full moon. And to polish it off, up la tour Eiffel for a view of Paris in the dark.

  28. Dream day in Paris would be a walk through the Marche d’Aligre, wine and charcuterie at Le Baron Rouge for lunch, followed by dinner at Bistro Paul Bert and an evening stroll along the Seine. Yum!

  29. My dream day in Paris would be very much the same as Owen Wilson’s character in ‘Midnight in Paris’, taking a step back in time to Paris in the 1920s, attending parties in Montmatre with Scott Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, Picasso and Dali. Taking a walk down to the Eiffel Tower and going straight to the top to see the twinkling lights from the highest point! I think Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited, by night and by day, but to see it in another era would bring the magic out even more. It may not be a realistic dream day in Paris, but it’s a dream after all!

  30. Absolutely agree with above! Such a romantic vision! Beautiful art, literature, music, and fashion (plus lots of wonderful French cheeses and wines)! And maybe a boat cruise to end the day!

  31. I would go on a pastry and boulangerie spree!

    Laduree, Pierre Herme, Sadaharu Aoki, Gerard Mulot, Lenotre, Eric Kayser, Pain du Sucre, Hugo & Victor, Patisserie de Reves. And then end it at L’as du Falafel 🙂

  32. It would have to be breakkast at one of the markets followed by cakes at Fouchon (?) at lunch and then dinner at yours, followed by a stroll around the city under the moonlight

  33. I would love to go to Europe especially since I have never been there before. I know I have an aunt who lives outside of Paris but it has been years since we heard from her. I would go to find her and tell her about all of the news of our family, marriages, the new baby, my parents health, and so much more. I really want to find her for my mom, they are sisters and have been separated after the Vietnam War. It would be a good family reunion and a chance to see Paris, a dream of mine.

    It would mean so much more since I am going to get married next year and I want her to be there. She is the only one missing from the guest list. It would mean so much to my mom to see her again.

  34. My perfect day would start at Cafe de Flore people watching and having the perfect omelette. Then my husband and I would go to our museum, Musée National du Moyen Age. We’d grab some wine, baguette, and cheese (and a banana nutella crepe for dessert) and pick a perfect spot by the Seine to have our mid-afternoon snack. For dinner, we would go to a local outdoor market….buy a rotisserie chicken with the lovely juice soaked croutons at the bottom, fresh vegetables, more bread, more wine and I would cook them up in our little kitchen in our rented apartment. We’d walk off our gluttony by visiting all of our favorite monuments lit up, grabbing a cappuccino to warm ourselves up along the way.

  35. A long long walk in the autumn sun from one side of the city to the other, through as many different districts as possible, with a close friend, a camera, and a well-written guidebook…winding up in Jacques Genin for a luxurious hot chocolate.

  36. My dream day in Paris would be finding food so natural and delicious that I’d abandon being vegan for just a bite or two!

  37. hmmm dream day in Paris? that would be meeting by chance my long lost childhood love! We would stare at each other, half recognizing the other half doubting our own mind but smiling nonetheless…

    We would then talk, laugh, walk around the “ile de la cite” before heading to a nice little hideout and share a great dinner.

  38. So many dream days to realize in this beautiful city, but if I had to pick one …

    My Dream Day in Paris:

    On a warm winter morning, I wake up wearing my freshly laundered jammies (the ones with the Eiffel Towers on them), open the shudders and breathe in the Parisian sun (yes, it’s sunny that day). I press play on the radio, and Indochine fills the air. I dance around the room as I shower with my verveine-citron gel and get ready for my day. Walking out of my courtyard door onto the bustling street, I say bonjour with a smile to the concierge and head straight to le café for a café crème and the perfect croissant (buttery on the inside, light and crispy on the outside). Waking from the trance of watching passers-by, I remember it’s time to meet Miss Khoo at the market for a bit of pre-party shopping. I pay the bill, flirt with the waiter, and dash off to the marketplace where she is just arriving. Perusing the stalls, the aromas tempt us trop and we’re almost at a loss. But the vendors are there to help, offer samples and assist us with decisions on what to prepare for our petite soirée entre amis. We gather our buys and head straight to our pal Raymond Blanc’s Paris pad, where he will prep our treats. A shared espresso-moment later, and we’re off to browse the vintage shops hoping to find that perfect gem. Our tummies are rumbling, so before enjoying a mâche salade with cantal and canard with a cozy Bordeaux, we splurge on treats from L’Eclair de Génie. We can’t resist. We have a little time to gather a few last-minute party favors before heading back to the flat and getting things, and ourselves, ready. Cocktail time! The cork is popped as our guests arrive. Jean-Paul Gaultier absoluement adoooores our new vintage finds while Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse relish our small bites. But of course. Ooh la la, it’s time to catch a cab to the spectacle, an extravagant array of trapeze artists, jugglers, dancers and more, parfait for bringing out the kid in us all. A scrumptious onion soup afterward on our a friend’s péniche warms our cockles and lands us in a spot filled with guinguette tunes and camaraderie. Faites de beaux rêves, mes amis.


  39. Wake up from jet lag to you taking around to places you want to share e excited explain to me. late lunch; late night quiet diner, orchids for you, w/courses filet mignon some vers Foie Gras, a magnum Chat Moulin-Rouge haut-medoc, decadent choc heaven dessert, too many glasses creme/Absinthe, and hopefully kiss your neck as long as you want, Gorgeoso Rachel? I do dream..

  40. My dream day in Paris would be simply spent with Rachel Khoo. You have the local knowledge so you lead the way. As long as I get the odd escargot from a boulangerie I’ll be happy.

  41. Oooo….Paris! Haven’t been since my 20’s where it was all about fashion….now at a much riper age, it’s all about being a foodie and delving into Paris’s amazing markets…a baguette here, cheese there…a slice of pate…a macaron…and best of all, being able to speak french once again! Je suis une Quebecoise transplanted here in Europe…a bit like a fish out of water in Holland, but a trip to Paris could make it all better! (And as a recovering breastcancer patient…could be the icing on the proverbial cake for me!) …sooooo hope to have a lovely trip to Paris this spring! Joyeux Noel Rachel!

  42. My dream day in Paris is an open top bus tour around Paris seeing all the beautiful sights and then an evening in the smallest restaurant in Paris, to taste how your food should really be cooked. Mmmmm!!

  43. My dream day in paris would include breakfast parisienne style, with coffee and a croissant, then taking a walk through marais, before catching the bus to musee d’orsay in the hope that my favourite Renoir painting is back, then a lunch on the banks of the Seine and a boat ride. The day would finish at a small cafe overlooking the water with a glass of wine and friends. I have never been to europe in the summer, so the fact that it would be summer would be a dream in itself!

  44. Well recommended has to be Chartier restaurant in the latin quarter. It’s the coolest place to pretend to stumble across with your friends. It’s an absolute time machine that whisks you back to a place long since gone. To think I first discovered Chartier 30 years ago as a student. Memories.

  45. A dream day in Paris would start with a un cafe avec croissant at a little cafe watching the world go by… then wander to Montmatre to buy fabric before heading to second hand shop Guerrisol near Place de Clichy. Finally I’d head to the Little Paris Kitchen (on my perfect day it would definitely be open with a reservation for me!) for dinner cooked by you, Rachel Khoo! Jen x

  46. My dream day in Paris would involve visiting all the museums and galleries, working up an appetite for all the food Paris has to offer. I would love to visit any food markets that are open and become part of the culture just for a day (and perhaps improve on my french!) I would eat at Chartier and La Capole and drink coffee in a cafe on the street whilst trying to look as cool as possible but probably fail miserably!This day would have to be shared with my bestest friend for all the support he has given me over some tough years and has been there, in my kitchen trying all my creations with support xx

  47. My dream day in Paris would begin with freshly baked croissants, coffee, homemade jam & freshly made butter, all eaten on a balcony overlooking the city. I would then visit the Louvre and stroll around for a couple of hours, followed by a visit to a street market to buy fruits, cheese, bread & wine, all to be eaten on a picnic on the banks of the river. I would then do a little antique shopping & head to the top of the Eiffel tower to see the lights of Paris come on. For dinner, I would find a small cafe off the beaten path and enjoy a dinner feast, with wine and cheese, of course.

  48. Alors ma journée de rêve..as a Malaysian living in Paris, food is all I think about (and culture and history of course). So ideally speaking, my dream day would consist of having a guilt-free, budget-free food feast all day long (desserts and savoury, 10 meals a day kind of bliss), a visit of one of the open markets in Paris that I rarely do as I am a ‘banlieusarde’ and followed by a cooking session with a reputable chef to expand my knowledge in French cooking. Finally, I end my day by going for a walk along la Seine in the evening especially during this season where sun sets early to enjoy the night scene (ok fine, to walk off all the food that I consumed!) Quelle journée d’une gourmandise!

  49. I don’t know enough specifics about the city to say exactly where I’d want to go and what I’d want to do. But I know I’d like to spend the day walking, velib-ing, eating my way through the city! Preferable with a Paris native, or someone who knows the city well. I would want to go where the Parisians go, not necessarily the tourist spots! Of course I would love the chance to meet the fabulous Rachel Khoo during my visit 🙂

  50. My perfect day in Paris would be breakfast strolling around in the early morning air – coffee & pastries. Then a walk along the Promenade plantèe followed by a visit to the Père Lachaise Cemetery to pay my respects to Edith Piaf, The Little Sparrow, herself – her voice epitomises Paris for me. I’d then visit the market to buy provisions for a riverside picnic (because it’ll definitely be sunny!). My husband and I (he’d definitely be my dream date) would enjoy some Vouvray wine, cheese and baguette while we watch Parisians going about their day. Our afternoon would be seeking out coffee and dessert in a lovely street cafe followed by art and a walk in ‘les jardins des Tuileries’. We’d then have dinner – I’d have bouillabaisse and Champagne followed by Mont Blanc – yum! We’d take a late night stroll past the Louvre to see the lights, along the Seine and tumble into bed, exhausted in our 5-star luxury hotel with views over Paris (that we’d be far too tired to take advantage of!). Perfect.

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