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March 31st, 2012

I *heart* good coffee

Good coffee is hard to come by in Paris. Luckily there’s a new place in town where they want to share their love for the perfect coffee.

Téléscope 5 rue Villedo 75001 Paris.

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4 thoughts on “I *heart* good coffee

  1. You should visit Melbourne someday 🙂
    We have tons of great coffee shop here!
    I’m impressed by how passionate those baristas are in the art of coffee making.

    and oh, those food looks yum!

    1. I have done! I noticed that the coffee scene is really big in Melbourne. They certainly know how to make coffee into an art form.

  2. The coffee scene in Sydney is pretty good too! Unfortunately, when I was in Paris last year, that was the one thing that I really missed as I couldn’t find decent coffee anywhere! The Parisiens had the machinery to make good coffee, but not the beans or the skill. Do you know of any place in Paris where there is good coffee?

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