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Zumbo's Just Desserts

In November 2018, Rachel Khoo will travel to Sydney to film a second season of the competitive cooking series Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

Rachel filmed the first season with famous pâtissier Adriano Zumbo in April/May 2016. The show aired later that year in Australia and New Zealand and has since gone global on Netfllix.

The show tests and challenges the abilities of some of Australia’s brightest amateur pâtissiers to find just one shining culinary star.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts is produced by Australia’s Channel 7, makers of My Kitchen Rules, which Rachel appeared as a guest judge on in early 2016.

My Kitchen Rules, Australia

In early 2016, Rachel Khoo appeared in season seven of the Australian competitive cooking show My Kitchen Rules.

The show involves friends, family members, workmates and acquaintances with a shared love of food teaming-up and taking on a number of cooking challenges. One of the most notorious is the ‘instant restaurant’ round, where teams are required to cook a three course meal for the other contestants. Their food, ambiance, and attention to detail is scrutinised by the judges.

Rachel appeared in episodes 13-18. Episodes are available to watch online.

The show will air in New Zealand in May 2016. Rachel’s first appearance is on 17 May.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Rachel’s My Kitchen Rules wardrobe over on Khoollect.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: Melbourne

Rachel Khoo immerses herself in the world-renowned foodie capital of Australia in Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne. Always on the hunt for cooking inspiration, Rachel sketches ideas in her notebook to use when she’s back in the apartment of her warehouse kitchen. Throughout her journey, Rachel reveals a rich multicultural food scene and plenty of hidden sightseeing treasures.

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne will premiere on Thursday 23 July at 8pm on SBS.

Episode 1 – Rachel’s Australian food odyssey begins! Kicking off her eight week journey in one of the world’s most liveable cities, Rachel wanders around Melbourne’s European-designed streets and samples coffee at the city’s oldest establishment. Rachel explores the oldest Chinatown in the Southern Hemisphere and discovers the importance early settlers had on Melbourne’s food scene. On her travels, Rachel also visits a new breed of restaurants with a ‘back to basics’ food philosophy and appreciation of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Episode 2 – Everything old is cool again in Melbourne’s retro heartland, with food and fashion leading the vintage charge. Rachel visits a century-old milk bar and samples a curious combination of Aussie classics at one of the city’s trendy Melbourne bars. Later, Rachel prepares a dish with Kate Gibbs, the grand-daughter of legendary Aussie cook Margaret Fulton.

Episode 3 – Rachel explores some of the city’s suburban pockets and discovers an open-hearted food community. First up she meets a kindred spirit and discovers some of the tastiest croissants outside of Paris. Rachel cooks with expat and seasonal cooking advocate Matt Wilkinson, before discovering a not-for-profit restaurant.

Episode 4 – Rachel takes a break from city life and spreads her wings on a road trip to the Bellarine Peninsula – a region emerging as the new ‘it’ area for foodies seeking local produce. Meeting up with a mussel trawler, winery owner and cheese maker, Rachel is treated to inspiring food stories and sensational fresh produce. Along the way, Rachel even has a go at milking a goat!

Episode 5 – Melbourne prides itself on being the sporting capital of Australia. Rachel discovers what fuels the city’s weekend warriors and shines a spotlight on sport fanatics’ favourite gourmet fast food. She cooks with the city’s original food truck proprietor, samples the best Southern fried chicken Melbourne has to offer, and visits a cutting edge craft beer brewery.

Episode 6 – Immigration has played a massive role in shaping Melbourne’s food scene. Keen to explore this melting pot of cuisines, Rachel explores a Vietnamese food market, tracks down a suburban hot bed of Greek eats, and learns how to make passata from an Italian-Australian nonna.

Episode 7 – Rachel uncovers one of Melbourne’s lesser-known day trips when she for the hills and explores the outer-suburb of Dandenong. She meets up with passionate Argentinian chef Mauro Callegari from The Independent restaurant and together the pair cook locally caught golden trout. Later, Rachel uncovers the secret behind Melbourne’s delicious mushrooms and finds an orchard full of seasonal fruits.

Episode 8 – Rachel wraps up her Melbourne immersion with a look at the city’s current and future food trends. She meets a Thai couple who have crafted their passion for Asian-fusion food into a unique all day breakfast. Rachel cooks with a local who represents the growing breed of mixed heritage chefs, and checks out a Texan-inspired smokehouse restaurant. Culminating her time in Australia, Rachel invites the series’ guests to a barbecue party at her Melbourne apartment.

A Cook Abroad

Rachel Khoo is one of six chefs who starred in BBC2’s brilliant series ‘A Cook Abroad’, which aired in March 2015. The series sees each chef explore a country that has informed or inspired their culinary career.

In Rachel’s episode, she travels to Malaysia – a natural choice seeing as her Dad is Malay Chinese, where she delves further into her culinary heritage than ever before and experiences new sides to Malaysian food and culture.

From journeying into the jungle and eating with the Orang Asli tribe, to cooking on the beautiful beaches of Penang, Rachel showcases the cultural melting pot that makes up Malaysia – as well as its beautiful food.

If you didn’t already have a case of wanderlust before watching the show, then you may well do afterwards.

Rachel’s Malaysia episode aired on BBC2 and BBC2 HD on Monday 9th March 2015 at 9pm. It was repeated on Friday 13th March at 7pm, and is currently available to view on BBC iPlayer.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook

Rachel’s culinary adventures continue in the second-part of this series: ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook’. A colourful and energetic tour around some of Europe’s most exciting cities and towns, the show is sure to instill an urgent sense of wanderlust! After her travels, each episode sees Rachel returns to London to test out new flavours and techniques, and share her exciting new recipes inspired by her travels.

The show is currently airing on BBC Lifestyle in the following territories: Scandinavia, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and Asia; in Germany on Sixx; in Sweden on TV12 and in the US on the Cooking Channel. Episodes are also available in the BBC Store.

Episode 1 – Istanbul: From the bustling Grand Bazaar and its interesting wares, to up-and-coming pockets of the city, Rachel’s explores all that Istanbul has to offer.

Episode 2 – Amalfi Coast: The Amalfi Coast is home to a multitude of local specialties, and is the perfect destination to search for culinary inspiration, (especially for seafood recipes). Back in London Rachel creates her own take on the traditional ‘Panzanella’’.

Episode 3 – Costa Brava: Uncovering the secrets of the stunning Catalonian coastline, Rachel visits Costa Brava to discover how the locals cook their mouthwatering seafood to perfection. Rachel’s own ‘Seafood Paella Baskets’ are inspired by her time in Costa Brava, and are an exciting addition to entertaining at home.

Episode 4 – Provence: With its bountiful fresh produce and inspiring local producers, Provence in Southeastern France is any foodie’s idea of heaven. Rachel visits a local cheese maker and goat farmer, as well as calling in to visit a friend to share a delicious tarte tartin recipe together.

Episode 5 – Stockholm: Cosmopolitan, creative, with a touch of traditional charm – Scandinavian cuisine has taken the world by storm. Rachel discovers local restaurants in Stockholm serving up intriguing fare.

Episode 6 – Princes’ Islands: Rachel journeys to the Princes’ Islands of Istanbul, a chain of small islands worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city. An inspiring locale bursting with local culture, the islands are home to charming cafes and meandering streets. Back in London Rachel whips up her take on a traditional ‘mezze’, and for a sweet touch she bakes a beautiful ‘Pistachio Yogurt Cake with Pomegranate marbling’.

Episode 7 – Naples: Vibrant, gritty and unique, Naples is Rachel’s favourite Italian city. In this episode Rachel samples traditional pizza made by a master, which inspires her to create her own ‘Pizza Pasta’ dish back home in London.

Episode 8 – Swedish Archipelago: In this episode Rachel shares her passion for the beautiful Swedish countryside and woodlands. Inspired by the flavours and textures of the Swedish Archipelago, Rachel creates a ‘Savoury Swedish Celebration Cake’ – known as Smörgåstårta.

Episode 9 – Nice: During this trip to Nice, Rachel visits a local Socca bar to discover the recipe secrets behind the local specialty (large chickpea crêpes). A chilled out coastal town, Nice is home to bustling markets, wonderful olive groves, and charming French flair.

Episode 10 – Barcelona: An authentic tour of Europe’s food scene wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Barcelona. Rachel samples a modern take on Spanish tapas, some chocolate treats, and delicious ‘Churros’, a local favourite that she reinterprets back in her London kitchen.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: London

Rachel bids au revoir to her Parisian stopping grounds, and heads back to her hometown of London in ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London’. This television adventure is a vibrant, creative and dynamic tour of London, spanning 10 episodes Rachel showcases the colours, sights and sounds (and food!) that inspire her in the bustling capital.

Aimed at a global audience and airing around the world, the series launched in Poland on January 6, 2014.  ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London’ is currently airing via the following BBC territories: BBC Poland, BBC Nordic, BBC Middle East, BBC Asia, and BBC South Africa. Episodes are also available from the BBC Store.

Episode 1 – Fashion: Capturing London’s individual style, the series kicks off with a visit to a pop-up restaurant (hidden at the back of a boutique), and Rachel checks out one of the city’s unique rooftop haunts.

Episode 2 – Crowd Pleasers: Rachel explores the food scene in vibrant East London, and visits her favourite 24-hour bagel shop, where she discovers that a simple approach is often the secret to success. From a twist on chilli and tortillas to colourful canapés perfect for entertaining, Rachel whips up some fuss-free crowd pleasers.

Episode 3 – Nostalgia: Rachel revamps some of her childhood favourites in this episode, and calls into a very unique ‘ice cream lab’. Plus, she shows us the secret behind creating the perfect strudel, one of her family’s favourites.

Episode 4 – Fast Food: Exciting and innovative – London’s fast food scene is constantly changing and reinventing itself. Rachel samples some of the city’s premier (gourmet) fast food, including hot Taiwanese sandwiches and Caribbean Jerk Chicken.

Episode 5 – Lazy Days: We slow down the pace in this episode, and Rachel cooks comfort food, designed for relaxing – whether it’s on the couch or a at picnic.

Episode 6 – East Meets West: Rachel whips up her favourite Malaysian dessert (adding a British twist), and shows us fabulous ideas for using up leftover roast meat in an soft steamed Asian bun.

Episode 7 – Traditional Values: A visit to a quintessentially British pub, a traditional fry-up, and a fuss-free Sunday roast: Rachel shares with us the very best of classic British fare.

Episode 8 – On the Move: The hustle and bustle and constant flow of people all around the city constantly inspires Rachel’s cooking (whether it’s the iconic tube or the sea of taxis).

Episode 9 – DIY: Rachel visits a Norwegian-style smokehouse in North London (in a transformed basement), and she samples some of Lillie’s homemade preserves and jams at the London Borough of Jam.

Episode 10 – The Pleasure’s All Mine: Rachel seeks out some of London’s luxurious treats, including Champagne high tea in Mayfair, and she whips up some delectable recipes to try at home.


The Little Paris Kitchen

Over six episodes, Rachel takes us from her own tiny kitchen in Paris to the capital’s timeless bistros. She walks us through the urban melting-pot of local Vietnamese and North African street markets and meets with some of Paris’s most knowledgeable home cooks. In an enchanting series that captures the magic of the city, she reveals French cooking for the 21st century. The show has aired in territories including Africa, Australia, Austria, Belgium (Flemish speaking), Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong (and extensively throughout Asia), Iceland, Italy (German speaking), Latin America (Central and South), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Middle East, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (German speaking) and the USA.

The first episode aired on BBC2 on the 19th of March 2012 at 8.30pm. To find out more about each episode, including the recipes and track listings follow the below links:

Episode 1: The series kicked off with a tasty Croque Madame muffin and a visit to the top of the Grand Palais to taste some Parisian honey.

Episode 2: Rachel meets enlightened bread maker Christophe Vasseur and shows us her take on Boeuf Bourguignon with baguette dumplings.

Episode 3: We head to Rungis, Europe’s largest wholesale food market, and literally whip up a show-stopping Mousse au Chocolat.

Episode 4: Rachel visits neo-bistrot, Frenchie, which inspires a picture perfect Winter Salad with Goat’s Cheese Mousse.

Episode 5: Rachel leaves her little kitchen for an aperitif with friends and illustrates the art of oyster shucking.

Episode 6: Soupe au pistou gets a Vietnamese makeover and Rachel learns to make crepes on a market stall.

BBC 2 – 6 x 30 minutes – Production company: Plum Pictures