Rachel Khoo

About Rachel Khoo

About Rachel Khoo

Equipped with her highly attuned arsenal of culinary and creative credentials, Rachel Khoo is a multi-talented bon vivant breathing fresh air, colourful flair and the practiced skills of a chef onto the world stage – and, into the kitchens and living rooms of home cooks internationally.

As an esteemed TV producer, presenter, podcast broadcaster, food writer and best-selling cookbook author – of six books, translated into fourteen languages – and a global culinary consultant, this whisk-wielding, innovative gourmet demonstrates her gastronomic prowess while wearing many hats.

Following an unconventional path toward the world of food media, Rachel began her creative trajectory at the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design. As a graduate, Rachel was hired by a luxury fashion brand to work in PR and e-marketing. And yet, her unwavering love of food and tactile creativity called, and she soon found herself chasing the scent of freshly baked pastries to Paris. Here, she honed her pâtissière’s skills at Le Cordon Bleu where she graduated with a diploma in pastry making. Having taken up a position at La Cocotte, a Parisian culinary bookstore and tea salon, Rachel delighted in creating sweet treats, catering culinary book launches and hosting cookery classes to much applause.

Fortuitously, the talented cook combined both of her life’s greatest pleasures – art and food – into one unique career. Now, Rachel’s enduring passion for visual art and creative thinking remains evident in her culinary roles and beyond, to which she brings her well-known brand of joie de vivre.

What followed this unconventional trajectory has seen Rachel become an international food creative, working in professional kitchens globally, hosting dinners and workshops in London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Melbourne, Sydney and Buenos Aires, writing a catalogue of cookbooks, producing and hosting a suite of TV series, launching the Khoollect studio in London, hosting podcasts and becoming a respected culinary consultant.

Having spent much of her formative years in England, Germany, Malaysia and Austria – and, later, in France, Australia, and Sweden – Rachel brings a wealth of worldly knowledge (and multilingual language skills) to the table. Naturally, Rachel’s multicultural experiences inform her unique perspective and approach to food – resulting in innovative recipes, a highly developed palate and an original outlook toward all she creates.

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Rachel Khoo's Chocolate e-cookbook

With over 30 delicious recipes, this e-cookbook showcases wonderful new ways to cook with cocoa. This is not just a dessert book; within you'll find a whole range of recipes for every occasion from a decadent chocolate tahini caramel torte, to a confit cocoa cod with lemony white chocolate sauce. These recipes are featured in Rachel Khoo's Chocolate TV show.

100% of the proceeds* from this book will be donated to Women’s Aid (charity number 1054154)