Rachel Khoo

My Little French Kitchen

My Little French Kitchen

Following on from the success of The Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel Khoo continues her love affair with French cuisine, in all its forms with her latest book My Little French Kitchen. Rachel wanted to charter unknown territories in the country that she had called home for almost a decade – and so the inspiration for My Little French Kitchen was born.

It was time for Rachel to pack up her cooking kit and embark on an edible exploration of France’s regional cuisine. From Biarritz, the surfers’ paradise, with its fiery Espelette pepper and Basque kisses, to the elegant chateaux and rickety, but utterly charming, oyster shacks in the Bordeaux region – Rachel has travelled far and wide. She fell in love with the Christmas sparkle and spice of the Alsacian winter markets, and Brittany with its iconic lighthouses dotting the coast and its delicious giant blue lobsters. And she marvelled at the almighty Lyon with its snowcapped mountains and warming dishes, which contrasted with the bright colours in the vegetable dishes of Provence.

From Clam Pasta With Calvados Cream to Provençal Veal Rosé Stew, Rachel uncovers the complexities and oddities of each region’s food culture, with a smorgasbord of mouthwatering recipes. In her latest celebration of culinary delights, Rachel shares with you her passion for French food with a twist.

Publisher: Michael Joseph – Photographer: David Loftus – Prop stylist: Natalie Redard – Food stylist: Frankie Unsworth – Illustrations: Rachel Khoo

The book is also available in:
Dutch published by Kosmos in 2014
German released by DK Verlag in 2014.
US published by Chronicle in 2014.
Complex chinese published by Come Together Press in 2015.
Polish publisher 2016
Japanese publisher 2017.


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