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Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie? Is it delicious?

A web cookie is sadly not edible, but it is very useful.

In this case, a cookie is a small text file a website can store on your computer to make note of your activity and preferences on that website. They are generally used to enhance your browsing experience — speeding up page navigation, remembering if you are logged in or not and any other settings you may have specified the last time you visited the site.

Cookies can be “First Party”, meaning I set them, or “Third Party”, meaning they are set by another company to perform a function for me — for example Google Analytics.

How to disable cookies.

I will set cookies upon your visit to my website unless you disable them. There is a guide on how to do so at allaboutcookies.org. Please note that if you do disable cookies for this website, some aspects of the website will not work as intended.

What cookies are used on this website?

My website uses several ‘Third Party’ cookies for analytical and social media purposes, none of which contain any personally identifiable information:

google-analytics.com and the DoubleClick cookie

Used to anonymously measure website traffic to help me understand my audience and improve your experience. I am using DoubleClick to access Google Analytics’ Demographics and Interest Reporting features. You can opt out of this using Google’s Ads Settings plugin.

googleapis.com and googleusercontent.com

Helps deliver content from Google’s Content Delivery Network (eg: decorative fonts).


For my newsletter signup form.


Analytics for the links to my books sold through Amazon.


Bookmarking and sharing service.

Social Media

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and other social websites need to know who you are to work properly and will place cookies on your browsing device to allow you to interact with their services on my website.

More information

This Cooke Policy page was last updated on 20th January 2014.