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February 2nd, 2015

Adventurous Monday Musings

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* Did you see my Ramen feature in the Telegraph? It’s an ode to this delicious dish, which I experienced plenty of while I was off on my Japanese adventures last year.

* If you’re ever wondering how to perfectly blind bake a pastry case, then look no further than this guide from fabulous blog Like a Strawberry Milk or Comme un lait fraise. You’ll have perfect pastry forever more!

* Really enjoyed watching this film ‘The Visitor’, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer at the mo. Let me know what you think.


* Like the idea of a treadmill desk but you’d definitely need a big office!

* Really interesting (and slightly worrying) to read about Orthorexia, an eating disorder which is becoming more common. I’ve always thought it’s best to use your common sense and stick to a balanced diet.

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3 thoughts on “Adventurous Monday Musings

  1. IF you like the idea of a treadmill desk but have a smaller office or close proximity to neighbors that don’t wear headphones or have a desk with a shallow area underneath that can’t fit a treadmill there are mini-ellipticals that might be a better fit ( http://www.amazon.com/Stamina-55-1610-InMotion-Elliptical-Trainer/dp/B000VICRO8 ). I switched to one about 2 weeks ago when my treadmill motor finally gave out and after a little getting use to I find that I am actually able to use it longer then my treadmill because the noise is so much lower. It also has the added benefit of being much lighter and you can turn the unit around and slide it under a normal work desk and even do it while you are sitting.

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