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June 20th, 2014

Behind-the-scenes of my new show

Behind the scenes

We had fun decorating the space

Have you been watching my new show ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London’ on the Good Food Channel in the UK? You’ll be able to catch repeats throughout the summer. And lots of recipes featured online, such as this one.

After previously filming my first television show in my very small apartment in Paris (we even had to store the camera gear in my mini bathtub), it was nice to work in a slightly bigger space when we filmed the London series!

When we weren’t out and about exploring some of London’s most eclectic foodie spots, we were lucky enough to film in a lovely house on one of my favourite London streets – Columbia Road. Here are some behind the scenes snapshots from on set:

Behind the scenes

Doing some research during a filming break

The house had such beautiful light. Makes it so much easier to shoot in. I loved sitting by the window in the sun to work on my illustrations.


The show’s overall theme was to share my real notebook. Wherever I go, I’m constantly jotting down notes and little drawings, so that I can use them as inspiration when I sit down to start my illustrations.


Filming a scene with my director, Richard.

Filming a scene with my director, Richard.

We transported lots of my kitchen bits and bobs to the film set, to use throughout the show.

Kitchen on set

tea cosy

Not a prop! A constant stream of tea is an essential part of filming a TV show 😉

During filming I do my own hair and makeup. Here’s a sneak peek into my makeup bag and wardrobe.

make up bag


And it was fun dashing to and from the studio all around East London on my bike! Hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into the filming process. And have fun watching the episodes!

Bike on set

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13 thoughts on “Behind-the-scenes of my new show

  1. Hello,
    I so love your show and miss it here in San Diego, Ca USA, and i can’t get your video’s either, but i still download your recipes, i have tried your Chocolate Pudding, yummy i must say,

    Good Luck with your new show,

    kind regards,

  2. Hi rachel, i really enjoy ur show, the aesthetic look of the show is so lovely and you make such yummy foods i just want to eat the tv. Are you into vintage clothing? you have given me a clue as to how i can wear 50s casual, ta x please tell me the brand of blush in the makeup collection above, it looks so peachy and fab.

  3. Hi Rachel, absolutely love your show, your recipes are so easy to follow and are truly tempting! Where did you get that fabulous dress with the crochet waist and neckline?? It’s adorable❤️

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