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August 6th, 2013

Book cover reveal

My Little French Kitchen

Time to reveal my new book cover! Following the sneak peek, here’s a look at my new book cover. ‘My Little French Kitchen’ is launching on October 10, and you pre-order it from Amazon. It’s coming out in the UK – foreign editions to follow next year!

All images courtesy of David Loftus.

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19 thoughts on “Book cover reveal

  1. Hello, good to see you’re thriving.

    Have you thought about doing something with the humble Welsh rarebit? I chop up onions and put the cheese on top. What else can you think of?

    I also make a cheese and onion omelette, I grate the cheese and mix it with chopped onions but mixed in with the egg, not folded in the middle, it works really well.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The US Amazon page has a release date of October 10. Is that correct or will we have to wait a bit longer? Either way, I cannot wait to get this in my hands!

  3. hi rachel! its so exciting the second book! really big fan of your work!
    would you mind if i point out a little detail on the cover design? as advertiser i think the “my” bit in the left is creating an imbalance in the visual weight of the design, i think i’d be better placed in the centre. apart from that, i really like the cover, is very fresh!

  4. Beautiful Rachel (and David Loftus). You know this is really going to do me in!? Just when I have sworn to not buy anymore cookbooks as I have bulging shelves you have made such a gorgeous edition- full of everything I love- French Food and countryside and if the recipes are anything like The Little Paris Kitchen it will be a winner. I have made something out of TLPK several times a week and every thing has been easy to make and beautiful every time! Thanks in advance for the new book and I guess we’ll have to wait just a bit longer for it here down under. xx Corrina.

  5. Hi
    I`m a huge fan of Rachel Khoo and would really like to buy a SIGNED copy of her latest book/upcoming book!Is there any way that I could get a signed copy at all?Thanks and really hope to hear good news from you! 🙂 ps I reside in Singapore 🙂

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