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September 27th, 2013

My snapshots…book trailer, Stockholm and more

A busy week indeed. I’m in Stockholm today – and the city certainly looks gorgeous at this time of year. Here’s a round-up of my Instagram snapshots from this week (including my book trailer!).

1. My book trailer for my new book – “My Little French Kitchen”.

book trailer

2. Sunny start to autumn in Stockholm.


3. Recipe testing savoury buns (cream cheese, dill and fish roe).

recipe testing

Bon weekend, all!

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7 thoughts on “My snapshots…book trailer, Stockholm and more

  1. Hey Rachel!
    Me and my mother is going to Paris, can you recomend a good resturant with bouillabaisse on the menu. I would be very happy for an answer!

    //Anna from Sweden

    1. Hi Marlen – glad you’re enjoying the show! All the recipes will be in my new book, Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook, which is due out in February 2015 – I’m currently putting the finishing touches to it! It’s available to pre-order here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rachel-Khoos-Kitchen-Notebook-Khoo/dp/0718179463/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1407926505&sr=8-5&keywords=rachel+khoo

      One recipe from each episode is available online (you can take a look here: http://uktv.co.uk/food/homepage/sid/9670/arp/1#asr).

      Best wishes

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