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November 26th, 2014

My Little French Kitchen – Polish edition (giveaway – closed)

Rachel Khoo - My Little French Kitchen Polish cover

The Polish version of My Little French Kitchen launched recently – I hope my Polish fans are enjoying cooking the recipes! For some behind-the-scenes snaps, take a look at my ‘Tour de France’ blog posts (Brittany, Provence and Bordeaux), documenting some of the places I visited to make this book happen.

If you haven’t got a copy yet, it’s available online from Empik and Merlin.

For some of you, you could have your hands on a copy for free as my publishers over in Poland have been rather generous and I’ve got five copies of the book to giveaway.

Giveaway alert! 

For your chance to win, simply tell me what your favourite French dish/food is. You can do this via Instagram (remember to tag me @rachelkhooks), Twitter, Facebook or by leaving a comment on here (remember to include a valid email address). Bonus points for sharing your entry via your own social media channels – make sure to use the hashtag #rkgiveaway.

I’ll be picking the winners on xxx so you’ve got until xxx to enter this giveaway. Spread the word!

Note – There are 5 copies of the Polish edition up for grabs – only those living in Poland can enter.

Bonne chance and powodzenia!

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31 thoughts on “My Little French Kitchen – Polish edition (giveaway – closed)

  1. Hello Rachel 😉 I’m from Poland and I have two beautiful books – “The little Paris kitchen” and “My little French Kitchen” are awesome! Thank you very much for inspiration 🙂 I like to start cooking 🙂 Hugs!

  2. Hi Rachel, it’s really hard to say which is m favourite dish. I was couple of times in France, and my roommate she is completly fall in love in french kitchen so she cooked for me many times. Few taste which i remember the most is Strawberry Tart bought in Paris close to Eiffel Tower. I have no idea how it was so delicious. And teh next dish I remember is very light salad with goat cheese. I could write about French kitchen all afternoon. I admire your ideas and the way how you are preparing food.
    Best greetings from Poland

  3. Hi Rachel, very short text from my side about favourite recipie. I’m in <3 in your tv show & in all episodes. But one I love the most, this about small, fuffy, yellow cookies – magdallens. This is my favourite dish:) sorry for my few mistakes:P Hugs!!!

  4. My favourite french dish is definietly le boeuf bourguignon (+ a glass of good cabernet sauvignon) made from your recipe, I’ve done it already a few times and it is so delicious, my family and I love it !
    Love & light xx

  5. Hello Rachel! My favourite dish is eggs in pots -oeufs en cocotte definitely! So classic, so simple, so delicious, but far from pedestrians! You can combine eggs with whatever you find in your fridge and this is the greates thing about this dish. I like the classic version of it- egg, creme fraiche, salt, and smoked paprika.


  6. J’adore crème brûlée! I afraided do this dessert at home for a very long time. I ate it only in restauranta. But last month I was on course with Kurt Scheller. He showed how easy it is if you’re carefully. Now I preper delicious créme brûlée at home. Every weekend some of my friend ask me about it:)
    Cheers (from Silesia)

  7. Dear Rachel,
    In the French cuisine I love the fact that one can make a stunning dinner using only few ingredients. To be extraordinary it doesn’t have to be boeuf bourguignon or croquembouche. So If I had to choose my favourite French food it definitely would be a baguette, some good cheese, grapes, a decent bottle of French rosé and a good company:) C’est la vie!:)

  8. Chère Rachel!
    I think, that my favourite French dish is the French onion soup. It’s so easy and quick to make and it tastes but smells also good! I always do it with some Gruyère cheese so it becomes even a better flavour!

    I mostly cook it for my parents, because I know that they’ve cooked it since I was a little child.

    Ton grand fan,
    Alicja 😉

  9. Hi Rachel,

    My favourite French dish… Hm.. Today it’s probably Ratatouille! I’m a first-year-student and I’m preparing food on my own (I find it healthier). Ratatouille was the first meal which I cooked on my own… And I must say, that it was quite good, despite the fact that I forgot to add some salt… 🙂 But today, my meals are better and better, and what is more – my friends aren’t scared to taste them! 😉
    (… and they are still alive! Yeah!)

    In the future, I’d like to make Croquembouche. Aww! I love that.. It looks amazing…
    And I will do it! I must.

    Greetings from Poland 🙂

    Lots of love,

  10. Hi Rachel 🙂 With no hesitation i can point my favourite french dish. Onion soup. For those who knows me this choice maybe suprising, because from the time i was a child the onion was my worst nightmre. I mean the worst. But then i got a chance to try it in pari…i know that this city makes everything better 🙂 and i fell in love with deep dark onion soup served with grilled bread generously spirnkled with melted cheese on top. Even thought i was there few years ago i can still remember that taste. I tried to remake it late at home, it does not always tastes like the original one, but it brings me lost of memories from those four crazy days in paris. And this french dish is still the only one i am greatefull for onions to be in it. Some things change. Some not. 🙂
    Greetings from Poland,

  11. Hi Rachel 🙂 My favourite french dish is souffle. I love this amazing texture and chocolate taste. Maybe I am chohoholic, who knows?
    My favorite variete is souffle with fresh fruits. I think it is just a magic dish. I don’t understand why people think it is difficult to prepare suoffle. Ok, mabye it is a capricious dish, but when I baking it, diffiulties disappear. I always make souffle when is bad wheather or when I would like to eat something good. For me this desert is the best on earth. Maybe my souffle it’s not that same or so good as french-made one, but a souffle is a souffle and whenever I eat it, it always taste like France. Kisses from Poland

  12. Hi Rachel!
    “The little Paris kitchen” is already on my bookshelf and I’m going to buy “My little french kitchen”, but if I win.. you know 🙂

    Me-in love with Paris, in love with croissants. Simply the best. I can’t tell You something more. Real french croissant – heaven in my mouth.
    Tout simplement.
    Hugs! Kalina

  13. Dear Rachel,
    I’m sitting here trying to think which French dish is my favourite, but honestly speaking I don’t think it’s possible to choose just one! Soft croissant for breakfast, croque monsieur for lunch, onion soup for little warm up and coq au vin for dinner, finished with moelleux au chocolat it’s my daily menu for upcoming trip to Paris 🙂 Thank you for being such an inspiration for cooks and foodies all over the world!
    Merci beaucoup!

  14. Hi Rachel,

    One of my favourite recipes, and the one I make most often, has to be the raspberry and lemon curd Madelaines from “My Little Paris Kitchen”. They always go down a storm (if I don’t eat them all myself first).

    Hope you’re enjoying Malasia.



  15. Dear Rachel,
    on a long, dreary autumn evening, there’s nothing that cheers me up better than a cup of rich, hot onion soup, accompanied by croutons sprinkled with some gruyere. Pure bliss! 🙂
    Lots of love from bautiful (even when it rains) Cracow,

  16. Hi Rachel,
    I lived in France for a year, ages ago and the food that I miss the most (apart from all the delicious cheese) is crepes. The Polish version (nalesniki) are good but not as good as the French ones! 🙂

  17. Hi Rachel!
    My favourite French dish must be Spring lamb stew. I’m a meat eater 🙂 plus the vegetables and the right seasoning… It’s so light but filling. And, most importantly,it tastes HEAVENLY.

    I love the show. All the recipes are great but there is something in its visual aspect I absolutely adore. The cosy kitchen? Parts of the cities we can see? Or maybe your outfits? 🙂


  18. I’ve never been interested in French cuisine.. until I saw you and The Little Paris Kitchen on youtube. When I was in Paris I fell in love with vanilla macarons from Laduree. I’m a dessert person, so I also like Crème brulèe and Moelleux au chocolat.

    Rachel, You are my inspiration! Because of you I’ve discovered the fun in cooking! And I thank you for that 🙂

  19. Assisti a todos os episodios da série aqui no Brasil e sou fã do seu trabalho. Tem que lançar em português! Beijos e quero ganhar!!

  20. Dear Rachel,
    my french dish number one would be the ile flottante- a gods’ gift for us, mortals. My vintage soul shivers when I only think about this heavenly light dessert. Soft and fluffy meringue, so light that almost flying over the vanilla custard, topped with caramel or -going further- nut pralines… None of my tea parties can be thrown without this adorable, sweet soup!
    Thank you for being such a unique food and fashion inspiration:)

  21. Hello =D my favourite french dish are cream puffs. I think the world without them would be sadder. When I eat it, I’m happier =D When I do them I’m using to fill them budyń(something like pudding), against cream. In my opinion they are more tasty then. (PS. I often watch your TV program “My little Paris Kitchen” with my sister, she was afraid of your fingers when you were using matches to turn on the gas =D)Sorry for my mistakes =D

  22. Hello Rachel,
    it’s so hard to pick just one dish! For the cold winter afternoon I’ll pick warming baked onion soup. As lunch while wakling through Paris I’ll choose chrunchy baguette or sweet croissant and for a family brunch croque monsieur will do the best! As for dessert…macarons will always be my favourite <3

    Sending You lots of love and hugs,

  23. Hi Rachel,

    I’m a BIG fan of you and I’m wondering if the next giveaway will be for people living in Portugal only… hope so!


  24. Hi Rachel,
    I’m the Ela’s roommate 😉 She told me about this competition 🙂 It’s true- I’m completely crazy about French kitchen! It started when I was first time in France, a couple years ago. But which French dish is my favourite? None! My love, it doesn’t depend on any dishes! It depends on the style of French cooking, French offering the dishes, French revelry (style of eating). I love to serve aperitif, make little appetizing entrées, feast and after the main meal regale French cheese. Despite Polish genes I think my stomach (and taste buds) are French! (And I really like my genetic disorder ;))

    Best greetings from Poland!
    Gocha Gospocha

  25. I’ve just seen an information on your website about a chance to win one of a polish version of your book “My little french kitchen”. I started watching your program on BBC about a week ago and I really got into cooking. You make so many delicious things…❤️ I wish I could cook like you one day :). For now my favourite french food (that I’ve made) are I guess the simplest things to make but they are soo delicious

  26. I love making croissants and lemon tart (and of course I love eating them too). Croissants are the first thing after baguettes and the Eiffel Tower that I think about when I hear “France”. You can eat them with jams but my favourite version is with white cheese and honey. It’s such a big pleasure in the morning…, they’re soft but also crunchy and the most important you don’t need many ingredients and they’re easy to make. The best part is the rolling up :). The lemon tart is also easy to make and it makes your whole house smell like lemon

  27. It’s a great way to make something sweet fast before your guests are about to come. It’s a great additive to a cup of tea with a slice of lemon. And I would love to discover recipes from your book at my little kitchen and discover new tastes.

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