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November 26th, 2014

My Little French Kitchen – Taiwanese edition (giveaway – closed)

Rachel Khoo - Taiwanese My Little French Kitchen

I’m very happy to say that the Taiwanese edition of My Little French Kitchen is available – and thanks to my publishers in Taiwan (Come Together Press), I’ve got a copy of the book to giveaway.

For those of you who don’t know, this is my second book focussing on French food, covering everything from Alpine classics to colourful Provencal delights. Take a look at my previous blog posts here (‘Tour de France’ – Brittany, Provence and Bordeaux) for a bit of background into the work that went into it .

Giveaway alert!

For your chance to win, simply show/tell me what your favourite French dish/food is. You can do this via Instagram (remember to tag me @rachelkhooks), Twitter, Facebook or by leaving a comment on here (remember to include a valid email address). Bonus points for sharing your entry via your own social media channels – make sure to use the hashtag #rkgiveaway.

I’ll be picking the winner on Friday 5th December so you’ve got until Thursday 4th to enter this giveaway. Spread the word!

Note – There is one copy of the Taiwanese edition to be won. It is written in Traditional Chinese and is on sale in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Only readers living in these locations are eligible to enter the competition.

Bonne chance!

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14 thoughts on “My Little French Kitchen – Taiwanese edition (giveaway – closed)

  1. I would say my fav French dish is Beouf Bourguinon, an simple and cosy dish for friends and family gathering and it goes well with any kind of side dishes.Thanks Rachel please visit Hong Kong soon!

  2. My favourite French food is salade nicoise. Fresh tuna, black olives, green beans,boiled egg and anchovies. I ate this in the South of France the year l qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 1988.
    Happy memories

  3. Well there are so many French food and dessert which I like…Madeleines, Créme brûlée, Crepes, Croissants and most of all I think my favourite must be Quiche…
    I really love to watch your show from BBC Lifestyle!

    Best Wishes!

  4. my favorite french dish us definently steak tartare. Simple yet délicieuse!
    Whenever I eat this, I go back to my beautiful days in France.

  5. My favorite food is Chicken Cacciatore. I think it’s tasty with lots of flavors and also goes well with baguette by dipping on it <3

    Chia-chi from Taiwan!

  6. Hi Rachel!
    I follow you from your first book and I am so happy that your 2nd book also been released in traditional Chinese version!! Congrats to you and to us! 🙂
    As a Taiwanese currently living in East side of France, I’ll say my favorite French dish is la tarte flembée!
    Bon courage et bonne continuation Rachel!!

  7. greetings from hk!
    my fav french dish has to be sweet crêpe! serve it with sliced banana and whipped cream taste like heaven. mille crêpe is great too! it’s all about freshness. too bad there’s not many crêperies in here 🙁

  8. Hello from Taiwan! My favorite french dish is Ratatouille. That’s the first dish I have at the language school in Paris. We don’t eat salad in Taiwan, we always fry or boil them. It feels good to have “warm” vegetable in Paris.

  9. my favourite dessert, mille-feuille! Sweet, crisp, crunchy buttery layers, but what I enjoyed the most was definitely the uniquely satisfying achievement of making a successful puff pastry with lots of arm strength(which I hated so much when I was first taught making puff pastry in le cordon bleu :D) It takes a lot of time and people would say “ain’t nobody got time for that”, but honestly, nothing’s better than making puff pastry from scratch, hand made with love 😀

  10. Hi Rachel! My favourite dish is Escargot baked with home-made garlic and butter. Simply delicious especially when there is a dash of Tobasco sauce. Tinge of spiciness mixed with buttery goodness melting in my mouth!

  11. Hello Rachel! This is Emily from Taiwan! Really happy to have this chance to get involved in this competition!
    My favorite French food is crêpe!! Not only because it is one of classic French dishes and of course yummy, but also it has a special memory for me! The first time I met the “real” crêpe was about 6 years ago when I went to a party held by one of my French friends. I was shocked because I didn’t know the texture of crêpe is soft! It may sound weird, but in Taiwan, crêpe is presented in a crunchy way. So I was really surprised and my French friends told me that they were also very surprised when they ate crêpe in Taiwan for the first time. Hope you can come to Taiwan to taste crunchy crêpe someday!!
    And last but not least, I’m really a big fan of you!! Hope I can win this competition!!

  12. Hi! Rachel. I am from Hong Kong. I like your TV programme very much. I record it and always watch it again and again.
    Today, I see your book in a Hong Kong bookstore. Oh!I am so excited. I will study it and try to apply your recipe in my cooking. Thanks for your sharing.

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