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May 1st, 2015

Rachel Khoo’s Europa in Meiner Küche – DVD Release (Giveaway Closed)

Rachel Khoo's DVD Europa in Meiner Küche

My new DVD ‘Europa in Meiner Küche’  (English title: Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook) was released a week ago today on the 24th April. As you may be able to guess by the title, the DVD is German, but you do have the option to play it in English!

If you’d like to watch it you can find it on Amazon (use this link if you are Austria/Germany/Switzerland-based).

In ‘Europa in Meiner Küche’, you can join me on my travels across Europe where I discover new flavours and techniques, and come up with new cooking ideas. Polyband have released a German trailer for the DVD for you to watch. Unfortunately there is no trailer available in English, but you can kind of get the idea from the German one (and also hear my German dubbed voice).

Giveaway alert! Thanks to the publishers in Germany, I have 3 signed copies of ‘Europa in Meiner Küche’ to giveaway. All you need to do is share your favourite food related travel DVD or series with me, and tell me what it is about the show that you love.

This time there are 3 ways to win:

1) Leave your answer in the comments below.
2) Write your entry as a comment on the Facebook post. (You must have liked the page to be considered). Bonus points for sharing the post too!
3) Follow me on Twitter and retweet my giveaway tweet. Then tweet me your favourite food-
travel show and why you like it (with the hashtag #rkkngiveaway if you have room!)

I will be running the competition on Facebook and Twitter too this time, don’t forget to head over there to increase your chances of winning.

I look forward to reading your entries!

Small print –  The competition closes on Sunday 10th May 2015. It is open worldwide, however copies are only available in English and German.

There are 3 copies available.

If you can, include a valid email address with you entry. You will be contacted via email or social media if you win.

The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified after the closing date. Readers are allowed a maximum of 3 entries – however please only leave one entry per platform (1 blog comment, 1 tweet and 1 Facebook comment).

A limited time frame will be given for winners to accepts the prize. If in the event a prize is unclaimed, a new recipient will be redrawn at random.

UPDATE: This giveaway has now closed. Winners will be contacted by me directly, via email or social media. Thank you all for entering, I can wait to get stuck into all your comments!

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57 thoughts on “Rachel Khoo’s Europa in Meiner Küche – DVD Release (Giveaway Closed)

  1. I love & adore anything that Anthony Bourdain does (No Reservation is still the best) — but, I think my all time favorite was the collaboration between Mario Batali & Gwyneth Paltrow called, “Spain… On The Road Again”. It was really great.

    Would love to check out your adventure!

  2. I love to watch Anthony Bourdain, you get to know lots of different places and all kind of interesting food.

  3. I hope I am allowed to pick you, Rachel Khoo, as my favourite food & travel show! 😀
    My mom and I watch A LOT of travel/cooking shows and your shows have definitely stood out for me. The places you visit and the modern twists you add to native dishes are amazing!
    My mom and I also totally adore your fashion sense and little kitchen. (You are one of the reasons why we have decided to visit Paris this year,unfortunately without dining at your restaurant).
    Simple, modern and delicious. I love your show! <3


  5. Before seeing your show, I loved (and still love) Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations food x travel show. I’ve read all his books and I’m so amused with his rebellious attitude toward life and food. It’s bold and brash and honest. He went to war-torn cities like Beirut to savor food & show culture. I wonder if you can cook iguana. Please visit the Philipoines and taste our le cochon.

  6. Think the food show I like that’s kinda ‘out there’ is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives cos it’s funny but also gives you a chance to see what’s going down big in the US and it’s not just one type of food like the obligatory burger! Lots of culinary influences and styles from the world over!

  7. I really liked the TV show Masterchef Australia. Although it was a competition, it was really fair and meant to improve everyone’s skills.
    Would love to have your DVD at home to watch all stories once more (didn’t have the chance to watch them all on TV, but watched many of them).

    All the best,

  8. hi,
    of course i have to say i loved your show from the first time i saw it!!
    i also like all kind of travelling shows from jamie oliver (i.e. italy, spain, greece, marrakesh, etc).
    just recently i discovered a new food travelling show that really got me, which is from yotam ottolenghi: mediterranean (island) feasts. there he cooked traditional dishes with
    inhabitans and you also got an impression on how people are living in their country (ie. marrakesh). this mixture of real traditional cooking along with insights in their landscape and culture makes this tv series really interesting! 🙂

  9. I really liked the food travel show “Exploring China” with Ching He Huang and Ken Hom. They showed a lot of interesting places and food.

  10. Being Malaysian, food is a lifestyle for us. We eat food, we talk food, we even dream of food. Having said that, there is so much one can know about Malaysian food. Axian Food Adventure helps me go beyond the food to know more about the life of the people behind those dishes, history behind each of them and its origin. I’m so looking forward to receive a copy of Europa in Meiner Kuche to go beyond my comfort zone.

    Feeding Joeboy
    F: http://www.facebook.com/feedingjoeboy
    I: @feedingejoboy
    T: @feedingjoeboy

  11. I really like Gordon Ramsay’s programmes, but especially Ultimate Cookery Course, just because it shows that he’s not just a shouting, cursing madman, but he actually has a lot of tips to share.

  12. I adored your Little Paris Kitchen, Nigella & Jamie Oliver’s Italian series and although not technically a travel show I really love Hugh Fernley Wittingstall and his River Cottage series as the food is still castle different to that here in Australia! X Thank you for the opportunity to win, I even considered making a Twitter account!

  13. I love Extra Virgin. It’s a funny, family cooking show with Debbie Mazur and he husband, Gabriele, and their two daughters. I especially like it when they travel home to Italy.

  14. I enjoyed the hairy bikers bakeation as i can now make caraway and lemon biscuits and some amazing food from Germany and Austria where i grew up.

  15. I have seen quite a few foodie travel shows. The first one I really got into was actually My Little Paris kitchen and I bought the book straight away and cooked your Lavender Chicken from Lavender in our garden!It tasted delicious with the sweet and savoury notes. After your show finished I got hooked on the ‘Spice Trip’ with Stevie Parle and Emma Grazette. I was so fascinated from the origins of different spices and the dishes that could be created from them. I watched it with my mum every week! It was great mother and daughter time! Happy Cooking!

  16. Your shows are wonderful. I also love the German “Schlemmerreise” series and the Mario Batali & Gwyneth Paltrow show , “Spain… On The Road Again” because they add the wonderful context of the region to the local restaurant/recipes featured. I immediately recognized the German twists in your cooking from your “Little Paris Kitchen” show. Been following you ever since! So excited about your new DVD!

  17. I loved ‘Jamie’s American Road Trip’ as it looked at the less mainstream cuisines such as supper clubs and Native American food.

  18. I love all of your shows <3 and your style…you inspire me so much…Food, traveling, clothes, Make up, hairstyle……..<3

    I travel to the amalficoast this year, because i see it in "Europa in meiner Küche" and fall in love!!

  19. I like Jamie Oliver’s – “Jamies Italian Escape” I like the way he cooks in the typical style of each region an interact with the residents…

  20. I really adored watching “Marion’s Thailand” as you not only got to learn so much about cooking but about the country as well

  21. I love Food Safari, aired here in Australia on SBS. The combination of travel, cultural insights and meeting local people and chefs cooking their traditional dishes, is what makes the show great. Your show also has this combination and I love it!

  22. I am a huge fan of the show “Unique Sweets.” There are so many sweet treats all around America, creations that I never would have thought existed until I saw this show.Plus,the chefs featured on the show always have the most hilarious descriptions of the desserts, and the theme of each episode is always exciting to see. Also, the fact that this program showcases so many sweets from all regions of American (and sometimes Canada)is a bonus.

  23. Dear Rachel Khoo!

    I loved loved loved The Little Paris Kitchen series. The episodes had different dishes all of which looked amazing! What I liked best was that the ingredients and recipes seemed to be more accessible than other recipes I’ve come across. I’m a university student on a budget so some of the dishes were just perfect in portion size and easy on the wallet. Another thing that I like is that if I am attempting a recipe, the dish comes out successfully on the first try (Moelleux au chocolat looks like it would be very complicated, but it worked out fine and everyone was very impressed!)

  24. I love the series of TWIST OF TASTE by chef Vikas Khanna, in which he travels to various parts of India, tastes India’s most classical desserts and sweets, and then brings them to his own kitchen with an international twist. Those twists are really surprising and cool!

  25. I recently rewatched Jamie’s Great Italian Escape. I love how it shows the different regions of Italy. And the differences in the cooking.

  26. Keith Floyd’s TV series were true, honest and gave an excellent insight to the local cuisine of the place he was in. He demonstrated his recipes in a clear and concise manner too. I would love your German DVD as I am currently learning German and looking for German dubbed programmes to help me! Fingers crossed I win!!

  27. I love Exploring China, a Culinary Adventure because it is so diverse over the huge country and it brings me a better understanding of how my Po Po learned cooking while growing up in China before coming to Canada and teaching cooking here!

  28. Hi Rachel,

    we love your cooking.

    We live in New Zealand and are a bilingual household (German-English), so it would be lovely to get your new DVD “Europa in meiner Küche”. So we can watch it as a family (in German) and we can watch it with our friends (in English).

    Good luck in the German speaking world, they will love you as well!!!

  29. I love The Layover especially the Paris episode because it’s practical and unexpected. I own all your books that have released in the USA and can’t wait to get more. Would love to see you do a travel show of Little French Kitchen!

  30. Oh how exciting! I love Rick Stein’s India. I learnt so much about spicing and the flavours of each region from it, truly fascinating! I loved seeing the street food too, especially the salt lassi. I’ve always wanted to visit India so it was wonderful to learn more about the cuisine and culture.

  31. I used to love watching Man vs Food just to see the portions but nowadays I prefer A Cook Abroad because not only does it combine food, but it combines travel all around the world…my two favourite things!!

  32. sarah wieners kulinarische abenteuer in frankreich. inspired my travels during my erasmus in france and made me all the more eager to expand my culinary horizon and to get to know small-scale producers..

  33. Ich sehe mir gerne die kulinarischen Abenteuer von Anthony Bourdain an. Das macht danach Lust wieder neue Küchen auszuprobieren.

  34. It’s such a lot of fun to watch your shows because of the different countries, people and espacially food but its also your attitude that makes it so special!!!! Stay as you are good girl 😉

  35. Hi Rachel,
    I like to watch the program of Nigel Slater on BBC. The casual, simple, and healthy way he prepares the food really makes me feel comfortable. I feel more cooking by myself every time after watching the program. By the way, I’m your big fan! Always follow your show on BBC and every week for new recipe 🙂

  36. Hi Rachel~
    I like to watch the program of Nigel Slater on BBC. The casual, simple, and healthy way he prepares the food really makes me feel comfortable. He grows his garden so there are fresh ingredients always. I feel more cooking every time watching his program. By the way, I’m your big fan! Always follow your show on BBC and every week for new recipe 🙂

  37. I can’t pick just one. I will say that my dish network provider does not offer the Cooking Channel as a regular channel (additional premium price) and I opted to add it, when I saw your first show “My Little French Kitchen.” They were showing the channel for a month and I got hooked on the show, and decided to pay for the channel. 🙂 Also, I love your new show. I like that you make chef worthy foods seem accessible and easy. I have tried many recipes and now have several favorites from your shows.

  38. I’m italian…. English or German…everything is fine…I love food pictures…and recipes… I’ll understand in some way…. 🙂

  39. Hairy Bikers is one of the favourites It’s simpe and funny. I enjoy many cooking shows its my way of relaxing. My husband always complaining that it makes him hungry.

  40. Aside from your series, I would have to say Val Warner eats Scandinavia is definitely a series not to be missed. Amazing food, fresh ideas and stunning scenery. There’s not enough Scandinavian food in the UK. 🙂

  41. There have been a few travel/food programmes that I have enjoyed. Rick Stein’s various international jaunts are mixed with poetry, insight and a passion for food. That said, my wholehearted recommendation has to go to ‘Italy Unpacked’. Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli share their passion for every aspect of Italian life, culture and food!

    The chemistry between the two friends, which it is clear that they are, is a key element. They show great delight in new discoveries and in showing each other new sights and experiences that please the soul as well as their bellies! Over the three series, they have explored the length and breadth of Italy – intentionally veering away from the norm. As well as the artistic and cultural delights of each region, we are treated to spectacular vistas and intimate corners.

    The food is equally spectacular. Whilst savouring simple street foods and Italian staples, they also source some amazing locations for Giorgio to cook regional or sometimes historical dishes. The bubbling enthusiasm of these two bon viveurs is infectious and inspiring.

    There are still great swathes of ‘undiscovered’ Italy waiting to be unpacked and I, for one, cannot wait for the next series! Salute!

    Europa in meiner Küche sounds great. It would be a good way of improving my German as well as enjoying your impeccable style, Rachel. Prost!

  42. Well, I like Diners, Drive ins and Dives.. It’s funny, and makes me want to go to those “mom and pop” owned places and check them out. All time favorite though is “Two Fat Ladies”. Love that show, I know it’s not recent, but it was game changer watching it as a kid!!!

  43. To be honest although the question was food related travel shows, I would like to add in Masterchef, simply because through the stages of the competition you do see some wonderful sights of world cuisine, thoughts that go against the norm, and journeys of the masters to be growing with each stage. In the most recent season the trip to Sweden and open flame cooking is a sight to behold and now a must for my travel calender. In the previous year, the trip to the famous and wondrous El Bulli still wets my appetite ! The other thing is it aspires you to try new exciting tastes or remould old favourites given a new lease of life, which at the end of the day is what a good food show should be doing 🙂

  44. LOVE your show The Little Paris Kitchen! I just love the fact that your recipes are not complicated to make, but are absolutely delicious. And I like all of your little tips for working in a small space!

  45. I utterly enjoyed watching the Mark Brownstein Food Hunter episodes. What a unique perspective. If my name is drawn, I would look foreward hearing you in english only, I can only watching you in the german dubbed version, where I live!

  46. My favourite travel-related food series is The Trip – first and foremost because Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon crack me up in it, especially with the impression-offs. But also because there is so much amazing food in it – watching an episode nearly always makes me hungry… And it reminds you how great a treat a lovely, well cooked meal is – whether it’s at a posh restaurant or cooking for friends.

  47. I caught part of “The Little French Kitchen” two wks.ago and called my mom to watch the show,she is French, but she doesn’t get the Cooking Channel and I can’t find it listed to watch more shows. You were cooking a bread with cheese and prunes.You’re kitchen reminds me of my meme’s kitchen in Saintes, France. The International Wives Club would enjoy a presentation of the DVD if I were to receive one.Half the club is German, others are French, Japanese,many from South American countries,Poland to name a few. I enjoy Mo Rocca”s cooking show “In My Grandmother’s Kitchen”. I believe it is important to pass down our family receipes and save them for future generations.

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