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April 29th, 2015

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook – Australian edition (giveaway closed)

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook book cover

It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since the Australian edition of my new book was published… it’s been quite a whirlwind since then – a mix of promoting the book, meeting fans and filming a new series in Melbourne.

Hopefully all of you lovely people down under will know what Kitchen Notebook is all about, seeing as the Cosmpolitan Cook series started airing on SBS on Thursday 2nd April. But if not, you can expect to see lots of delicious recipes inspired by my heritage and travels, plus a selection of my photos and illustrations.

Rachel Khoo Austrian beef ribs recipe

While I was over in Melbourne I signed some copies for the team at Penguin Australia – find out how you could win below!

Giveaway alert! Thanks to the lovely people at Penguin Australia Iโ€™ve got TEN copies of the book to giveaway, and each of them has been signed by me.

To win, all you need to do is tell/show me what or where most inspires your cooking, you can send me a photo on Twitter (@rkhooks), Facebook or Instagram (@rachelkhooks) or leave a comment below โ€“ bonus points for anyone who shares the competition!

Make sure you tag me and include the hashtag #rkkngiveaway, looking forward to seeing your entries. Good luck!

Small print: The competition will close on Wednesday 6th May 2015. It is only open to those living in Australia.

There are 10 copies available only.

If you can, include a valid email address with your entry. You will be contacted by email or via social media if you win.

The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified after the closing date.

A limited time frame will be given for winners to accept the prize. If in the event a prize is unclaimed, a new recipient will be drawn at random.

UPDATE: This giveaway has now closed. Winners will be contacted by me directly, via email or social media. Thank you all for entering, I can wait to get stuck into all your comments!

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56 thoughts on “Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook – Australian edition (giveaway closed)

  1. My food inspiration is my two children. Finding tasty food combinations for a 4 year old and a nine month old isnt easy, but recipes that my little girl can help with, and big gummy smiles with food all over my little boys face make it worthwhile (albeit a bit messy). Im confident that if they learn that food is fun form a young age they will want to explore new cuisines as they get older.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    First of all, I wanted to say that I love your Cosmopolitan Cook series on SBS. The combination of food, travel, art, and the sharing of knowledge and memories with friends is something I really enjoy.

    In terms of my cooking, it is so hard to pinpoint one source of inspiration, as I feel I am inspired by an amalgamation of things! For one, I love following food blogs and television series with vibrant and down to earth presenters who focus on fresh, simple, seasonal, and tasty recipes, and have the perspective that food can be prepared with lots of care, love, and respect for the produce. Through them, I learn about lots of new and exciting techniques and flavour combinations.

    I am also very inspired by trips to the farmer’s markets, meeting the producers, walking in the buzz of likeminded people, and perusing the array of fresh produce on offer. Anything that grounds me to the origins of the food really reminds me that it is this incredible thing that comes from the Earth to nourish us, and it is also something that connects people all around the world.

    Lastly, I think I am inspired to push myself as a cook by my family, and wanting to provide healthy, gourmet food to share with my loved ones. I am currently learning the ropes of gardening so that I can develop a relationship with the growing process and make everything from scratch.

  3. My boyfriend inspires me in the kitchen. Over the years whilst I have been working night shifts, he has proudly taught himself how to cook and now does all the cooking in our household. Although our kitchen isn’t fancy and I’m not particularly good at cooking myself, he inspires me to give it a go and occasionally I’ll cook to give him a ‘night off’ once in a while!

  4. My inspiration is farm-frash ingredients. I get in a big cooking mood at the smell of fresh sweet corn or just-picked strawberries.

  5. I have to start this off with telling you that although I missed your book signings in Melbourne due to work, meeting you at Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar instead was some kind of wonderful fate I am very thankful for!
    As an apprentice chef I gather inspiration from everywhere and everyone, but when it all becomes too much I always ground myself with a photo of my Macedonian grandmother, Baba Lina holding a plate of food in her little kitchen – and the memories of her home-style, packed with flavour and love cooking always makes me take a deep breath and go back to the basics. The reason food is my life and passion is because it is memory, travel, family, friends, and the perfect conduit for expressing emotions and caring for others.

  6. My cooking is inspired by the beautiful year round produce available in South East Queensland! And the ability to sit outside and enjoy the sun for most of the year, as well!

  7. Dear Rachel
    My inspiration to cook new and old are my 14 month old twin sons. I want them to taste all types of food in life and so far they both love it! Their favourite is chicken pate and risottos.
    I hope I win one of your cookbooks!
    Best regards
    Mel from Perth, Western Australia
    PS Shared your competition on my Facebook!

  8. Time inspires me to cook. As soon as I find myself with ANY spare time I pull out my favourite cookbooks and trawl through them looking for something fabulous and new for the family to try.
    As a working mum, p & c president, school council rep, team manager for netball and chief football jumper washer, as well as head dog walker and main house keeper, time is very precious, and very rare. But as soon as even a little tiny bit of it comes my way, I’m in the kitchen with the whole family eagerly waiting at the kitchen bench to “test taste ” the creation.

    Love your work Rachel!

  9. I’m inspired by love. Love and cooking go hand in hand. It’s how I say I love you to anyone sitting at my table. It’s how I nurture. It’s how I live.

  10. Hi Rachel

    Love watching you cook!….watched your Little Paris Kitchen series where you took us out and about Paris to see where all your inspiration came from…..
    Your infectious smile and chat as you went about your recipes gives me the energy and confidence to cook……easy to follow and voila!…

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your new series of the cospmolitan cook….


  11. I am inspired by my senses – sounds cheesy I know, but I will see or smell ingredients when i’m out and about and I will think about that for a number of days, even weeks until I actually make something that includes it – i will sift through the recipes on google and in books.
    I only cook like this occasionally, but I like to put a lot of effort into it and it is always something I have wanted for time where the effort and inspiration are equally portioned ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My current inspiration for cooking is rediscovering food in all its glory. For the past 2 years I have been suffering from an Eating Disorder and have neglected my passion for cooking and eating. As I am on the road to recovery I now get to get to experience the wonders of food like its my first time again. Its been so fun so far- and I am committed to continuing to cook, eat and rediscover food for the rest of my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. My cooking is inspired by emotion. Anything that conjures up the senses from stories, events, as well as food writers and other chefs. Being from the glorious Mornington Peninsula exquisite scenery, great quality wine and fresh local produce, tingle my senses and emotions to inspire what I’d like to call my ‘gourmet homestyle’ cooking.

  14. Although I source inspiration to cook from so many factors – family, the weather, ingredients available, my cookbooks and magazines; I think the best inspiration can come when you score an unexpected bargain when grocery shopping, then putting it together with your pantry staples and coming up with something that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, and you’ve also saved the ingredients from going to waste:) You can see I did this on my last instagram bake –


  15. Inspiration is all around me. I find inspiration from watching your Cosmopolitan Cook to reading your Little French Kitchen cookbook (as well as many other amazing cooks/chefs cookbooks I have) to walking down the street to the markets and seeing some amazing produce I know I have to cook with to eating amazing food when my husband & I go out for date night. My husband is the reason I have passion for food – to see him smile when I create a delicious meal, gives my inspiration to keep making amazing dishes.

  16. I’m inspired by my wife, Kate. She’s recovering from an eating disorder but even when things were at there worst she would still make the most amazing meals for me (sadly she didn’t always enjoy them too). We’ve been married for nearly six months and I’m happy to say things are a lot better!

    I’m inspired to improve my cooking so I can return the favour and cook beautiful food for her. I’m learning plenty watching Cosmopolitan Cook but I think Kitchen Notebook will be even better ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I have a three year old daughter who gives me high praise when I cook something she loves and says I am the best cooker, well it certainly makes you want to keep producing great dishes. We both get inspiration by sitting watching cooking shows, right now we are watching Rachel Khoo’s the cosmopolitan cook series and when it’s over my daughter is often quite upset and wants more of the lady ( meaning Rachel Khoo). Like my grandmother and mother before me I am passing down a natural love of cooking and good healthy food.

  18. As I’m only 15, and therefore can’t afford to travel, I explore as much as the world as I can via food. I suppose wonderlust inspires me, as my financial difficulties keep me in Australia, I try to explore other places through their food, learning and creating.

  19. You are a true inspiration! Bringing us the most delicious recipes from around the world, all with your trademark twists. i also love th stories around the recipes, about the countries you visit, their traditions and history. I think I have a bit of a girls crush and food crush! A big thanks to you!

  20. I love cooking that came from my ah mah (granny) whom cooks for a family of 15 everyday(bless her soul).And now I try to pass that down to my 2 children’s, I try my best to celebrate every Chinese traditions with it traditional food.Both my kiddies will request and help me in the kitchen, and after watching “bun” tonight we will be making that on the weekend.*Thank you, Rachel!! For your great recipes and techniques*

  21. This will sound first dreadful – then corny! But I really didn’t enjoy cooking. Three kids – one hated anything green ie veges, the other anything spicy and the last was a treat – ate anything. I used to wish the time away from them asking “what’s for dinner?” until the dishes were done. I would leave the kitchen with food on the stove and burn everything and wore the label “bad cook” with shame.
    Then as my kids got older I started watching all the food programs and was inspired by the passion and ideas presented to me in my lounge room. I started having a go in the kitchen and made food for me – food I liked and I found I enjoyed being in the kitchen and creating food and meals that I was proud of. Knowing all those little tips and seeing people like yourself share their passion for the science and art of food was a buzz. I am inspired to travel and try food from other cultures and I think it opens new worlds for us all.
    Thank you so much Rachel!

  22. Hi Rachel,
    As the main cook in my house I am always trying to think of meals that are creative, nutritious and satisfying.
    I use the ‘feeling of the day’ as my inspiration. I will imagine what kind of evening i’m after with my husband or with my friends and that will often determine the type of food I create. Whether the weather is windy and cold and i’m craving something hot and cosy or if its a clear night and we are craving some fresh spices.
    Thank you!
    Mary, Perth WA

  23. We love watching you cook, especially the recent cosmopolitan cook series. You have inspired my older daughters (6&9) to get back into cooking and my 9 year old has started her own cooking diary. Thank you!

  24. Rachel, so many things inspire me to cook like watching other people share their culture and history, my children and my desire for them to eat fresh locally grown foods, my own history and need to express where I come from and who I am. But one of the biggest would have to be my own creative expression of me, as I often need to close the doors and cook to my hearts content in therapeutic escape. That is just to connect with myself. Food is love.. Jessica

  25. Hi Rachel,

    I find that fresh veggies from my garden & seasonal produce inspires my cooking. I also love trying new dishes & getting my boyfriend to taste them, love that someone enjoys my experiments in the kitchen!

    Love all your material Rachel, seeing all the colourful illustrations & pictures on TV & social media always gets me inspired too!


  26. Hi Rachel,
    I enjoyed your show from the very beginning of little Paris kitchen. I love how you simplified the recipe (I believe less is more). I am an apprentice chef, so sometimes I substitude your recipe ingredients depending on what’s available in my pantry ( I hope you don’t mind! hehe).
    Anyway, love your work and please don’t change your style. x

  27. Dear Rachel,

    My love for food inspires me to cook! I’ve been a big eater ever since I was a young girl, by teenage I was able to eat as much as most grown up men do (thanks to my parents’ genes I didn’t become obese!) and I eat pretty much everything!

    Whist I love to eat, cooking has been more of a survival skill for me rather than something I love to do. Not that I didn’t enjoy the outcome but I wasn’t passionate about it. Simple and flavoursome meals inspire me to cook, then I came across to your cook shows about a year ago and my mind was blown – Your simple approach to cooking makes it interesting for me to follow. I love the use of fresh produce and ingredients in your recipes and your little twists to some of the dishes!

    I try to cook something special every weekend, and I always look forward to trying your recipes. Love everyone of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will be sharing your competition on Facebook & Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best wishes,

  28. My cooking is inspired by the places I have lived in and traveled to. I was born in the Netherlands and at the age of 28 moved to Vietnam for 6 years. I then moved to Australia, where I still live today. My parents lived in South Africa for ten years, so this is another place I have visited often. When I cook, all these different cultures inspire me to create beautiful dishes.

  29. My cooking inspiration comes mostly from my Mum and memories of fabulous hearty, wholesome meals shared with family and friends. My husband loves french food and is always on the hunt for a Croque Madame on a brunch menu, Rachel’s Little Paris Kitchen has given me plenty of inspiration to keep him happy too!

  30. Travelling inspires me to cook. Last year I visited Stockholm with my youngest daughter. Allegra loves to cook, so we had a bit of a culinary adventure together. We were really impressed with the Swedish cuisine. Last night we saw your episode in Stockholm. We loved it so much. Thank you Rachel for inspiring us too. Best wishes from Sydney, Australia.

  31. My food inspiration…. Family and friends. If you cook with love the food will always be cherished.
    it does also help to have a healthy cookbook library and a large stash of a food mags and blogs on hand!

  32. Inspiration comes from so many places…but I need to thank my mum and her family recipes for nurturing my interest in the kitchen, and her endless patience.
    I love to discover new flavours and recipes from blogs, and great shows like your Cosmopolitan Cook series…and will often amaze my mum with new recipes I’ve discovered, which may one day become my families favourites.

    we recently lost most of our food in our fridge and freezers in the recent terrible floods in the Hunter Valley….so I’m keen to get back in the kitchen and try some new recipes…would love a copy of your book!

  33. My family inspires me to cook. We like to have a big family gathering over lunch. This is when I realized the power of food – it brings people together. Everyone is so busy nowadays, so it is always hard to catch up. But if you tell them there will be a feasting of food involved, they are most likely to show up! Different food conjure up certain memories, so I am inspired to make different types of food for them to try so they can remember the great times they had.

  34. Dear Rachel,
    My inspiration comes from you and people like you. As a graphic designer who has designed cookbooks for years I’m inspired by all the clever cooks I have meet over the years, their passion for food is infectious. I love your book design and would love a copy.

  35. My inspiration comes from my three year old daughter who loves watching your show on sbs and loves to help with the cooking. She sees lots of recipes that she wants to try and make so mum must oblige ๐Ÿ™‚ she loves your show so much that she has told me she wants to go to London and visit you!

  36. My cooking inspiration comes from a number of sources:
    – the awesome lunches my students bring to school
    – the contents of my fridge
    – cooking websites and television programs (including yours of course Rachel!)
    – cookbooks
    – handwritten recipes from family and friends
    – seasonal produce
    … and most of all, the desire to be creative and try something new
    Cooking, to me, is similar to producing a work of art, but it’s temporary (because it’s eaten quickly) so it has to be spectactular!

  37. Hi Rachel, My husband and I are enjoying your current show. I tried sharing my entry on Instagram but not sure it worked so adding here also.

    My love for baking and seeing the excitement from my family is what inspires me most. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Visiting my Croatian relatives overseas, watching them cook for me (they never let guests help!), visiting markets, learning about food history, eating locally and seasonally. Memories of the Mediterranean are where I find my inspiration.

  39. Fresh produce inspires me in my cooking. I love visiting the farmers markets in country towns locally, or the market hub of towns when overseas. Whatever’s in season, it’s fun searching out recipes for different ways to cook it.

  40. I’m inspired by markets, local food, cultures. Some of my favourite travel experiences have been made so special because they revolved around food. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
    The thing is; food means people, conversation, sounds, laughter, happiness, flavours, texture, discovering the unknown, and experiencing familiar things but in a completely different way.
    Memorable destinations include Italy; staying with some of the friendliest people, living on their farms, helping them cultivate their veggies, learning from nonna how to make bread and pasta.
    Morocco and the Djeema el fna. You have to go there to really understand the atmosphere.
    Spain, France, Portugal, London (yes, London and its little farmers markets), Croatia, Guatemala, Cuba… the list goes on. Oh yes, and I live in one of the most foodie cities in the world – Melbourne. Inspired everyday.

  41. Hi Rachel,
    I am 6 yrs old and your little Paris kitchen inspires me to cook!
    I love watching you cook and asking Mummy to cook the same thing.
    Thanks for all your yummy recipes.
    Adelaide, Australia

  42. My husband and I cook in what these days would be called a very small kitchen, in Australian standard. Only the two of us fit at anytime and I would describe it as a dance that only we can do after 15 years in the same kitchen. Your recipes show that even the most stunning meals can be produced from the smallest space and we give them a good go, not always with the best results but it still provides a sense of pleasure and achievement!

  43. My husband and I cook in what these days would be called a very small kitchen, in Australian standard. Only the two of us fit at anytime and I would describe it as a dance that only we can do after 15 years in the same kitchen. Your recipes show that even the most stunning meals can be produced from the smallest space and we give them a good go, not always with the best results but it still provides a sense of pleasure and achievement!

  44. My cooking is inspired by my passion for trying new recipes. I love Little Paris Kitchen recipes because they are downright delicious and approachable. I’m in the USA so we are always the last ones to get your books, it seems. I would love to…no, I NEED to…have the Kitchen Notebook in my life.

  45. My inspiration comes from the women in my family. My mum and grandmothers have all inspired me, with their food and the way they cook. All originate from the little island of Cyprus. Mum has lived now in Australia for over 30 years and hasn’t forgotten any of what she was taught, tales of the first time she attempted the pistachio and basically breaking down in the kitchen after her 7th attempt at bechamel sauce, proves how amazing she is, never gives up, trial and error and proof is in it, that i’ll only eat her pasticho. Her adaptation to the produce of Australia, without jeopardizing the essence and taste of the recipes that have passed down from generations, and regions. Showing me varieties of how each dish is made in different regions of Cyprus and the controversy of adding or eliminating one ingredient. The biggest inspiration however is the love and passion that she puts in all her dishes. And that alone is inspiring.

  46. Hi Rachel

    My initial inspiration is my Yiayia(grandma) as i have such an interest in Greek cuisine. She is a big inspiration to me, but i also quite like Jamie Oliver, as he makes simple recipes that are appealing to families, and i also adore your cooking because it is so simple and scrumptious. And i love that you travel around the Europe and are inspired by every little detail of a single dish. I love that you travel because it gives me new ideas of where to go when i finish school, plus i am learning French and it is good practice to watch a show that i am really interested in and a bonus that you can speak French, which builds on my vocab. But this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my mum who introduced me to your show, and i am very thankful that she has!
    I wish you all the best for everything!

  47. I had the pleasure of staying with a Mongolian family in their ger when I was travelling a few years ago. Though they had a meagre income from tending to their flock of sheep and goats to support three gorgeous, blushing children and their orphaned cousin, they welcomed us in with a special meal of goat stew (from their herd!) and fermented mares milk. We played jacks with small bones, they taught us how to shoot a bow and arrow, and since we didn’t have much shared language, we just sang our own songs to each other through the night over Mongolian vodka! It’s this selfless hospitality and the connecting power of food, booze and music that inspires me to cook with love and generosity.

  48. My inspiration is watching others enjoy food. Sometimes little is more in cooking and you have shown that in many of your recipes

    As you have shown you can cook in small limited spaces and still get the best out of everything. Recipes that tingle your tastebuds are the best keep showing great recipes.

  49. I am inspired by my family especially my dad who can cook amazing an amazing Cantonese feast. He uses simple ingredients but full of flavour. All food is made with love

  50. Hi Miss Rachel,
    Always inspired by flavour, I have been cooking since I was 5 yrs old. Nowadays I have a huge blended family of my own, complete with a tribe of gorgeous grandbabies. I have always maintained that the secret to great flavour is ones joy for food & the overwhelming desire for new & exciting recipes so that others can experience it too. Flavourful food is indeed a celebration of life which is way too short for anything less.

  51. My garden inspires me most for cooking. With different organic produce available at different seasons of the year, they look awesome and are always packed with flavour. I always try to play and make different dishes with them. Vegies include pumpkin, cucumbers, taro, tomato etc. Fruits include figs, persimmons etc.

    garden = vegies + fresh herbs + fruits = creative cooking + baking = yummy dishes

  52. Love…love is what inspires me to cook. It is a way of looking after family and friends and showing them just how much they mean to me and how grateful I am to them. It isn’t just about birthdays, Christmas and special occasions, but also the everyday meals that makes someone feel loved, valued and appreciated each day.

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