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April 21st, 2015

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook – German edition (Giveaway Closed)

Rachel Khoo Mein Küchentagebuch book cover

The German edition of my new book ‘Mein Küchentagebuch’ was published last month on 12th March, by Dorling Kindersley my publishers in Germany.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the book shoot – I also reveal my favourite place I visited while researching the book and making the TV series of the same name:

For those of you who don’t know, the book is packed full of recipes inspired by London, my travels around Europe and both my Austrian and Malaysian heritage.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook Lemon Lava cakes recipe

There’s recipes like my Slow roasted Pork Belly with Sloe Gin (on the front cover!), delicious Spätzle, Lemon Lava Cakes (pictured above) and Sticky Malaysian Chicken – it’s an eclectic mix, but I really wanted to showcase how all these influences inspire me.

If you’ve not got your hands on a copy yet, then read on because you could win one.

Giveaway alert! Thanks to my publishers in Germany, I’ve got 10 copies of ‘Mein Küchentagebuch’ all signed by me to giveaway. All you need to do to win is show / tell me what your favourite dish to cook is and why. Maybe it was passed down through your family, or inspired by a holiday? Whatever the reason I’d love to hear it.

Remember to tag me in any photos on Instagram (@rachelkhooks), Facebook (@rkhooks) or Twitter (@rkhooks) and use the hashtag #rkkngiveaway – you can also leave a comment below.

Small print – The competition will close on Wednesday 29th April 2015. It is only open to those who live in Germany and Austria.

There are 10 copies available only.

If you can, include a valid email address with your entry. You will be contacted by email or via social media if you win.

The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified after the closing date.

A limited time frame will be given for winners to accept the prize. If in the event a prize is unclaimed, a new recipient will be redrawn at random.

UPDATE: This competition has now ended. Thank you all so much for your entries. Winners will be contacted by me directly.

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71 thoughts on “Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook – German edition (Giveaway Closed)

  1. Am liebsten koche ich (auch weil mein Freund sich dann immer sehr freut) Schnitzel mit Petersilkartoffel. Meistens aber nicht das klassische Wiener Schnitzel, da ich Schweine- und nicht Kalbfleisch verwende. Schmeckt aber auch seeeehr lecker – das perfekte Sonntagsessen 😉

  2. My fav dish is Risotto – in many, many variations!!! The newest I cooked was a Curryrisotto with garneles… very delicious! I really looking forward to win this beautiful book! It is since a few weeks also on my Amazon-Wishlist 😉 Greetings from good ol´Austria 🙂 Frau Jot / Juliane

  3. Dear Rachel,
    I am a huge fan! I have loved all your TV shows and books, as well as this gorgeous blog. As a high school student I don’t have much time for cooking, but it is something that I hope to do as well as you do one day. I also dream about living in Paris when I’m older, and having a tiny little kitchen just like you do.

    Sending love from Australia,

  4. I love to cook “Geschnetzeltes” (I did not found an english word for that). I got that in the plane on my first holidays in London, when I was about 10 years old. After the holidays I asked my mother to cook it for me. When I moved to my own flat in Munich it was one of the first things I tried to cook by myself. Now it always feels a bit like home and holidays.

  5. Hallo Rachel,

    I’d love to receive a signed copy of your latest book as I find your recipes so inspiring.
    My favorite to cook (or actually bake) is a wholemeal nut bread with buttermilk and yeast. I learned how to do it from my grandmother and it is so tasty! We don’t buy any bread, but I bake it myself with this and some other recipes from my grandmom.

    All the best,

  6. As I recently became a vegetarian, I had to find new favourite recipes and meals without meat. Our familie’s favourite dish since then is a vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes, served with a lot of sides like taco chips, home made guacamole and sour cream, so that everybody can eat as they like it best. I would love to win one of your books!! #rkkngiveaway

  7. Dear Rachel, liebe Rachel,
    you are really adorable, giving so much joy, creativity colour, style and inspiration, not only (but of course mainly) regarding cooking, but as a lovely person in general.
    I hope that we will see, read and hear a lot more from you. I am really looking forward to it!
    With best regards und lieben Grüßen aus Wien,

  8. I loved the show and i am happy that this book is now for sale in german. I would be very happy to win it, but if i don’t i will buy it. Loved your book about Paris and still wait for London. My favorite dish is your grandmothers receipe chicken dumpling soup. We also have a family recipe called “Brockelbohnen”. It is green beans, potaoes, pork belly – all chopped in one pot like a stew.

  9. Hey… first i love all the things you made. I’ve watched all your shows and cooked most of them by myself 🙂

    My favorite dishes to cook, are sweets like cupcakes and other cakes.
    I got one recep that i love. It’s a black tea with milk cupcake.
    It’s like a normal cupcake recept but the milk will be cooked with black tea :))) ist gorgeous!

    Greetings from Dortmund in Germany :)))

  10. Our favorite dish to cook and eat is Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Easy and fast to cook and everyone in every age like it!

  11. Favourite Dish: Stosuppe – Sauerrahmsuppe – Sourcreamsoup. My grandmother used to cook it. It reminds me of my childhood and the old townhouse she had lived in. She would become 100 this year, but died 1 year ago.

  12. hallo frau khoo, erstmal vielen dank für ihr tolles gewinnspie. ich schau ihre sendung sehr gerne auf sixx und bewundere es einfach nur, wie sie es schaffen, in winzigen küchen so toll zu kochen 🙂

    eins meiner lieblingsessen ist eindeutig gefüllte paprika.
    allerdings nicht ertränkt in tomatensoße ^^
    ich brate gehacktes halb und halb scharf an, würze nach gusto, und füge die klein geschnittenen “köpfe” der paprika hinzu ( natürlich passt auch weiteres gemüse zu der mischung, wie kleingeschnittene zucchini ;).
    inzwischen koch ich reis – sehr gerne gemüsereis – und vermisch alles mit dem gehacktes-gemüsemix. nun füll ich die paprika damit und “verschließe” es mit einer scheibe mozzalella. alles kommt stehend in einer auflaufform und die stell ich für 12-15 mins in die mirkowelle. die papika sind gar, aber noch schön bissfest 🙂 genauso lieben wie es – noch nen klacks creme fraiche/schmand und fertig sind unsere gefüllten paprika 🙂 grüße aus deutschland ihre hauselfe

  13. My favorite dish to cook is home made pasta, because I learned together with my mum how to do it. I also love to make jam, because it reminds me of Summers with my grandma, picking strawberrys and Processing them into delicious jam. Love your recipies and your blog, Anne

  14. I love eating! The last country I visited was Portugal and of course I tried the wonderful Pasteis de Nata. But I didn’t found a recipe yet and I think they are not easy to make. What I really like to cook is curry. I love the different spices which I buy at the famous Naschmarkt in Vienna. Best wishes to you! Gudrun

  15. My Favoriten dish is Lemoncurd Lava Cake, behause WE Love Lemoncurd. It’ s a Highlight to My Family, when I Blake this little vulcanos

  16. I love barszcz i pirogi. That is a beetroot soup with polish tortellini. I ate ist trough my childhood from my polish grandma. I love it

  17. Hey, Rachel!
    I’d love to win one of your books because they’re always so inspiring and filled with beautiful pictures. But, here’s my contribution:
    My favourite is Crème Brûlée – especially your version is amazing. So creamy, and full of flavour! I assosciate it with the holidays, I go to every year with my grand parents. It is always nice with them and whenever I eat Crème Brûlée, it reminds me of that.

    Hope I’ll win,

  18. I simply love to bake brownies. The more chocolate and caramel, the better. They are just good for any occasion no matter if you are in a good mood (and they make your mood even better) oder if you are in a bad mood (they will soothe your pain).

    Right now, these are my favourites: Chocolate and caramel brownies with a soft and liquid heart of caramel.


    CU in the evening at your book presentation in Vienna which I am really looking forward to!

  19. Hey Rachel,

    I just love to make and eat the potato salad that my grandmother, my aunt and my mum make every time we have a birthday, family bbq and even for christmas eve. Although we use the same ingredients, everyone seems to have some secrets because it never tastes exactly the same.
    I’m sure I will also pass it on to my son or daughter someday because it is just tasty and not too difficult to make.
    It’s potatoes, onions, pickles, eggs and miracle whip mayonnaise mixed with milk. And then salt pepper and probably some secret ingredients 😉

    Take care!


  20. Hi Rachel,
    My favourite foods to prepare are desserts, espacially a lemon curd tiramisu. I made it with cottage cheese witch makes it fresh and creamy but not to heavy after you had a piece (or 2 or 3) 😉
    Hope to win one of your Books and hope to see you in germany one day. Love your show

  21. My favorite little treat is called “Geschnitte Hasen” (cut Rabbits) that has been passed down from my great great grandmother to me. It is a typical franconian dish (Franconia is in Bavaria) that is usually served for feasts such as holy communion, weddings or after lent!
    I have no idea why this dish has such an awfully cruel name, because it does not look like rabbits at all: It is some kind of fried pastry, where you roll out a dough to a thickness of about 3 Millimiters, cut thin strips and then take some strips and throw them in hot fat so they intermingle and end up a cute knotted tangle of crunchy pastry that is then rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

    I especially love how my grandma taught me how to do this dish: “take a few small hands of sugar and about 5 big hands of flour. just have feel how the dough feels and then add this and that”. She had to show me how to make the dough about 3 times and i measured all the ingredient out and put the recipe it in my “Kochen wie bei Mama und Oma” Book.

    I love all those kind of traditional dishes and hope I can pass them down to my kids someday, too, telling them about all the wonderful things my grandma has tought me <3

    Just to give you an idea how this looks like, here is some information about it 🙂

    Have a wonderful week and sunny greetings from Berlin,

  22. Ich habe am liebsten ein pastagericht namens pasta aurora. Das sind nudeln mit einer tomatensauce die aus passierten tomaten, schlagobers und basilikum besteht. Also im grunde was ganz einfaches, aber die geht immer und alle sind begeistert! eins noch: deine kochshow auf sixx ist die einzige die ich mir ansehe weil sie so locker und natürlich ist.

  23. My favourite recipe/meal is from our ♡love dinner♡. Since this year in February we are together for 10 years. For this special event we were in restaurant in Hamburg. They only use regional and season food and you can always chose between a vegetarian menue or one with meat. The restaurant is really small with a lovely atmosphere… The second part of the menu was spinach leaves with the taste of lemon, butternut pumkin risotto and very glassy roast salmon…and lovely white sauce or foam i can’t explain. It was so delicious. I tried to cooked at home to suprise my boyfriend and had amend the meal with king oyster mushroom. It wasn’so perfectly like in the restaurant, but the taste of the different components of the meal had remind us of this special day and let us smile… 10 years i still can’t imagin. Yesterday in the supermarket we found the butternut pumkin again…. we smiled…because soon is ♡lovedinner♡ time again 🙂
    If you are in Hamburg you should visit this place http://www.restaurant-fuh.de


  24. I tried to figure out which dish I like to cook most – actually there is no one! I prefer to try out new recipes and different tastes and my favourite dish changes monthly! At this time I like to cook Quiches!

    There is one dish which I have never done so far as it comes from my home town Kassel in Germany and it is difficult to get this here in Vienna, where I live since seven years.

    It is called “Weckewerk” – a really old fashiones dish – (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weckewerk) and my mother has to cook it every time I am back home! I really love it! It is served with potatoes and pickled cucumbers. If you know what inside of “Weckewerk” I am sure, you don’t want to try it but the taste is delicious!

    Actually I wanted to visite your book presentation in Vienna yesterday but as I am on my way back home from cure today it was not possible for me to come. I hope you have enjoyed the city and one of the Trzesniewski sandwich 🙂

  25. Hi Rachel,

    my favourite dish is sweet. It´s called “Prinzregententorte”. The recipe is from my grandmother an my whole Family and friends love it. I must bake it to EVERY Birthday, because now I am the only one in Family who can 😀

    Wish you a wonderfull sunny day

  26. Hello Rachel,
    my all time favorite dish from home is “Apfelstrudel”, since your heritage is Austrian, I´m sure you know what that is 😉
    Would love to win your lovely cookbook!!
    Alles Liebe 🙂

  27. Hi Rachel,

    I was so happy as I heard you would come to Austria and then it was a Tuesday and in Vienna. For me (I live near Graz this is in styria) it was impossible to visit.

    My fav dish is definitely lasagne (with meat or asparagus). I also like it with pumpkin but my boyfriend always says that’s too healthy :).
    Lasagne is the dish I always want my mom to cook on my birthday.

    Best Eva

  28. Der Rachel,
    Thank you very much for your Inspiration in the kitchen and your lovely book about french cuisine! I was always Affairs of cooking french inspired food, since it always sounded complicated and stiff. Now I know better thanks to you!
    One of my favorite dishes is a classical Lasagne. My mum used to make huge portions of it by the time me and My brothers came home from school. Just the smell reminds me of it and I hope that My son will say the same, when he gets older and starts cooking with me!
    Best wishes,

  29. My favorite dish is “gaisburger marsch” – a swabian meal frommen Southern Germany!
    Thanks form tour books!

  30. Dear Rachel!
    I am so excited to meet you tomorrow in Berlin!
    I used a “Notlüge” to leave my work earlier tomorrow.
    Hopefully I will be in time because of the railroad strike.
    Nevertheless I am one of your biggest fans!
    One of my favourite dishes is Quiche Lorraine, but your Apple, Seed and Nut Bread, which I baked last weekend is also fantastic!
    SeeU, Claudia

  31. Hi Rachel,

    I love to cook pasta in different recipes. In the spring with green aspargus, in the summer with aromatic tomatoes, in the autumn with fresh forest mushrooms and in the winter with walnuts.

    I love your cookbooks an you are great!

    Many thanks for this great give away!

    Servus from Bavarian

  32. We love to cook fresh and seasonal. Mostly it is Pasta we prefer because you can have it quickly 😉 We’d love to have one of the books. Greetings from Weimar, Grit

  33. Oh no, I forgot the most important part:
    my favorite dish to cook. Hard decision, but I love to make and eat “Semmelknödel” / bread dumplings with mushroom sauce, all vegan. I guess it’s something typical Austrian. For me, it’s soul food or “Wohlfühlessen”. My boyfriend loves it, dumplings are fun to make, and I just love mushrooms. I add lots of parsley and vegan cream to it.

  34. Dear Rachel Khoo,
    I am a great fan of your recipes and your TV show. I already tried some of your recipes and my family loved it. Therefore it would be a great opportunity to get your new book.
    My favourite recipe is the Gugelhupf recipe of my aunt. I baked it the first time, as we visited her and her family in their cottage in a mountainous region of lower Austria. I remember, how my sister, my two cousins and me sat there in the small kitchen and helped my aunt with mixing the ingredients. It is an easy recipe. And it might not look perfect each time, but the Gugelhupf turns out so fluffy and yummy and tasty. So the look of the Gugelhupf does not matter anymore, because it is eaten up so fast.
    Thank you for the chance.
    Greetings from Vienna,

  35. Hey Rachel,

    my favorite dish I cook is QUICHE.

    I love to cook it with carrots, spinach, zucchini and fresh herbs. But I also use it with bacon or dried tomatoes. Thats the fine thing about quiche: you can prepare it with all ingredients you like.

    My favorite dessert is quite simple too: its “Topfennockerl mit Beerensauce” (little sweet dumplings made out of yoghurt and curd with berry-sauce). For great taste I but also vanilla extract from Jamaica inside. Its a nice alternative to a cake, because you don’t have to bake it at all.

    I love your cookbooks and your show, so I would appreciate to receive one of your give aways!

    Marina from Graz

  36. Gulasch and for desserts Mohr im Hemd. The first is simply an all time favorite, the best thing to illustrate to people abroad (and I’ve cooked it pretty much everywhere I went) the Austrian-Hungarian-European mix of all cuisines and the latter is a family classic which I adore as much for its lovely name as for its chocolate intensity.

  37. Hi Rachel,

    my favourite thing to cook is Flammkuchen. I love making the dough and you only need a few ingredients. It is so simple but so great! It is so rich and full of flavour and you have the crispy bottom…my mouth is watering already…
    I can recommend to add some Ruccola (right before serving) to the usual bacon and onions, gives it a nice fresh touch.
    I usually make this during spring and summer, when the weather is nice and we can spend a lazy sunday afternoon/evening on our sunny balcony with glas of refreshing white wine.

    Viele Grüße aus dem Ruhrpott,

  38. Liebe Rachel,

    mein absolutes Lieblingsgericht sind Topfen-Grieß-Knödel mit Apfelkompott.

    Warum? Das Gericht besteht aus wenigen Zutaten und ist trotzdem so geschmackvoll. Zudem gab es das früher sehr oft bei meiner Großmutter und hat deshalb auch einen nostalgischen Wert für mich.

    Ich habe selber ein herrliches Rezept zusammengestellt. Unter diesem Link findest du es: http://www.ninisblock.com/topfen-gries-knoedel/

    Liebe Grüße aus Graz,

  39. I love to cook filled cremini mushrooms, it is my grandmothers recipe and it always reminds of her. But I’m also very inspired by my recent travels through Asia, I love to make Chinese dumplings!

    Thank you for the give-a-way 🙂

    Best regards!

  40. Hello Rachel,

    my favorite recipe is polish “pierogi” – variously filled dumplings.
    My grandma in Poland has always been a great cook and her “pierogi” have always been a legend.
    Unfortunately, she passed away and since then my Mom and me, we prepare this polish dish at least once a year together.
    You can fill them with all kinds of stuff, but my favourite is cooked cabbage and mushrooms. It tastes even better with self-made polish “barszcz”, a tasty beetroot soup.

    Kind regards

  41. I love cooking comfort food, so my go-to recipes for a relaxed weekend are a huge pot of Chili con Carne or an enourmous bowl of pasta salad both of which usually last for the whole weekend.

    I recently found a great recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese that is likely to become a household classic here. And to go with the Italian theme I rediscovered Tiramisu. I’m still not sure why you add ladyfingers and not just spoon down the mascarpone mixture all by itself, but I respect the traditional recipe and so be it.

  42. Since my Family combines both the love to cook and the love to garden – which basically means digging in dirt and getting sunburn every Weekend from march to october – my whole Family, since I can remember, loves a simple “Ofengemüse”, or “verdure al forno” – simply put, whatever we just got out of the garden, depending on the season, from Squash, tomatoes, onions, courgette, eggplant tomushrooms – only the freshest – combined with a few Drops of olive oil and fresh herbs, cooked slowly in the oven and then enjoyed together after a Long day outdoors. For me the easiest recipe, even for an Amateur like me.

  43. Liebe Rachel,

    mein absolutes Lieblingsgericht sind Topfen-Grieß-Knödel mit Apfelkompott.

    Warum? Das Gericht besteht aus wenigen Zutaten und ist trotzdem so geschmackvoll. Früher gab es das oft bei meiner Großmutter, somit hat es auch einen nostalgischen Wert für mich.

    Ich habe selber ein herrliches Rezept zusammengestellt. Unter diesem Link findest du es: http://www.ninisblock.com/topfen-gries-knoedel/

    Liebe Grüße aus Graz,

  44. Liebe Rachel!
    Es war so wunderbar, Dich in Berlin zu erleben. Deine herzerfrischende und supernatürliche Art haben diese Buchvorstellung zu etwas ganz Besonderem gemacht.
    Vielen Dank!

    Vielen Dank auch für Deine wunderbaren Bücher!
    Ich liebe vor allem Deine Quiche Lorraine und das Zitronen-Lavendel-Hühnchen.

    Ich hoffe auf das GiveAway!

    Liebe Grüße


  45. Since I saw your amazing show I’m a big fan of your delicious recipes and as an Austrian it’s amazing how you pop up classic dishes and creat new stuff. You are a creative free spirit and it’s nice to watch you cooking and I can myself learn new things.

  46. Dear Rachel Khoo! My favourite dish is fried acacia blossoms. I love this dessert because it’s very special and very simple to make. You can eat it just once a year when everything blooms. You can’t buy it but you must pick the blossoms by yourself in wood and prepare it very quickly. The smell is georgeous and always takes me back to my childhood. I hope u like it!

  47. Hallo Rachel,

    das neue Kochbuch macht von der Optik her tolle Laune.
    Meine Lieblingsgerichte sind Paella, Dumplings aus aller Welt und die Spezialitäten der kantonesischen Küche.

    Viele Grüße aus dem Rheinland

  48. My All Time Favorite is “Spätzle”. I dont Need a recipe for it, i can make them out of my mind. I make them with cheese or as sidedish for braten. I Love your tv Show and i would be really happy if i would win your book!
    Love, Lea

  49. My favourite dish to cook is spaghetti bolognese. It’s a family favourite, so it’s pretty much the first thing I learned to cook myself.

  50. Hi Rachel,

    my favourite dish to cook is asparagus with “Schnitzel”, potatoes and hollandaise sauce.

    I would love to win a signed copy of your book.
    Greetings from Germany,

  51. I love to make Stromboli – an italian bread filled with arugula pesto and mozarella. It takes quite some time, you have to make the starter for the dough a day ahead, but all the kneading is very satisfying and the result is delicious!

  52. My favorite meal is Crème Brûlée,because it was my first dish what I ever cooked and by this I learned to love the French kitchen and many more things. And it always broght me wonderful experiences. Because at first I had a reason to meet my best friend again and she loves my Crème Brûlée. Therefore by this, I also learned to love your wonderful series “Paris in meiner Küche”. Because one day when I wanted to look for Crème Brûlée recipes on YouTube I found your recipe and after that your series. And when I found out that you also have own cookbooks “Paris in meiner Küche” and “Meine französische Küche” I bought them immediately! That’s why I’m today even thankful to have Crème Brûlée. 🙂

  53. Hi Rachel!
    First of all, I really love your show and I use to watch it with my little sister to get inspired for our next cooking sessions together.
    My favorite dish to cook is swedish “köttbullar”. I used to live in Sweden for a while and eating köttbullar reminds me of my amazing time there. Even if it’s just for a short time, it feels like I’m sitting at the table with my swedish friends and wollow in memories.

    Greetings from Austria!

  54. Dear Rachel,

    two years ago I visited asia for the first time. Normally I really hate fish dishes. But then we sat in this little tiny restaurant in Bangkok and ate red snapper, steamed with lemon grass and a lot of garlic. It tasted so well that fish and me became friends in the end.
    Sometimes it’s really worth trying something new 😉

    Best regards from Bavaria!

    Love Verena

  55. Hey Rachel,
    I’ld love to win a copy!
    My favorite dish… that’s a hard one… I think it’s hot chocolate, like my grandgrandmother used to cook it. 🙂 She grew up in Brasilia and she made the best hot chocolate in the world!
    Alls the best, Becky

  56. This is our try to get a signed copy of your new book 😉

    We really love this TV show. Why? Maybe you will understand after reading this 🙂

    So what’s our favorite dish?
    Well, actually this is not just one special dish. Our favorite dishes are those, that we bring back home from our travels. We’ve seen some places and Countries all over the world and we always try to find some authentic local recipes of dishes, that we had there. Usually we also buy a cooking book at a local store there. We really love to prepare and eat those dishes at home. That brings us back some perfect moments, smells and tastes that we had there 🙂

    Here are just a few of our favorite dishes that we had there:

    Canary Islands: Fresh fish (marinated with garlic and herbs) and green Mojo sauce with papas arrugadas (salt crust potatoes). Mmmhhh!!! Perfect while watching the sundown at the harbor!
    Mallorca: almond cake togehter with a cup of tea or coffee – while listen to some local guitar players … Great!
    France (Alsace region): Tarte Flambée we love that so much, that we bought a special wood fired stove to make them at home.
    Italy (south): Lasagna and also simply pasta with aglio e olio (garlic and oil – so simple, but sooooo good!)
    Italy (north / South Tyrol): Any kind of dumplings (“Knödel”), especially spinach dumplings – that we had while watching the sundown at the dolomite mountains
    Turkey: so many – Imam bayildi (filled aubergine/eggplant) maybe, or all the delicious mezzes? Hard to decide!
    Greece: Loukoumades (fried yeast dough balls with lemon-honey sauce), made by my friends grandma – they are still on my hips 🙂
    Maldives: that’s where we had our best scuba dives and the best fish curry also 🙂
    New Zealand: Pavovla (originally not from NZ, but we had that there for our first time) so sweet and delicious!
    Canada: maple cigars with vanilla ice cream… and smoked salmon with black rice (made by some iwus tribe (first nations) members in a feasthouse near Vancouver)
    USA: pulled pork with bbq sauce and coleslaw sandwich…

    I’m could write down many more, but while I doing this, I getting hungry and may travel fever is back … 😉

    Thanx for reading and keep on cooking!

    Best regards,


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