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September 17th, 2014

On my bookshelf – Cherry Bombe

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What could be more perfect than a magazine dedicated to women and food? Not much in my opinion. And Cherry Bombe does just that, celebrating women involved in the food industry, as well as championing beautiful aesthetics and foodie style. I’m a big fan (see previous blog posts here and here)!

Cherry Bombe_foodstyling_saltedchocchipcookies

It’s really not your typical women’s magazine, both in style and substance. Nothing lowbrow whatsoever, just pure inspiration, beauty and fantastically put together features, printed on lovely paper. You’ll want to read each issue, cover to cover. I was really taken with this feature (see pic below) on Dorie Greenspan, a self-taught baker who has cooked alongside the likes of Julia Child. It’s a great story, and Dorie’s honesty really comes across in the interview.

Cherry Bombe Dorie Greenspan

I absolutely love the illustrations which accompany her Parisian macarons recipe too – perfection!

Dorie Greenspan macarons recipe illustrations

If I lived in New York, I would have loved to go to the inaugural Cherry’s Jubilee event which brought together women (and men) working in the food industry at a one-day event, featuring inspirational talks, workshops and of course, catering, supplied by local brands run by women! Who knows, maybe I’ll get to attend in the future.

Cherry Bombe Jubilee

Cherry Bombe is only printed twice a year, which doesn’t seem like much, but I think makes it something special you want to savour and keep, rather than throw away after an hour. Despite this, Cherry Bombe has developed a strong online presence so you can get your fix in between issues – you can follow them on Instagram to get an insight into the aesthetics it’s guided by. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too, where they post lots of interesting stuff!

If you like what you see, take a look at their website for details of international stockists (they’re not currently shipping globally, but hope to soon) – you won’t be disappointed.

Giveaway alert!

Note this giveaway has now closed – the winner will be announced shortly.

Simply put, Cherry Bombe is one of the most beautiful print publications out there, and for one lucky reader a copy of their Autumn (Fall/Winter!) issue could be yours.

For your chance to win, leave a comment here on my blog (bonus points if you spread the word via your own blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – include the hashtag #RKCherrybombeComp), telling me who or what inspires you. I’ll be drawing a winner on Wednesday 1st October, so you have until Tuesday 30th September to enter. Remember to include your email address, so shipping can be arranged. Good luck!

If you have any questions, drop me an email.

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22 thoughts on “On my bookshelf – Cherry Bombe

  1. Not to be cheesy – tho what is like without a little cheese?? – but you, Rachael Khoo, inspire me to cook items from your little Paris Kitchen book AND inspire me robe fashionable to boot. Otherwise, my sister Carolina inspires me with her DIY ethos. She’s an inventive, intuitive cook who is 12 years younger than I. If I win, I’ll give the great book to her! Love. XO

  2. I’m endlessly inspired by Deb Perelman of the Smitten Kitchen. Someone once suggested, due to my love of cooking, that I should start a cooking blog, but really it wouldn’t work – its sole content would end up being endless praise for recipe after recipe from Deb’s blog and book…

  3. Firstly, my grandmother inspired me at a very young age sitting in the kitchen watching her cook. I’ve always loved food and wish I can cook up until 3 1/2 years ago I started teaching myself how to for my children. Nigella is one whom I idolize because she is self taught and her recipes are easy to follow. Then I discovered you here in America. I love the fact that no matter the size of your kitchen there’s no reason why anyone can’t cook at home or make it work. You’re recipes are lovely and easy to follow as well.. 🙂

  4. my new darling husband inspires me, he is positive, encouraging and eats everything I make even if it doesn’t look like the pictures in the cook book! he also supported adding a kitchen aid to our wedding gift list! for me, baking is the best therapy and licking the wooden spoon at the end!

  5. Rachel, I’m so please that you featured Cherry Bombe! I’ve recently started listening to their radio show on Heritage radio, it’s also available on iTunes as a podcast. I highly recommend subscribing, season two just started. Julia Turchen is a brilliant interviewer, and has some great insights. She’s pretty darn cool in her own right. What is currently inspiring right now is women in the food industry! I’m especially inspired by women such as yourself who have begun a second career in food. I think it’s so brave to see women go after their dreams of cooking, even if they’ve spent years working in other industries. Ultimately from what I’ve seen it proves to be quite rewarding to make the leap and pour themselves into something they are so passionate about.

  6. My wonderful mum has always encouraged my interest in cooking and some of my fondest childhood memories are of us baking together. More recently I was inspired to start blogging about my passion for cooking by a couple of different people. A professor at university gave me the idea to start blogging about meals that students with very limited equipment can make and, having just watched the film ‘Julie and Julia’ this idea really appealed to me. Any finally, your TV series and cookbook ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ made me realise that it really is possible to make delicious food even if you’re limited by space. That’s what ultimately inspired the name of my blog.

  7. My grandmother! She still loves going to the market, she’s also the ultimate pantry cook and can turn any combination of ingredients into a feast, and she loves feeding people. She really is my inspiration, I can taste her enthusiasm in her cooking.

  8. I have to agree with Victoria – the weather outside most often inspires what I want to prepare and enjoy on my plate or in my mug!

  9. My grandma who would shop and cook Thanksgiving dinners for her large extended family in a tiny kitchen with no fancy equipment. We would all pile into her dining room/living room using every available chair, cushion or bench and enjoy every delicious bite.

  10. Farmers market finds and new (to me) veggies in my weekly CSA inspire me. I love cooking with new products and experimenting with new recipes. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful husband who is willing to try just about anything. Our weeknight dinners are something I look forward to cooking after work and a highlight of my day.

  11. I’ve never come across Cherry Bombe before– it looks exactly like my cup of inspiration!
    Travel inspires me, in so many ways and forms.
    I love unearthing flavours and bakes around the world that I can play with back home, those in turn take me back with nostalgic memories of exotic lands.

  12. Surrounding yourself with powerful female figures is always a good source of inspiration, whether they live in your close circle, in the public eye or in works of fiction – women who succeed sparkle. Women who persevere in the face of adversity offer so much encouragement for others to strive, it’s infectious.

    Anyone who encourages, inspires.

  13. My wonderful Husband, traveling, and watching your shows are such an inspiration. I come home from work excited to try a new recipe, and then I do not feel as exhausted after a long day. Desserts are my absolute favorites!

  14. Every single day the inspiration in my life is my lovely family and the wonderful nature around me. Markets full of fresh and natural fruits and vegetables, nice colourful flowers…
    Lovely people, the nature with the beautyful seasons, fresh ingredients -that´s all what I need to be inspired.

  15. I’m inspired by two women. My late grandmother who raised a family of 8 on a farm on the west coast. She was an All-Ireland champion butter maker and made 5 lo(a)ves of soda bread each day to feed the farm workers and her husband and children. When she was ill in hospital at the end of her life all she wanted was to be at home in her kitchen baking bread. That lesson teaches me to number and value my days and the ordinary everyday. Her name was Teresa and I remember her and honour her here today. My second (slightly intimidating) inspiration is my 87 year old German mother in law who cooked dinner for my 4 children this Saturday. She trained as a cook in post war Germany. They had a saying in german back then that translated as “feed the beast” which I think referred to their husbands or their husbands appetites. My favourite dish of hers in Butter Küchen, a traditional inexpensive cake fed to the farm workers in the old days. It’s topped with really scary amounts of butter and sugar and is delicious!

  16. I am inspired daily by my wonderful mother, who is just the most incredible woman I know. Also, my friends who surround me are a constant positive influence, and their determination and drive reminds me to be more focused when trying to achieve my personal dreams. It’s cheesy, I know…


  17. Risk-taking inspires me, whether it’s the creativity Christina Tosi displays in just about everything she does for Momofuku Milk Bar to Brene Brown’s TED Talk and speeches on wholehearted living (no matter what others may think).

    Can’t wait to see the latest issue of Cherry Bombe!

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