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March 18th, 2015

On my bookshelf…Wired Magazine

Rachel Khoo Wired 0415 cover

You might think this is an odd choice for on my bookshelf, it is a magazine after all. But as I’m filming at the moment, I’ve not had much time to read; so, I thought I’d share what I like to read when I’m travelling on my own. Sometimes I do pack a couple of novels, but often, especially if I’m in a rush, I’ll pick up the latest copy of Wired magazine before I board my flight.

I’m a big fan of Wired, mainly because it covers ideas I find really interesting, especially in terms of technology.  Like the fab feature in this month’s issue ‘Spectacular Gastronomy’, all about kitchen technology. I could only dream of owning half of those gadgets – not that I’d have the space for them anyway! In the more affordable price bracket, like the sound of the Evak food storage jar which creates a vacuum to keep things like coffee beans fresher for longer. Genius.

Spectacular gastronomy

Asides from the content, there’s also lots of other things to appreciate like the impeccable design throughout the magazine. Particularly love this illustration by Giacomo Gambineri for the article ‘I want it’, all about how the web and smart phone apps are revolutionising the way people get things done.

I want it illustration Giacomo Gambineri Wired


If you’re practically inclined, there’s even DIY tutorials, like how to make your own spectrometer, build a glow in the dark table or even cook on a car engine, you know just in case you find yourself in need of an emergency baked camembert (yep, apparently it is possible!). Also love the illustration for this one too.

Wired mag - How to cook on a car engine

Do you read Wired? Interested to hear what magazines or books you pack when you’re travelling!

Find out more about Wired on their website.

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