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April 8th, 2016

Coffee culture on Khoollect this week…

It’s all about the international coffee scene on Khoollect this week. There’s a super easy and delicious banana and coconut iced-coffee recipe. Plus the best drinking spots from Paris to Melbourne. Some Editor’s picks for you…

Tropical coconut and banana iced coffee recipe

Summer feels like its in reach, and the team have made sure you can still get your fix if you’re not feeling the hot stuff in the warmer months. The South East Asian iced coffee trend is catching on, and Khoollect has a coconut twist.

And you can become an iced coffee expert with our eight tips for making iced coffee at home.


khoollect instagram hotlist - coffee

If the Khoollect team aren’t drinking coffee, they’re dreaming about it on Instagram. They’ve put together a hotlist of the feeds you should be following.

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Give me chocolate, banana and hazelnuts any day. That’s what’s in this toastie recipe from Wellington eatery, Loretta.

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I’ll leave you with this guide. For all you explorers out there, Khoollect is compiling an ever-growing list based on the favourite coffee hangouts of Khoollectors – from Paris to Melbourne. Leave a comment on the website if you want to get involved with your suggestions!

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