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April 7th, 2015

Don’t miss me on Dutch Masterchef

Rachel Khoo Dutch Masterchef

Me with the judges, from left to right: Robert Kranenborg, Marcus Polman, (me!) and Michiel van der Eerde

Earlier this year I popped over to Amsterdam for a few days. Now some of you might have been thinking I was off on my jollies, but actually I was busy filming for Dutch Masterchef! Not as a contestant, thankfully, but as a guest judge.

Rachel Khoo Dutch Masterchef filming


As you can see, the set-up is much the same as it is in the UK and elsewhere, including the somewhat iconic Masterchef M hanging above the contestants while they cook!

Rachel Khoo Dutch Masterchef first aid kit


You might be wondering why on earth is she posting a picture of a first aid kit…well, believe it or not, this got A LOT of use! Plenty of cut fingers to add to the drama throughout the day, the contestants’ nerves were palpable so it’s hardly surprising really.

Rachel Khoo Dutch Masterchef lunch

The lunch I had from the staff canteen consisted of soup, bread, a slice of cheese and a yoghurt – it’s pretty basic really, which is not what you’d think to see on a Masterchef set. Although I did get to eat more adventurous dishes from the contestants during judging…you’ll have to tune in to see what happened!

The episode will be shown on Friday 10th of April at 6.30pm on SBS6 in the Netherlands – don’t miss it!

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One thought on “Don’t miss me on Dutch Masterchef

  1. Hi there Rachel!

    I certainly didn’t miss you on dutch masterchef!
    Since, I am a daily watcher of all former video’s I can find of you (which costs me a lot of time, haha!
    I’m very glad and thankfull you inspire me to cook, as i’m not a bad cook, but more a fan of eating it.(read: lazy cook but NOT out of Packages, brrr….)
    We have “vintage Love”in common, so I will mention You on my link page on my website with great pleasure. Go girl and thanks again!

    Yolanda (from the Netherlands)

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