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October 12th, 2016

Be a GBBO pro with my 5 baking essentials

Have you been tuning into Great British Bake Off? The GBBO kitchen has every tool one could wish for (with contestants even making their own sometimes). But I don’t believe you need that many. Even in my small Paris kitchen I managed to get away with sticking to a few key tools.

Although much of my kitchenware comes from hand-me-downs, or random things I find in markets, I do like to invest in new stuff that will stand the test of time. Here’s some of my favourite baking tools that will have you baking like a GBBO finalist in no time.


For those sweet desserts, these loose-based sandwich tins always come in handy. They’re great for baking the perfect sponge. We used this one at Khoollect for our first birthday party cake, which was a very popular treat might I add.


screenshot-2016-10-05-at-5-33-28-pmThese Kitchen Craft Japanese Mandoline’s are very useful for getting the perfect apple slices for your apple tart.


61dxqv2xanl-_sl1001_I often use ovens from many different kitchens. One of the things I’ve noticed is no matter how good the oven is, the temperature is always wrong. Investing in an oven thermometer like this one gets a definite yes from me. It helps to make sure the temperature is good for baking.


bn291_aAdd a set of digital scales to your kitchenware collection, it helps to get consistent results in baking (it also saves on washing up which is always a plus).


3783-695x695Last but not least is the heatproof spatula. They’re great for scraping the sides and bottom of the saucepan. (Find a silicone one if you can.)

Once you’re ready with all the essentials it’s time to get baking, here’s a few of my favourite baking recipes from Khoollect. From left to right: –

Citrus Baked Rhubarb – Perfect for the colder months to wrap up warm with.
Tea & Pear Baked Oatmeal – A comforting breakfast treat that will get you going.
Provencal Stuffed Squash – Bulk out your meal with this tasty side dish.


Happy cooking!

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