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April 26th, 2017

Tips and tricks: how to be more productive


Since I began working as a food creative and entrepreneur, life has become busier than ever. With more than five cookbooks, various television programmes, consulting, and managing an online magazine, you can imagine how busy my daily schedule is, especially when I include important quality time with my family and all the travel I get up to. That being said, I enjoy a life of balance and I’m grateful to do work every day that is inspiring and aligned with what I’m passionate about.

For me, productivity means working well, not hard. Making the most of your day is all about finding the perfect balance between career, creativity, relationships and health. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t late nights of admin, business strategy and emails, but there is a balance at least 80% of the time. Striking the perfect balance between work and life is how I get into my most productive head space.

If you want to tick off a lengthy to-do list, create more time to be with your family, or start making your dreams a reality, have a look at my favourite productive blog posts from Khoollect

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