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March 23rd, 2015

Meat free Monday Musings

Meat Free Week 20!5

When it comes to eating meat I’m a bit fussy and prefer to splash out and spend more for a better quality more sustainable piece of meat. I’m no ‘meat and two veg’ kind of girl, actually I’d be quite happy with a whole plate of bright vibrant veg that’s why I’m supporting the Meat Free Week in the UK and Australia this week.

Here’s a round up of Meat free Monday musings:

* Not sure how to go about getting your protein fix without meat? There’s plenty of information on the Vegetarian Society’s website.

* Don’t think you can go a whole week without meat? You could start with Meat Free Monday and commit to one day per week without any meat.

* Need inspiration? I’ve got plenty of delicious recipes for you to try out this week (see veggie friendly section for more!):

How about my Cauliflower Cheese Burgers for a treat / family meal?

If you’re entertaining, try this out for a menu:

Potato churros with red pepper sauce would make a fun sharing starter.
Follow this with my Pea and Lemon Farrotto – another good one for sharing.
For dessert, how about my Lemon Lava Cakes?

And if you’re vegan, try my delicious Cocoa Bean Cake for a sweet treat.

* Lots of ideas on these lovely blogs: Living The Healthy Choice, Green Kitchen Stories, Sprouted Kitchen and Oh She Glows to name but a few!

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4 thoughts on “Meat free Monday Musings

  1. Love that you’re supporting this initiative Rachel! Our ever increasing demand for meat places is an enourmous burden on our environment and leads to more intensive farming practices. Eating less meat is also better for you, and their are so many non meat sources of protein. Im not a vegan, or vegetarian per se, but eat meat only very ocassionally, Many people see a meal as having to have some meat, and this is a great initiative to get people thinking differently x

  2. Hi Rachel,

    This is a great sentiment! I gave up meat for a month for the reasons Ester has outlined (as well as a few health issues!). I adore food from all over the world and a month away from meat (but admittedly not fish) has really opened my eyes up to such a wide range of cuisines, new fruit & veg, and exciting processes in which to get the best out of some great products! The best thing about the last month is the change in my own attitude toward meat and the frequency at which we generally consume it – with a little thought and the right ingredients there’s really no imagination needed to create something veggie that’s ridiculously tasty and satisfying!

    Having just watched your Malaysian adventure i’m interested what would be your favorite veggie dish from the far east?

    1. Hi Matt, agreed – veggies can be just as tasty! Ah that’s a really difficult one to answer, so much delicious food. Fruit wise I really love durian, even though it’s quite pungent in smell and really enjoyed the durian sambal I tried. Beyond Malaysia, I had some delicious veggie food when I was in Japan too particularly the macrobiotic food I sampled – really interesting, you can read more here 🙂

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