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May 29th, 2014

On My Bookshelf – The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project

It’s so satisfying when you come across a book that grabs your full attention from the get-go. And The Rosie Project by Australian author Graeme Simsion is such a treat to read. I really enjoyed how it has just the right amount of romance, coupled with a healthy dose of humour (Don, the main character is such an endearing narrator).

Not quite a rom-com, not quite a drama, The Rosie Project totally played out like a movie in my mind. I could vividly picture the dynamics between some of the main characters (imagine awkward workplace events involving choreographed dancing gone wrong). The book constantly had me gunning for Don, as he navigated the complexities of falling in love (whilst embarking on ‘The Wife Project’ in an attempt to find the perfect partner).

The Rosie Project

I didn’t know anything about the storyline before I read the book, and I really loved discovering Don’s quirks and charms – so I don’t won’t to reveal too much. Trust me, this is a very sweet, insightful book that explores the ups and downs of dating. For a quick summary of the book’s themes, I’ll turn to Don’s own musings. Throughout his various adventures and misadventures, he discovers: “An inability (or a reduced ability) to empathise is not the same as an inability to love. Love is a powerful feeling for another person, often defying logic.”

The book sheds an open and frank light on themes of autism and social engagement – and it’s a great reminder that we need to continuously strive to accept our colleagues, loved ones and family members as they are.

Whilst themes of acceptance are a big part of the book, the relationship between Don and his best friend Gene is a good reminder that it’s also important to challenge our friends to strive to become their best selves! Merci, Graeme Simsion, for creating such a lovely, clever tale.

GIVEAWAY: I’ve got a signed copy of The Rosie Project to giveaway, thanks to Penguin UK. For your chance to win, leave a comment here on my blog (bonus points if you spread the word via your own blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – include the hashtag #rachelkhoorosieproject). I’ll be drawing a winner on Friday June 6, so you have until Thursday June 5 to enter. Good luck!

Fine print: this giveaway is open to readers based in the UK (or you’re most welcome to enter from other destinations, if you have a friend/family member based in the UK who can receive the prize at their address). Any queries, send me an email.

P.S You can catch Graeme Simsion’s TEDx Talk here or watch the video below (it’s interesting to hear him discuss his career change from 25 years in data modelling and IT, before making the switch to writing).

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18 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf – The Rosie Project

  1. This sounds like an interesting read! Always on the lookout for some good summer reads, I’ve added this one to the list. I’d love to be included in your contest, thanks Rachel.

  2. I would love to read this book, but to be honest I’ve entered this competition for the chance to win a copy so that I can give it to my neighbour who has a child with autism.

  3. Would love to win a copy of this book – it’s on my reading list for my holiday at the end of July! Will share on twitter 🙂

  4. Now this looks like a book I could settle down with in my comfy chair and a glass of wine to while away having a good read! As I live in Australia though (and I see the author is Australian), I’ll just have to go and buy the book, and hope to be able to be lucky to win, and share it with a dear friend who lives in Sussex!
    She shares my philosphy, there is nothing better than a good book and a wine! oh, and a touch of rambling around in the kitchen is mighty fine too!

  5. A brilliant giveaway! The book sounds great. I saw it on a book club reading list recently and have been looking forward to reading it 🙂 #rachelkhoorosieproject

  6. A brilliant giveaway! The book sounds great. I saw it on a book club reading list recently and have been looking forward to reading it #rachelkhoorosieproject

  7. Hi there, first time watched your show, and thanks for all the tips. So that’s how I came to your blog site, there are even more tips! Will check out the book.

  8. Oh lovely! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Sounds like a really great read. I love books that give insights into the human condition, and ESP one centred around love and romance. Can’t wait to get a copy of this (hopefully from you! X))

  9. A wonderful book – Similarities to ‘The Curious Incident. . .’ but more from an adult perspective rather than a teenagers. Loved it and I understand a sequel is on the cards. . .

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