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July 3rd, 2013

Looking for summer reads

I’m a keen reader, especially when I’m travelling (somehow I always manage to squeeze in a few pages here and there, even when my schedule is jam-packed). I’m currently looking for some new summer reads. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear any ideas of books or magazines that you think I might like (hardcopy or Kindle version).

Check out my blog posts and reviews On My Bookshelf, that I’ve previously featured on my blog.

Any publishers out there who have some fun/interesting titles coming out over summer – I’d love to hear any suggestions of new reads that I can check out this summer!

A note to publishers: please send me an email before posting titles. Merci!

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22 thoughts on “Looking for summer reads

  1. My favourites from the past year!!

    The Rosie Project- Graeme Simsion
    Me Before You- Jo Jo Moyes
    People of the Book – Geraldine Brooks
    Stasiland- Anna Funder
    Shall we dance? – Maggie Alderson
    The Secret Keeper- Kate Moreton
    The Paris Wife Paula McLain

  2. Khaled Hosseini’s latest “and the mountains echoed” to be terribly up to date (plus it’s beautiful too) or for the sounds of home Zadie Smith’s NW, happy reading.

  3. I just finished reading the light between oceans by ML Steadman. A must read completely different to anything I’ve ever read but a heartbreaker!

  4. I strongly recommend a magazine called Hot Rum Cow. I live the illustrations and the paper stock. It’s about alcohol but every issue is themed. Issue 3 is out now (just got delivered to my house) and is themed around whiskey.

    As for books, check out Whole Larder Love by Rohan Anderson. You can order it from his website but it’s amazing. He’s all about self-sustainability and the book is part how-to guide, part biography, part cookbook. I love it!

  5. “Norwegian Wood” Haruki Murikami
    “A moveable feast” Hemingway
    “Invisible” Paul Auster
    “Binocular Vision” Edith Pearlman
    “The Enchanted April” Elizabeth von Arnim

    Enjoy! xx

  6. I would definitely recommend Murakami for something offbeat. William Boyd, Ian McEwan…try Justine Levy and Delphine de Vignan for a French twist…

  7. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, I just finished reading it… but please have a box of tissues next to you while reading! 😉

  8. I absolutely loved Capital by John Lanchester which is a great novel set in contemporary London as well as The Girl who Fell from the Sky by Simon Mawer which is a great thriller set in war-time Paris and London. They are both excellent summer reads! 🙂

  9. The Art Of Eating In: How I learned to stop spending and love the stove. Documents 2 years of someone eating in, in there New York apartment and learning about food from all different ways. Great book and the the food sounds great and makes me hungry!!

  10. I’ve loved reading Paulo Coelho’s “Manuscript Found in Accra.” An intriguing and easy read containing lots of little gems of wisdom. Its a lovely distraction from a busy life!! Many thanks Rachel!

  11. For something a bit different try Peter Heller’s “The Dog Stars”. Not what it seems on the face of it. Very touching and life affirming.

  12. I agree on THE FLAVOR THESAURUS by Niki Segnit – sometimes flavour matches are obvious, sometimes they surprise. You definitely should have it 🙂

  13. I would absolutely recommend Lunch In Paris by Elizabeth Bard. You most likely have already read it but I can’t sing it’s praises enough. It’s a true story about a relationship crossing cultures as well as lots of foodie details and recipes to conclude each chapter. Enjoy!

  14. I would absolutely recommend Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. Its a little slice of Paris with all the romance, foodie details and reality of living in the city from a foreigner’s point of view. Each chapter is concluded with a couple of recipes and the story itself is based on Elizabeth’s experiences and life in Paris. Enjoy!

  15. Mr. Palomar by Italo Calvino
    A small book with short essays. You might like the essay in Mr. Paloma Does The Shopping: The cheese museum. But the The Beach, Garden, Terrace, and Meditations are also very entertaining. Happy reading!

  16. And also, a must-have for you: “Fruits et légumes oubliés” édition Larousse, Bérengère Abraham

    Beautifullly illustrated, interesting descriptions, fancy recepies.

  17. I second Harry van Manen’s suggestion of The Girl Who Fell from the Sky. I read that book last summer and loved it – awaiting its supposed sequel!

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