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October 2nd, 2013

On My Bookshelf – Judith Kerr’s Creatures


NOTE: This giveaway is now closed. Winner to be announced soon!

I always dreamed that one day a tiger would turn up on my doorstep. Yep, that’s right. Judith Kerr’s delightful tale of a (charming) tiger that came to visit a little girl called Sophie was absolutely one of my most-loved stories as a child. Author of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and the delightful tales of Mog, Judith is one of my all-time favourite illustrators. You can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on a copy of ‘Judith Kerr’s Creatures: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Judith Kerr’, a beautiful and thoughtful retrospective of Judith’s life and work.


I’ve always loved anything and everything to do with illustration. Give me a magazine filled with hand-drawn sketches, a children’s book, anything covered with drawings, scribbles and pictures – I’m instantly hooked. So naturally, ‘Creatures’ was right up my street.


Note to self: hold on to old sketches!

A beautiful insight into an amazingly creative life, the book shares Judith’s very first sketches, drafts, her design process and a wonderful collection of personal photographs.

Judith's early sketches

Judith’s early sketches


Such gorgeous use of colour

I’m a true believer that inspiration can come from anywhere, and tapping into the minds of other creatives is often a fantastic (and fruitful) place to start. After browsing through my copy of ‘Creatures’ I was itching to get out my watercolours and start illustrating. Perhaps that’s the sign of a good book – when it inspires hands-on creativity.

the war

Judith has lived an incredible life. A German refugee as a child, she fled to London during the war with her family. Her amazing story and career has spanned decades – and it was an absolute pleasure to delve into her history and incredible life story. I especially loved reading about the evolution of Mog, and seeing how Judith uses colour in her work to really bring her characters to life.

One of my favourite pages in the book – Judith's musings about her past, and her future.

One of my favourite pages in the book

Judith Kerr’s Creatures: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Judith Kerr


Thanks to Harper Collins Children’s Books, I’ve got one copy of Judith Kerr’s ‘Creatures’ to giveaway on my blog. Follow these steps for your chance to win (for bonus points, spread the word about this giveaway – share it via Twitter, Facebook, on your own blog etc!):

1. Leave me a comment here on the blog and tell me who is your favourite Judith Kerr ‘creature’ or character.

2. Tweet me or comment via Facebook with a photo of a much-loved Judith Kerr classic that you own – or even better – send me a link to a post on your own blog.

Note: I’ll be drawing a winner on Wednesday October 9, so you have until 5:00pm Tuesday October 8 to enter this giveaway. Bonne chance!

Here’s the fine print: This giveaway is open for residents of the UK only. In order to be eligible for entry refer to the steps listed above. Any queries, send me an email :)

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16 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf – Judith Kerr’s Creatures

  1. The tiger who came for tea! I have completely forgotten about This beautiful book!My husband says he always though the cake and the buns looked incredibly delicious, hah hah! Bless him…

  2. Mog looks cute! Another illustrator to check out is Julie Vivas she did the Australian classic Possum Magic by writer Mem Fox

  3. Definitely the tiger who came to tea, my parents used to read it to us before bed every night for a while. In fact my brother and sisters and I loved it so much that we even re-enacted the book and video recorded it, think we must still have it somewhere!

  4. My favourite books have to be the Mog collection….so much so that when I went to pick a moggy from the rescue centre, the one who I fell in love with was Mog. My God daughter now has a collection of Mog books which secretly I love more than her!!

  5. It has to be the Mog series…I was in love with these books so much so that I once “lost” Mog The a Forgetful Cat from the school library in my primary years. I got into a little trouble for being so careless, but it was safely tucked under my bed to enjoy for much longer than anticipated. I wasn’t much of a reader, but these had me hooked at the time. Reading this today has out a massive smile on my face : )
    Very few happy memories at school, but reading these is one I have held fondly.
    Miss Sue Flay x

  6. I don’t have a favourite as yet, for I have not discovered her until now. What a bleak childhood indeed, but the muse is the creative energy that produces such an intriguing array of characters. She is my favourite ‘character’.

  7. I loved Mog, it used to traumatise me when anything bad happened to upset Mog, The tiger who came to tea was always wonderful but I’d have to say Mog wins. I have all the most loved picture books from childhood in my studio as they really are an inspiration and I still love them just as much now at 33!

  8. Definitely the Tiger who came to Tea – I am still waiting for the tiger to arrive here, it was so real as a child and I still have my wrinkly copy!

  9. My daughter is mad about Mog, at only 18 months. I was hunting in the attic at my parents house for books to read together. She likes the one about Mog and the baby and when you ask her what noise does a cat make, she does a great “meaow”. When you ask what noise does a baby make she goes “pssss”. Only now she thinks all babies go “psss”. When she sees another baby she takes great delight in going “baby, psss”. Sorry to all the confused parents in Tesco.

  10. What an amazing book! An Amazing lady too. I am ahuge fan of illustration and illustrating 😉 and Judith Kerr is so indspiring. We love the Tiger Who…have been reading it to my daughter for the past couple of years and it never fails to delight. Elsa my daughter also has a tiny china Tiger tea set which we get served all sorts in! A really lovely giveaway Rachel. Fingers crossed. Off to share on FB now xx

  11. It’s a pity that I’ve only read The Tiger who came for Tea. Would love to get my hands on this book even if I didnf win it in this draw. 🙂

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