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April 13th, 2015

Pioneering Monday Musings

Rachel Khoo Pioneering Monday Musings - Of Soil and Water project London

* The Of Soil and Water Project is responsible for the opening of a freshwater bathing pond in London’s King’s Cross next month. A pioneering approach to design and architecture in the city, placing nature centre stage. One for the city’s swimmers to try out.

* Looks like I’ve found my next Netflix obsession. Chef’s Table is a documentary series following some of the world’s top chefs, you can watch the trailer here:

* If you’ve always wished eggs were square, then look no further than this little gadget by Eddingtons.

* The Påhoj is a bike seat which also transforms into a stroller / pram, created by Swedish designer Lycke von Schantz who’s always cycled above all other forms of transport and doesn’t think having kids should stop you from doing so.  What a fab idea!

* I wish my journeys on the tube were like this! Watch the video of how one guy made everyone’s day on New York’s subway:

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  1. Hi Rach, I am an Australian Maths teacher who lives in Adelaide who does lots of competitive cycling, rock climbing, travelling and cooking from Adelaide. I am presently in Tokyo and yesterday went to the fish markets and sat at a authentic sushi restaurant. We always hit the authentic places although there is a great French restaurant here. Heading down to the markets at Kyoto today. Yesterday I also bought a world famous sushi knife from Tsukiji Masamoto for $Aus150. It was a great experience just buying it. But my main comment is that I really love how you engage with me as a person who has ‘liked’ your Facebook page. You put stuff out there which is great from a cooking point of view and I also like your social commentary as well. I only encourage you to keep posting stuff because I am definitely interested,

    regards Robbo

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