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May 4th, 2016

Eight Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Space

I’m a big believer that a great work space is super important for inspiring creativity and keeping you motivated. Having just moved from East London to a roomy new flat in West London to better accommodate my growing Khoollect team, I’ve been thinking lots about what makes the ‘ideal’ work space.

Former Khoollect HQ in East London

Former Khoollect HQ in East London

No matter where I’m travelling or working, I like to keep a consistent daily routine and be inspired in my work environment. Here’s a list of my ‘non negotiables’ (you can easily apply these to your home or work environment too):

1. Create an inspiring interior

I always try to surround myself with images and items I find soothing, aspirational, exciting and motivating. I’m a big fan of ‘art gallery’ white walls that you can pin colourful pieces to, such as photos, magazine clippings, quotes, art, a list of goals and so on. If you’re not confident in your own creativity then enlist the help of a professional.

2. Treat yourself to pretty stationery

I have an obsession with stunning stationery. There’s nothing better than writing in a beautiful notebook, using some quirky washi tape to seal a parcel, or handwriting a letter with a good quality fountain pen. Check out some of my latest finds including Quill LondonThe Lovely Drawer, and Able & Game.

Sous Boi, Vienna
Sous Boi, Vienna

3. Get multi-functional with your space

If you’re short on room, then try to create a multi-functional space. In my former home in East London, the second bedroom could be transformed into an office with the tip of a bed (literally). Look to Pinterest for ideas, then find yourself a handy professional who can bring these to life.

4. Find a desk to love

Find a desk that you love to work at. Depending on your budget, you could up-cycle an old bistro table, paint your existing desk, or even just sit on your couch if that’s where you work best. If you’re up for a longer term investment, then buy yourself a piece of collectable furniture from a bespoke designer such as Alice Blogg, that you’ll cherish for life.

4. Let the light in

I’m no stranger to working in small spaces, but one thing I never scrimp on is good light. You can’t beat natural light over eye-straining halogen lighting – it’s better for your body clock, ideal for photographing, and generally just easier on the eye (and the mind).

Photo by Lara Messer

Photo by Lara Messer

5. Create an organised space 

If you don’t have the room to store lots of files, folders and stationary, then get clever and create a system to suit your space. Get some cheap shelving or use old wooden crates, convert a wardrobe, stack some colourful boxes … whatever you do, store your clutter neatly away so it doesn’t clutter your brain.

6. Add a touch of green 

A couple of plants or terrariums will dramatically change the look and feel of your work space, and will also work wonders for your wellbeing when you’re stuck in the same room day in and day out. If you’re no green thumb, then try a fresh bunch of flowers instead.

Rifle Paper Co studio. Photo by Anna Bond

Rifle Paper Co studio. Photo by Anna Bond

7. Listen to classical music

I always listen to classical music when I’m working. Research shows that it boosts productivity and wellbeing, so it’s got to be good for the mind and the soul.

8. Buy portable equipment

Instead of investing in a large and cumbersome personal computer, get yourself a nice lightweight laptop or iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. If you’re on the go lots like I am, then portable equipment is essential for working halfway around the world.

Photo by Lara Messer

Photo by Lara Messer

There’s lots of great work spaces to inspire on Khoollect, so head over and check out some more handy tips, interviews, and features on everything ‘office’.

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