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April 15th, 2016

The vintage lifestyle on Khoollect this week…

Old is new again this week on Khoollect. The team and I decided to explore the world of vintage and put together features inspired by those in the community who embrace the way-back-when lifestyle. I have some picks for you, which I think you might enjoy:

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London is a haven for shopping vintage – if you know the right places to look. Khoollect has a little vintage wares guide – really handy if you’re visiting the city any time soon.

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When I think of homemade classics, jam always springs to mind. London Borough of Jam’s Lillie O’Brien tells Khoollect how she transformed a passion for preserving into a successful business. She also shares a delicious rhubarb and cardamom preserve recipe, which you can try at home. Give it a go!

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We’ve been looking to the community for vintage inspiration and have come across some gems.

Vintage Instagram Hotlist khoollect

Need some more Instagram inspiration? The team has put together a hotlist of retro-themed feeds that you should be following.

There are also some great features on thrift-buy shopping tips, Melbourne sewing lounge Thread Den, and Ray Pederson – the man preserving the traditional techniques of hand-painted shopfront signs. So head over and keep following Khoollect’s updates on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and YouTube.


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3 thoughts on “The vintage lifestyle on Khoollect this week…

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! My partner and I go to all the local markets we can find these days to try different foods and spices. Or even try a few things you do in the kitchen! It’s always a great day out! It makes cooking, shopping and the simple things much more enjoyable for us. Even helped us save Money and my partner lose some weight. My partner doesn’t even complain about doing the groceries anymore!

    1. Great to hear – you certainly can’t beat shopping at fresh food markets in my opinion! And the selection of rare and interesting foods is always a treat 🙂

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