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June 15th, 2015

Viral Monday Musings

peach pie

In this week’s Monday Musings I’m sharing a couple of online viral video clips that have caught my eye recently – I really enjoy flicking through this sort of thing, with a nice cup of tea!

*First of all though, how beautifully immaculate is the peach pie above! (via A Beautiful Mess).

*This very stylish take on 100 years of American fashion has some fab outfits. What’s your favourite decade? (via Mashable).

*After my recent holiday in Lisbon, I’m dreaming of all things Portugueuse. Will have to call in here next time I’m near Columbia Road.

*Really enjoying Donal Skehan’s European adventures at the moment – particularly his recent trip to Amsterdam.

*Ladies, will you be trying the revolutionary new panties from THINX? Whilst the idea of  self-absorbing underwear may take a little getting used to, the cause THINX are supporting is fantastic. Funds from each THINX purchase are sent to the AFRIpads, an organisation that trains women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads. As a result girls are able to purchase an pads at an affordable price, and avoid missing a week of school each month.

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One thought on “Viral Monday Musings

  1. I love the idea of these Thinx underwear! I did see something floating around on Facebook just recently but didn’t really take much notice because I have been using a reusable cup for 10 years, but you piqued my interest and I love what they stand for and may well just buy some one of these days! 🙂

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