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February 8th, 2017

A Mindful Moment event with Team Khoollect

On Thursday 2 February, the Khoollect team hosted a sold-out #AMindfulMoment event at Habitat’s King’s Road Platform store, in their minimalist, expansive top-floor venue space. Excited for an evening of inspiration and mindfulness, our guests took their seats ready to be acquainted with the wisdom of our four expert speakers in wellness, minimalism and sustainable living.
First up was Saasha Celestial-One from the sustainable living app, OLIO. OLIO can connect neighbours and local shops to share surplus food and reduce waste. Saasha, as co-founder of the app, shared how the app has made a positive change in her own life and what a difference it can make in each of ours. Next up, Lyndsey Haskell of What You Sow inspired us by sharing her wisdom on growing your own garden, and how she practices mindfulness each day by doing so. Maria Stone then took to the stylishly Habitat-furnished stage and shared how her own positive lifestyle changes have allowed her to live a sustainable, zero waste life.  Her enthusiasm encouraged each of us, that even as individuals our small actions can make the world a much less wasteful place. Lastly, Emily Mitchell of The Mindfulness Project ended the evening on a peaceful note by sharing her skills of teaching mindfulness and led our guests in a group meditation.
Inspired and ready to take on the world at a pace of mindfulness, our guests were treated to snacks and drinks from Nakd, Karma Cola, Chocolate and Love and Odysea.
On behalf of Team Khoollect and myself, we’d like to thank our inspiring community who value mindfulness and are encouraged by the importance of growth and self-improvement. All funds raised from ticket purchases are being donated to Mind UK.
To all those who shared A Mindful Moment with us. Thank you for joining the team!
What are you doing to practice wellness in 2017? If you’re new to living mindfully try out our mindfulness app recommendations or become inspired by my mindful reading list.

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