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March 2nd, 2012

Paille & Klein vernissage at the Slott gallery, Paris

Creative culinary creations were asked for the Paille & Klein Glow vernissage at the Slott gallery in Paris. I was fortunate to have a great team of culinary assistants (thanks Thomasine, Charlie and Lauren!) who helped me make the food for the vernissage. The brief was to create food which had a rapport with both artists who were exhibiting.

One of the Artists, Andrea Knecht was working with straw and latex for her piece ‘Paille’. Those materials were the inspiration for my fresh cheese canapés. Milk was infused with mountain hay, straw and herbs and then turned into fresh cheese. Lauren did the brilliant job of making little poppy and sesame seed crackers. They all had little holes at the top which enabled them to be tied to the fabric bundles of fresh cheese. The cheese was then strung from the roof for visitors to pluck down.

Artists, Claassen & Partner and their ‘Klein Glow’ creation of black leather balls and bright pink paint got turned into  black sesame seed dumplings which were made and then steamed live during the exhibition. Visitors dipped them using  little skewers which Charlie had spent half the day making into a fresh raspberry sauce (see the picture of Thomasine with the very bloody red hands making it).

Main photo and last four © Marc-Antoine Bulot / Exquise Design. Rest of photos © Rachel Khoo.

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