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May 31st, 2018

Win the chance to cook with me plus two gift bags worth £250 each

This post is sponsored by Clas Ohlson UK and the other brands mentioned below.

Rachel Khoo The Little Swedish kitchen plus £250 prize

I get a lot of emails asking me whether I do cookery classes. Now I can finally announce that I’ll be hosting a private class for a select few on the official launch day of The Little Swedish Kitchen (Thursday 26 July 2018).

So, I’m giving you and a friend the chance to join me at the Khoollect studio, London to cook a couple of recipes from the new book. You and your friend will also receive a fantastic gift bag each, containing some of my favourite Swedish (or related) products.

All you have to do is:

1. Follow one of my social media profiles: facebook, twitter or instagram and Clas Ohlson’s instagram.

2. Tell me what your favourite Swedish dish is below (please make sure to leave a valid email so I can contact you).

The goodie bag will contain the following (or similar) items:

Rachel Khoo Clas Ohlson prize

1. £80 Clas Ohlson voucher, waffle maker and Swedish sweets

Swedes love their waffles and this heart shaped waffle machine in particular. When I started developing recipes for the cookbook, I certainly had my fair share of waffles and the machine pictured made it so much simpler to whip them up.

Rachel Khoo Iris Hantverk prize

2. Iris Hantverk butterknife and pastry brush

I knew that I would feel at home in Sweden when I discovered that every home has a dedicated butterknife (my motto is ‘butter makes everything better’). Iris Hantverk crafts beautiful, but also very useful, homeware products (watch this video to find out more).

Rachel Khoo gamla stan chocolate prize

3. Gamla stan chocolate bar

Tales chocolate is a handcrafted Swedish chocolate brand which creates organic, vegan and fair traded chocolate with a story and the goal to tell the tale of various locations by taste experience. With their first chocolate bar they wanted to capture the spirit of ‘Gamla stan’ the old part of Stockholm city.

Rachel Khoo Pure cleaning prize

4. Pure effect All clean starter kit and gold microfibre cleaning cloth

Trust the Swedes to come up with an innovative, stylish, environmently friendly and ethically-sourced cleaning product. This product is based on biotech and uses the right kind of microbes (think ‘good bacteria’) to clean your home. A couple of drops of the stuff in regular water and you can spritz away the dirt. Definitely the future of cleaning!

Rachel Khoo Vaxbolin cleaning cloth prize

5. Växbo lin linen dishcloth

French linen might be more famous, but this Swedish linen company can certainly compete. The Växbo lin factory is tucked in the woods in the North of Sweden (how Swedish!) and has been crafting beautiful linen products for decades. This dishcloth is not only beautiful, but withstands wiping, wringing and washing.

Rachel Khoo Hodmeddods prize

6. A packet of Hodmedods whole yellow British peas

You may wonder what a packet of yellow peas is doing in a gift bag. Whole yellow peas (before they are split) are very common in Sweden but in the UK they are a rarity. One of my favourite recipes in The Little Swedish Kitchen uses them. Hodmedods work with some great UK farmers to grow yellow peas plus some other fantastic pulses.

Rachel Khoo drop coffee prize

7. A tasting bag of Drop Coffee beans

Drop Coffee was one of my first hangouts when I moved to Stockholm and I quickly became hooked on their coffee. They have a somewhat international reputation when it comes to selecting beans and roasting them. Just ask any barista!

8. Penguin Classic tote bag

With all these goodies you’ll need a stylish tote to put them all in.

Last but not least….

9. A personally signed copy of The Little Swedish Kitchen

Terms and conditions:

1. The prize is for two spots at a cookery workshop with Rachel Khoo at the Khoollect Studio, London on Thursday 26 July, plus two gift bags (the same or slightly similar to that pictured) valued at £250 each. The winner is responsible for travelling to the workshop.

2. Competition open until midnight on Saturday 30th June. Winner will be drawn at random shortly after and notified.

3. Once contacted, winners must respond to Rachel Khoo within three (3) working days to claim their prize. After this date, if Rachel Khoo has not received an address, a new winner may be selected by Rachel Khoo.

4. The winner voluntarily assumes all risks and danger incidental to the workshop for which the prize is issued, whether occurring prior, during or after the workshop. The winner voluntarily agrees that the management, venue, event participants, Clas Ohlson and all of their respective agents, officers, directors, owners and employers are expressly released by the winner from any claims arising from such causes.

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95 thoughts on “Win the chance to cook with me plus two gift bags worth £250 each

  1. Hi Rachel what a wonderful competition and that goody bag is super fab. Have followed you now on IG and also Clas Ohlson. My fav Swedish recipe is a toss up between an apple cake and a potato casserole – two lovely dishes I have had the joy of consuming made by lovely Swedish gals…think the apple cake might have to be the pick.

  2. The smorgastarta from your kitchen notebook is awesome and you can’t beat meatballs with lingo Berry jam! I can’t wait for the Little Swedish Kitchen to be released!

  3. I love a classic strawberry cake in the summer! They look lovely and it’s a great dessert on a hot day. 🙂 And we’re getting plenty of hot days now, so it might be time to make one!

  4. I few years ago, I made a Swedish Princessetorte to eat with my husband during Eurovision and have simply fallen in love with that cake since; the green marzipan, the soft sponge, the jam, the cream, the swirly chocolate decoration and pink rose… what’s not to love?! It’s also beautiful to look at if you can’t bear to eat it… 😉

  5. Already following you on Twitter/Instagram. Just followed Clas Ohlson. My favourite Swedish dish to make is actually a dessert. We know it as cinnamon buns but I believe in Sweden they call it Kanelbullar. Sometimes I experiment to twist things up a little bit so I once bought a packet of Makronfyll which is like a sugar and almond flour mix and added that as a filling which tasted absolutely divine!

  6. I was in Sweden a few years ago to go up into the arctic cirle to see the Northern Lights, it was minus 30 on most days with very limited daylight hours but Swedish meatballs made with reindeer and lingonberry sauce on the side which I’d never tried before really made me smile, delicious! Swedish Fika was another delicious find, nothing like cinnamon buns to warm the very cockles!

  7. As a fish fan I have always liked Gravlax. For me the flavour is far less intense than a lot of smoked salmon and when paired with a traditional dill and mustard sauce is amazing. Fresh, vibrant and not too difficult to make either (just need a bit of patience whilst it cures!). I hate beetroot, yet have a particular love for beetroot gravlax, the vibrant bright colour and flavour makes for a fantastic summer dish. On a side note I think I’ve finally, recently cracked Swedish meatball too! This would be an awesome prize, I have been a big fan since I first watched the Little Paris Kitchen and it would be a fantastic opportunity to cook with and learn from you.

  8. My favourite is Jansson’s Frestelse – I made it during the World Cup, during which I pick a random country each evening and try and find something from there to cook – This was a very good one.

  9. I don’t know that I’ve ever had Swedish food… not even the meatballs at IKEA. 😉 Willing to try anything, though.

  10. Hi Rachel,
    Having seen you make The smorgastarta from your awesome Kitchen notebook in Richmond in April 2015! Where has the time gone hey.:) I’d have to say that was the best Swedish dish I’ve had, although Swedish meatballs come a close second lol.:)

    I’ve followed you on social media now for several years, as you know, so no need to follow you again lol.:)

    Good luck with the new cook book, I’m sure it’ll be a best seller just like all your other awesome cookbooks.:)

  11. Hi Rachel, my favourite dish is salmon gravlax! Fresh and healthy!

    Absolute love your first book, my little Paris kitchen. I cook those recipes all the time!

  12. It has to be Swedish meatballs & cream gravy, with mash potato, pickled cucumber and lingonberry sauce. It’s my absolute fav!

  13. My favourite has to be crayfish pasta! I’ve always wanted to make my own crayfish nets, apparently we have an abundance here in the south of England, fancy catching some fresh? Home made pasta too obviously.

  14. Hi Rachel,

    I love Love Love your book, i made a 3 course meal from your book, that is amazing.

    Followed your and Clas Ohlson’s Instagram

    My favourite is Sweden Kanelbulle

  15. Janssons frestelse is my favourite especially during the cold winter months in Sweden. I always try to have it when I used to work here. I love those vegatables in this dish as it keeps you nice and full and warm! What’s more, it’s a relatively easy dish to make.

    Best wishes for your new book, Rachel!

  16. I think the best Swedish culinary invention is the pickled herring smørrebrød on lovely rye bread. Cant beat it as a starter or a snack 😊

  17. Hi Rachel! I have not tried many Swedish foods, but I never say no to a kanelbullar (cinnamon roll) with a touch of cardamom 🙂

  18. Hi Rachel! I have not tried many Swedish foods, but I never say no to a kanelbullar with a touch of cardamom, yummm 🙂

  19. Hello Rachel. That competition is a great idea. I have followed you already on the Instagram. So I would like to say that I have not tried any Swedish dish yet, but it seems to me that classic Swedish semlor is a great recipe and I would like to try it.

  20. Hi Rachel,
    Very excited to have just discovered your Swedish book (a country whose cuisine I am keen to learn more about) after wearing out the Little Paris Kitchen book!
    I am really fond of Swedish cinammon buns, kanelbullar.

  21. Hi Rachel! I have not tried many Swedish foods, but I can never say no to kanelbullar with a touch of cardamom… yummm! 🙂

  22. Anything Swedish made is awesome… Just look at ABBA, not forgetting of course the inspirational pieces by Clas Ohlson!! I love meatballs (doesn’t everyone?!) but you had me at heart shaped waffles. ♥ ♥ ♥ everything tastes incredible when it’s shaped like love itself. I would jump at the chance to bring my bestie for a cooking lesson with you in London town. She needs the help (Jokes!), I so need the waffles!!! Thanks for a great giveaway Team RK + CO x

  23. Hi Rachel, I’m so excited about this giveaway! My favourite Swedish dish is Kräftlag, especially served with an omnipollo beer! My instagram is @christieowen

  24. Hi Rachel! I’m half Swedish (but live in the UK). My favourite dish has to be gravlax. I love eating it out, but every christmas I always make it with my mum from scratch using nordic herbs and spices.

  25. I absolutely love Swedish salmon in all forms. But especially marinated with beetroot and salt and eaten raw.

  26. My favourite has got to be Swedish meatballs but I’ve never attempted to make them at home. The package sounds like a dream for me as I don’t know much about Swedish cookery!

  27. What an exciting competition! My favourite Swedish dish is gravlax, although I have to admit I haven’t tried a very wide variety of Swedish food! Keen to learn more 🙂

  28. Hi Rachel, I’m subscribed to your mailing list and follow you on facebook. I also have never tried a Swedish dish. However having looked up some Swedish classics online I would be inclined to try fried herring, falukorv, kalops and/or crayfish boiled in dill. The competition is a great idea giving one lucky person the chance to cook with my favourite chef 🙂 Take care and best wishes.

  29. Cardamom has always been one of my favourite flavours and i love the fact that it is used so much in Swedish baking. The recipe that i do most often is a cardamom bundt cake, or kardemummakaka, that is moist and spicy.

  30. Dear Rachel, I would love to cook with you!
    I am grateful for the variety of crispbreads. They make a perfect, tasty and healthy base for so many meals. Some of them I can even eat as a snack! And I have just discovered that blueberry soup (my grandma was making it on hot summer days) is actually a Swedish dish!

  31. There are almost too many to choose. I lived in Stockholm for a year and I miss it every day. I especially loved their bakeries with semlor, cardamom buns, cinnamon buns, princesstårta. And I also really enjoyed janssons frestelse.

  32. Oh my!!! Such an amazing prize!!! I would absolutely love to win this! I absolutely love herrings! The simple herring with onion is some oil. I just don’t know what it is about them, but once I start eating them I can’t stop!

  33. Totally looking forward to any and risks and danger!! Fave Swedish dish (apart from Agneta of course) is Kanelbulle. Looking forward to adding your signed book to my other one 😉

  34. Jordgubbstårta! Fresh strawberries are just perfect! I really want to learn to make all kinds of Swedish recipes.

  35. Hi Rachel, this is an exciting opportunity, I have been a fan since the Little Paris Kitchen days (I still long for a kitchen with beautiful tiles like yours). I follow both you and Clas Ohlson on Instagram. My favourites would have to be Kladdkaka and obviously Swedish meatballs. I would love to explore more Swedish cooking with your book. xx

  36. I live for Kardemummabullar! I thought Cinnamon buns were amazing but then I had a cardamom bun and I was in love! Perfect Fika

  37. Hi, I stumbled upon this competition by chance whilst looking up your Pomegranate and Pistachio cake recipe…I’m baking for a church event in July and I think it looks very pretty. I absolutely love your cake au saucisson sec avec pistaches et prunes, I’ve made it so many times for people, my sister in law is French and introduced me to the concept of Savoury Cakes. Also, I adored making your floating island recipe, and your madeleines with lemon curd…so so good! Yeeeees I’m a proud owner of your ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ book. I’m not very familiar with Swedish cookery, I DO love waffles, pancakes, and I make porridge with variations every day for breakfast (loving adding Cocoa at the moment with Coconut and Banana). The Swedish recipes that look great include the Princess Cake, Cheesecake, and dumplings with blueberrys. This cookery class appears to be taking place the day after the first anniversary of my mum’s death. Dad has had to start learning to cook since loosing his wife of over 40 years, it would be a lovely gesture if I could invite him if I were to win, and if he were to accept the invite. All the best for the launch of your book!

  38. Hi Rachel! Happy National Swedish Day to you too!

    I’d definitely say that my favourite Swedish dish is gravlax with potato salad. It reminds me of times spent enjoying lunch at a small fish restaurant with friends in Skåne!

  39. Hi Rachel!

    I’m a big fan of Nordic dessert but my favourite Swedish dish is Applekaka with lingonberry & cinnamon ice cream ❤️

    Happy nibbling 🙂

  40. It’s so hard to choose- but for me, a nice warm, fresh kanelbullar or crispy pepparkakor with a coffee is the best way to get through a cold Swedish winter! And if we are talking summer, a smörgås of any style (but we all know pickled beets and meatballs are a winner!)

  41. It’s not exactly art but Jansson’s Temptation has to be the best comfort food recipe I’ve ever come across. Potatoes, onions, cream and anchovies (anglicised for ease of shopping…) – what is there not to love about simple and delicious?

  42. I love to use cinnamon. Always reminds me of when I went to Sweden and Denmark.
    Woiksnlobe to try mke some gravlax with potatoe as that sounds yummy always great to broaden the tastebuds

  43. Hi Rachel,

    My mum is from Finland so I spent every wonderful summer visiting family and eating delicious Scandinavian dishes. I I remember we used to go visit some of my grandparents friends who were Swedish and they use to serve us lovely fresh salmon and new potatoes covered with dill and butter. Then for afters they served platefuls of homemade cinnamon buns (Kanelbullar) where me and my sister used to try and eat as many as we could without being sick! Such wonderful memories!

    Congratulations on your new book and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it when it comes out.

    Love, Hanna-Liisa

  44. Many years ago while working and visiting Sweden every week, ate an amazing cheese pie served with tasty pickled beetroot ♡

  45. While visiting Sweden over a summer season with cruising work ate this amazing cheese pie served with pickled beetroot ♡

  46. Hello Rachel

    Thanks for your recipes and your way of making it look so easy. Actually, the 2012 Show is on air in switzerland.

    My mother is italian, so I grew up with that kitchen. And since I live alone, I cook on weekends.

    Ma favorite swedish dish is Raggmunk.

    Kind regards and have fun!


  47. Gravlax, ideally as part of a Smörgåsbord, I also love Daim chocolate bars and warm cinnamon buns with coffee ♥

  48. How exciting! My favourite Swedish recipe is prinsesstårta (of course). I also love anything with salt liquorice! Can’t wait to see the new book!

  49. Goodies!!!
    Although I always go for the meatballs or fishcakes, you can’t beat a quality smörgåsbord with salt beef, pickled salmon and lots of cheese. Delish!

  50. Hello Rachel,

    I thoroughly enjoyed Just Desserts Season 1, I’m hoping a second season might be on the agenda…

    My favourite Swedish dessert is Semlor. It has substance, flavour and cream!

    All the best,


  51. Hi there!
    Sounds a bit tame but I LOVE Swedish crispbreads. Also Gravlax. And a number of years ago I hosted a family Christmas party and we all pitched in with a Julbord which was amazing 😋

  52. There are so many great Swedish dishes! Waffles with brown cheese, kannelbullar, prinsesse torta and smörbröd.

  53. Such a wonderful competition. Shame I live overseas 😔 in Sydney. Can’t wait till your books hits the shelves here! Gotta love those Swedish meatballs yum 😋

  54. Kanelbullar always and forever! I’ve tried a great many cinnamon pies and cookies but those are incredible! The best in the world!

  55. Hi Rachel, how exciting to hear about your cookery lessons. I’ve been a big fan of yours especially since you taught me I don’t need a fancy kitchen with the latest gadgets to make great food.
    Now to pick just one Swedish dish has been tough but Kanelbulle gets my vote, with its warming spices of cinnamon and cardamom, what could be more delicious with a cup of tea!

  56. Unfortunately I haven’t got any chance of tasting real Smörgåstårta but I’d love to. Savoury cake seems weird but it must be splendid. I’m looking forward to our meeting 🙂

    All the best,
    Milosz from Poland

  57. I love the cake – Prinsesstårta. I tasted it via my Swedish girlfriend, Bella. Oh my. It’s a delight…

  58. Insofar I only know of a few Swedish recipes I had a glimpse at in a ‘Hairy Bikers’ TV-Show

    One of my favorites sincerely is the Swedish Waffles, so plese let me know its recipe and let me win one of those handy Wafflemakers 😉

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