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May 18th, 2016

Five tips for embracing patterns

When it comes to my clothing choices, my wardrobe is brimming with bright colours, bold patterns, and clashing textiles. There’s nothing better than wearing a colourful outfit on a grim winter’s day, or a playful pattern to break up a normally not-so-exciting collection of pieces.

I know not everyone’s quite so brave when it comes to textiles, so to celebrate ‘patterns’ week over on Khoollect, I’ve put together a few tips to help you feign confidence and get into the swing of pattern-wearing:

1. Start out small

If you don’t usually wear patterns, start with subtle designs such as small polka dots or checks, then once you’re more comfortable go bigger, bolder and brighter.

Photo by Lara Messer

Photo by Lara Messer

2. Work with the colours you know and love

If you’re comfortable wearing a few specific colours and know you look good in them, try to find a select few stunning patterned pieces that contain these same (or similar) colour ways.

3. Pair with plainer items

If you’re suddenly feeling confident and want to try wearing something a bit bolder, such as a full floral skirt, dress or trousers, pair these items with a plain t-shirt and accessories. Try a top in black or white, or any one colour that features in the pattern.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.03.01 AM

4. Be brave and clash

Pattern clashing is right on trend. So, if you really want to take the plunge and join the party here’s a few general rules to apply:

– Balance out big patterns with smaller subtler ones – for example, you could wear a skirt with large checks and a top featuring smaller ones.

– Wear the same pattern two ways – for example, horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes on the bottom half.

– Opt for complementary colours, or different patterns in the same colour.

5. Break all the rules

Once you’re feeling super confident and have mastered the art of wearing patterns, break all the rules– wear whatever you want and find your own unique style.

You can read more about my fashion picks over on Khoollect. There’s also a host of other great features on patterns, including interviews with accessory and homewares producer Nancy Straughan, artist Spenceroni, and designer Elisabeth Dunker.

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