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September 2nd, 2015

My Melbourne Wardrobe

In a city where temperatures can change drastically, dressing for the day can be difficult. Famous for having four seasons in one day, dressing tactically in Melbourne is often a necessity. During my time over there, layers were a definite wardrobe staple for me. As you can see, I rarely left my Melbourne apartment without a little cardie!

So many of you have been asking where I like to shop, so I thought it would be nice to share a little peak into my wardrobe from Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne. If you haven’t caught it yet, the show is currently airing Thursdays on SBS at 8pm.

Melbourne wardrobe image 1

Photos by Kelly Gardner

Left: Yellow cardigan from APC – a little bargain I picked up in the sale. Wedges from Stuart Weitzman. Lindy Bop Polka dot dress Amazon.

Right: T-shirt from The White T-Shirt company. Skirt from BOB by Dawn O’Porter.

Melbourne wardrobe image 2

Photo by Kelly Gardner

Floral skirt – vintage.

Melbourne wardrobe image 3

Photo by Kelly Gardner

Checked skirt from Tara Starlet.

Melbourne wardrobe image 4

Left: Photo by Kelly Gardner. Right: Photo by Sam d’Agostino

Left: Blue cardigan from GAP. Boots from Zara. Jeans from Topshop. Scarf from Liberty.

Right: Skirt from Susie Stone.

Melbourne wardrobe image 5

Photo by Kelly Gardner

Striped top from GAP.

Melbourne wardrobe image 6

Photo by Kelly Gardner

Lindy Bop dress from AmazonRed cardigan – one of my little charity shop spots.

What was your favourite outfit from the show? Make sure you tune into SBS on Thursdays at 8pm to catch the rest of the series. And don’t forget, you can catch up a couple of the episodes you’ve missed online at SBS Play.

For those of you unable to catch the show on SBS,  don’t worry it’ll be airing worldwide later in the year.


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14 thoughts on “My Melbourne Wardrobe

  1. I love how your style is so feminine, bold and colourful. And I love how you manage to even bring pops of colour to a casual outfit with jeans. I’m not sure I could pick just one favourite outfit … you look fabulous in all of them!

    1. Thanks everyone, the Susie Stone skirt is a favourite of mine. The Kitchen Notebook Melbourne series will be screening worldwide later this year, but not sure yet which channel in the US. In the meantime, there are plenty of videos over on my YouTube channel (search Rachelkhooks) – little recipes I’ve been coming up with in my London kitchen.

  2. I love your show and your passion in engaging the local food culture wherever you are. However, it is a shame that attitude doesn’t extend to clothes. Melbourne has fabulous, locally made and ethical clothing boutiques, but everything you’ve featured here is either shipped in from Europe or bought from a large multi-national company like Zara or Gap.

    1. I would have loved to have featured Melbourne designers. However, there was no budget for a local stylist. The logistics of filming the TV show meant that I didn’t have time to research and shop for clothes as we immediately started filming when I flew in from London.

  3. I’m not able to watch the show 🙁 I’m in the US, and don’t have cable (really wish the episode were available to purchase on iTunes or Amazon. Regardless, I’ve loved your style since My Little Paris Kitchen, so having a breakdown of the outfits, and seeing where you’ve purchased the pieces from is a treat. I concur with the comment above me, your style, is the prefect combination of feminine, and colourful…just lovely! Although all outfits are superb, my personal fav from the pictures above is the one in which you’re wearing the yellow Susie Stone skirt.

  4. Hi Rachel
    I love ur show and ur style.. U are brilliant and want to invite u to come and visit my country specily capital of my country Tehran and the traditional foods..
    If U are interested in my invitation, please contact me per email.
    Best regards
    Nima Azad

  5. Hi, It is a pleasure for me to greet You. I am from Perú in southamerica and I really love your show. I have done every single recepy, I think so. It was so hard to find You, since I watch one of your shows at a friend’s home, so I look out for You on internet till I find You. I wanted to tell You that You have inspired me in a wonderfull way. After I know about You I thought that have so many things to share was a disaster since the difference between one idea and other. Now, I am creating something fantastic from the point of view You let me understand. Please go on with the thing you do, do not stop ever to do what you do. Thanks. Good vibes and blessings.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    I love and admire your sense of style as much as your cooking. Thank you for featuring my hometown of Melbourne, Australia for an entire series. I was envious that my sister got a photo with you when she saw you in Chinatown!

    I was wondering where do you buy your fitted block colour t-shirts/tops from, the ones with the round necks and half sleeves? Flattering half-sleeve tops are difficult to find.

    Regards, Caroline.

  7. I just came across you by accident. I live in Tokyo and switched on my TV and saw you making some Swedish bread. It was dubbed in Japanese. I thought you were a pretty Japanese woman living in Sweden. Love your food and style. I`m an Australian citizen but live in Tokyo.

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