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October 15th, 2014

Peek-a-look* – Winter Wardrobe

Rachel Khoo peek-a-look October 2014

The leaves are slowly turning, the days are getting shorter and – worst of all – the temperature is beginning to plummet. Autumn is officially here. With winter chasing its heels (though there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two these days!), it’s time to prepare for the colder weather. Although I’ll miss the summer sunshine, there’s something lovely about getting all wrapped up; and I do have a penchant for a good hat!

Here are a few bits and ideas you might find in my winter wardrobe:

*1 – Everyone has heard of a Spring clean but, when it comes to my wardrobe, I also like to do an Autumn cleanout. It’s a good way of rediscovering what you have and sometimes you can even find new ways of putting different clothes together (which I often do). Organisations like TRAID will pick up your clothes free-of-charge and at a time that suits you. Other charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, also offer free collections too (especially good if you’ve got things other than clothes to pass on!).

*2 – A good Winter coat doesn’t come cheap, so having a rummage around the vintage shops is a good place to start. Vintage coats are often better quality materials and better made than their high street counterparts. Don’t be put off by a coat that looks a little dull (like the one pictured) with some new buttons and belt it’ll instantly look fresh.

*3 –  A clothes swap is a great excuse to get friends together and get some new clothes out of it too.

*4 – Now it’s getting a little colder, it’s time to pull out the accessories. I have a dozen different scarves and hats at home which are a fantastic way of adding a new lease of life to an outfit (think patterns and colours). Fashion Conscience has a great range of Fair Trade, sustainable and ethical scarves and hats.

*5 – Never too late to learn new skills (see September’s Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs) – you could always knit your own hat, scarf (I’ve knitted a few) and gloves. Vogue Knitting also provide lots of free knitting patterns and how-to guides.

What’s in your wardrobe this season? Any creative tips on how you update it? Would love to hear them.

For more fashion inspiration, head over to my new project Khoollect.

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5 thoughts on “Peek-a-look* – Winter Wardrobe

  1. Sometimes I give a ‘v’ neck jumper a new lease of life by wearing it back to front and adding a large corsage, bow or vintage brooch to give it a bit of va va voom 😉 teamed with a pencil skirt or Capri pants it looks very chic.

  2. I love your style Rachel. How tall are you? I know you have visited Amsterdam but did you notice how tall the women are? I’m a short curvy woman from Texas and have lived in a small village in the Netherlands for years. I wish I could shop with you then go for a wonderful lunch. Perhaps you can post some of your fav vintage shops in Paris for people like me? It is only a 5 hour drive from my home. A nice weekend adventure pour moi. Merci!

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