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March 7th, 2013

Peek-a-look* – Spring clean

Bienvenue au printemps! Finally, welcome to spring. Combining my love of cookbooks, vintage clothes, knick knacks and kitchenware all whilst living in a small space in my little Parisian apartment – proves to be quite the challenge. So, it’s always important for me to do a spring clean to keep my life in order. Here are my tips for giving your space a spring clean:

1* – I find myself far more motivated when I have my favourite tunes playing in the background. Here’s my spring cleaning Spotify playlist! Music seems to make even the most menial tasks more tolerable, and I constantly have Spotify running on my computer when I’m at home (you can listen to some of my other Spotify playlists here and here).


2* – I love the bags from Orla Kiely. Good way to sort out your old clothes into need/keep/toss piles without creating extra clutter. I find that being ruthless is the best method when cleaning out your wardrobe (although might be good idea to hang onto really sentimental pieces, to avoid spring cleaning regret!). Donate clothes you haven’t worn in an age to a local charity. The Red Cross has a number of charity shops that take clothing donations.

3* – Somehow, wherever I go, paperwork follows. These linen storage containers from cute Japanese brand Muji would do the job of keeping paperwork and bills in order.

4* – I love this traditional Swedish-style brush set from Iris Hantverk (available at French Trotters). It would sure make cleaning up crumbs a more stylish task 😉

5* – I try to stick to natural cleaning products as much as possible (particularly important in the cold months when it’s too chilly to air out your space during a cleaning frenzy). I’m a big fan of cleaning with vinegar too. It’s especially good for getting rid of mould.

GIVEAWAY: Thanks to the team at Spotify, I’ve got my hands on five premium Spotify memberships to give away (duration six months, approx value £60). Leave a comment here on my blog and tell me what’s your all-time favourite tune, for your chance to win :)

I’ll be randomly drawing the winner on Tuesday March 12, so you have until Monday March 11 to enter this giveaway. Bonne chance!

Update: this giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned for details.

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53 thoughts on “Peek-a-look* – Spring clean

  1. Who knows where the time goes by Sandy Denny. Thanks for the Little Paris Kitchen book. Love my food.

  2. Difficult to say… my favourites change all the time!
    My first favourite song was “I should be so lucky” by Kylie Minogue. I was 5-6 then, and I loved everything about the clip, especially having the bubble bath! Unfortunately at that time it was not possible – in communist Poland we didn’t have this kind of decadent stuff :>.
    And to this day, whenever I take a bubble bath, I feel a bit like Kylie:)

  3. Oh wow, tough question Rachel! I like a lot of different kinds of music but I think my favourite is “Hard hearted Hannah” (Stacey Kent’s version is my fave), love your TV show by the way, it just started airing in Sweden and I’m in love!

  4. Unlike most Americans, loving World Music at the moment, and Spotify’s Latin radio is amazing!
    Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Michel Telo

  5. The great thing about Spotify is when I say my fave song is Steer by Missy Higgins, you can log in and discover this amazing talent if you’re not familiar with her work (but yeah, would be great to get rid of those ads!)

  6. Love your blog… just waiting for new shows in the US! My favorite. Here comes the Sun! ( I live in Seattle )

  7. Tricky one, but it’s Bowie’s Let’s Dance. Especially good for spring cleaning … dancing makes everything easier!

  8. I LOVE orla kiely stuff – always so cute!

    my favourite song of all time might have to be “she says what she means” by my favourite band, sloan!

  9. Fave song – my favourite dress by the Wedding Present. My boyfriend sings it to me when I get dressed to go out.I love Orla Keily colllection too.

  10. Well, I don’t have a favourite one per say but I have just baked my mother a cake for mother’s day to “If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake” Obvious I know! Can’t wait to have you back brightening our screen with your cooking and lovely dresses! x

  11. True Faith by New Order is the one tune that is guaranteed to get me up on any dancefloor. And its great to clean to, as well! Love your blog and book. My husband made your canard a l’orangina last week and it was to die for! xx

  12. I’m obsessed with Spotify! Thanks so much for linking to your playlist. We enjoy a lot of the same music! 🙂

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