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February 22nd, 2013

Peek-a-look* – Treat yourself

Whilst it’s always fun to give lovely gifts to others, it’s also important to treat yourself on occasion, too. For a healthy dose of self-indulgence, here are some ideas for some mini treats:

1* – Why not scour your local thrift shop for an inexpensive treat? I always find myself automatically drawn to the lovely vintage cups and saucers (and consequently own way too many of them).

2* – Pick up some mini treats from your local market and create your own hamper. Buy a slice of the best cheese, a new jar of homemade jam, something sweet and a bunch of flowers.

3* – Even though my apartment might be petite, I luckily have a tiny tub in my bathroom, and enjoy a soak to relax. One of my favourite bubble bath products is from Neal’s Yard.

4* – Be a tourist in your own city, and sign up for a free walking tour, and take time to slow down and notice the details.

5* – Treat yourself to a totally simple (and free) spa-style treatment at home. Make a DIY face mask using honey and lemon, paint your nails, and give your hair some TLC.

More tips: If you’re looking more ideas, buy yourself a stash of brand new magazines, and spend a whole afternoon pouring through them. And whilst taking yourself on a holiday may not be exactly a cheap gift to yourself, you could combine it with a volunteering stint. And maybe most importantly – give yourself the gift of spare time. Block out a day (or a few hours) in your diary, and turn off your phone/computer/iPad/etc and totally switch off.

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