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April 3rd, 2013

Peek-a-look* – What’s in my bag?

Update: Congratulations to Camille B, you’re the winner of my Quill London giveaway. Some lovely stationery goodies are on their way 🙂

Although recently it feels like my handbag has been stocked up with canelés from my trip to Bordeaux (where I’ve started shooting the photos for my new book) – usually I try and keep my handbag not too full (all the more room for treats!). Here’s a sneak peek into my (handbag) life:

1*– Can’t leave the house without a notebook. Love the notebook range from Quill London. I always have a nice notebook tucked into my handbag, especially handy for writing down random recipe ideas when they spring up unannounced!

2*– When I’m doing lots of washing up during recipe testing, my hands really suffer (I make it a rule to always wear washing up gloves to protect my hands). I throw a travel-sized hand cream (love anything by Herbacin) into my handbag to whip out during the day. I found this brand during my days of working on projects with VW in Germany.

3*– When I’m travelling for work I need to remember to swap from my Paris Velib cycling card to my Oyster card when back in London, so I tend to leave all my transport passes in my wallet.

4*– I love the compact size of the Bobby Brown Foundation Stick. It doubles up as a foundation and concealer, which is great for touching up during the day.

5*– I feel a bit naked when I don’t have my iPhone handy. Blessing and a curse. So fab to have my music, camera, calendar and apps all in one place – but still nice to switch it off one in a while to have a tech break.

6*– You’ll never find a handbag of mine without a lipstick in it. When I’m wearing my red lipstick, I need to remember my compact mirror (with hair brush). Good for fixing my lipstick and hair during the day. Or otherwise I need to resort to this.

7*–I have a pen fetish and will have at least three different type of pens in my bag at any given point.

Et, c’est tout! What’s in your bag? (I wish the contents of my bag looked half as chic as either of these!).

GIVEAWAY: Did you catch my Q&A on Quill London a few weeks ago? I love the stationery on their site, practical with just the right amount of whimsy. Thanks to Quill, I have some lovely bits and bobs to giveaway.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on my blog (bonus points for mentioning this post on your own blog, twitter or facebook) and name your three must-have items in your handbag (or guys – in your pockets?).

I’ll be randomly drawing the winner on Wednesday April 10, so you have until Tuesday April 9 to enter this giveaway.

Update: This giveaway is now closed.

Bonne chance!

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123 thoughts on “Peek-a-look* – What’s in my bag?

  1. And what do you have in your notebook? I’m so curious about your notes, simple sketches, your handwriting! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! Three of my purse must-haves: a pad of Japanese blotting paper, a miniature floss dispenser, and a little stack of my business cards.

  3. NYR Organic hand lotion, MAC’s Twig lipstick, and a diaper for the 2-year old (my most glam accessory). Just love your post! Xox

  4. I only get to pick 3?! Let’s see…

    1) My phone.
    2) Lip balm, I feel naked without it.
    3) Antibacterial gel, I handle money at work & it can be filthy 🙁

    I’ll share on Twitter @carlykawaii. Can’t wait for your new book! <3

  5. I too always have a notebook (in fact, when my bag was stolen last Christnms I was more upset about my notebook than anything else!)Lip balm, (I have about 5 billion of them, i’m always on the search for the ultimate lip balm) and sweets, Jelly Tots are my current favourite – they’re not just for kids!

  6. Usually there’s a notebook, a lip balm, a stuffed animal (whichever my daughter decided to bring along and no longer wanted to carry after 5 minutes), some mints or chewing gums, and my Swiss army knife (a life saver on many occasions, but I need to remember to take it out when travelling on the plane).

  7. The three things I must have in my bag:

    1. Uriage Stick Lèvres (I really can’t live without this lip balm).

    2. My moleskin diary (I am living in Italy and there are so many distractions here. Trying to balance a phd and a job in a foreign language/country would be impossible without some sort of structure).

    3. A small container of almonds or walnuts (as to avoid snacking on the gelati and pastries here in Bologna!).

  8. Daisy, 21: Handbag must-haves
    1)Brollie (welsh girl through and through)
    2)Bobbi Brown calypso matte lipstick (helps wake my face up!)
    3)Bottle of water (Stops me flagging whilst shopping!)

  9. I always carry a book to read on the metro (currently The Secret Scripture), a black eyeliner pen and my Holga camera (for taking pictures on medium format film when I spot something interesting when out and about in Paris…)

  10. Nexus 4

    Diary (I seem to remember things more if I write them down), I use this one at the moment (has handy tabs and stickers for reminders): http://www.santoro-london.com/shop/2013-pocket-diary-london-underground.html




    MAC lipstick (Mehr for day, Chili for night – both matte)

    Oyster Card (in my bright yellow Pantone holder so I can’t lose it if I’m fumbling for it).


    8 hour cream by Elizabeth Arden (my lips and hands get chapped with the cold wind lately).

  11. I just love Rachel Khoo! In my bag I always have my iphone, a lipstick (Shiseido Shimmering Rouge) and my student card.

  12. Only three? Mine definitely contains lots of must-haves!
    I’d say… my i phone, polka dot purse and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:)

  13. My 3 must haves are
    My phone
    Lip gloss
    A good pen (I’m a lefty and surprisingly man ballpoints don’t work for me)

  14. Just three? Yikes! Judging by the weight of my handbag, more than three items are essential… But let’s see.

    No. 1 would have to be my iPhone in its sharp French navy leather flipcase. Beautiful and useful! No. 2 is a pack of Mintia sour grape sweets from Japan – delicious and refreshing, and great for sharing! And No.3 is a tube of scrummy coconut and papaya lipgloss from Skinfood in Korea.

  15. Thanks Rachel! It’s lovely to hear that a good ol’ fashioned notebook and pen are still handbag essentials for a lot of us, alongside and in addition to all the technology we also carry around. Can’t go wrong with a stylish notebook 😉

  16. Hmm. . . I think we might be carrying the same bag: notebook, red lipstick, great hand cream. All the same wonderful things! ♥

  17. I keep my phone, chapstick, and keys with me at all times. Bonus, I usually have some change in my pockets, as well.

  18. Rachel, I love your book and website! As for the three items for my handbag: 1) Moleskine planner, 2) iPod, 3) a matte blue-based red lipstick

  19. I agree snail mail beats email hands down. What’s going to happen 50 years from now when one is old and grey a faded love letter or a generic email?

  20. A bag full of canelés?? Sounds good!!
    I’ve a brush&mirror just like yours! But in purple. So useful and takes up so little space!!

    In my bag there are never canelés (snif) but always have to be my brush, lipstick, e-reader, pendrive, small spray of perfume, and a pink or purple pen!! It’s always a colour pen, I can’t take it blue or black in the handbag.

    About the giveaway, if I have to choose only three must-have, they would be the brush, the perfume and the pen!

  21. Ooh, I love getting a sneak peak into other peoples’ bags! I have to have Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for my lips and L’Occitane hand cream. My current favourite is their rose scent. And I have to admit I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone. I’ll definitely mention you on my blog!

  22. My handbag is full, too. I live in Brazil,in a beach city,FPS 50 for skin.
    I love your work, and your little kitchen in paris.You’re beautiful and giftful(Je parle un peu de français e un peu d’anglais).Vien au Brésil pour connaître notre cuisine.You will love it!!

  23. angela from ascona CH :hello rachel ,your so very special ! just starting : 1:my true red lipstick ,2: my moleskin , 3: my fountain pen and 4,5,6,7,8,9, and and …

  24. Packet of whole almonds, Vaseline Rosy Lips lip balm and a spare nappy – my handbag rarely goes anywhere my 2 year old daughter isn’t also going.
    Ps – I love how if you click the link to “my red lipstick” the number one “people who bought this also bought” item is The Little Paris Kitchen. As if the book isn’t fabulous enough, you are probably forever cross linked in the amazon database with Tom Ford.
    Go you 🙂

  25. Hello!
    Thanks for this amazing opportunity.
    I ALWAYS have on my pocket/bag:
    1. Watercolors;
    2. Pocket book to do my drawings;
    3. A literary book: in case of any reading emergency!!! 🙂
    I just learned about your website and I’m absolutely fascinated with it! Please keep sharing your wonderful thoughts!
    All the best!

  26. * Lush Flying Fox temple balm – Although I think it has now been discontinued, this stuff is fabulous. It perks me up if something has made me grumpy.

    *Lip gloss – Currently Stila lip glaze ‘fruit punch’, a lovely spring colour (I have what I estimate to be at least a 2 year supply of lip gloss to work through!)

    *A pen – …The one in my bag right now *may* have been pinched from work as I am forever losing them!

  27. My agenda, with an inscription on it, saying: La puissance est une femme”, the map of Paris and a comforting book to forget about the time I spend in metro…

  28. My wallet, a tinted lip balm and my iPhone…..along with at least a dozen other items! I don’t travel light by any means, lol!

  29. Love & Toast hand creme by Margot Elena (Gin Blossom), Estee Lauder Double wear Lip pencil (Spice), and tissues! Gotta have my tissues.

  30. My day to day essentials are:
    – Red Lipstick
    – Chanel Mademoiselle
    – Army & Navy sweets
    – Purse & Phone

    I need a new notebook! 🙂

  31. Moleskine diary – 18 months to transition from student life to the real world – scary!
    Blackberry – Love it and hate it in equal measure.
    Figs & Rouge Coco Vanilla balm. A lifesaver.

  32. the essentials in my bag: Carmex lip balm (the best I found so far!), Moleskine notebook (for ideas and recipes), Marilou bio hand cream (I am working as a chef so my hands get dry very often!)

  33. My 3 handbag staples: 1) Chanel lipgloss (the only brand which doesn’t stick my hair to my lips when traipsing around in the wind) 2) HUGE sunglasses (stylish, but also helpful when tryin to look chic sans makeup and/or when trying to prevent wrinkles) and 3) Percy Pigs. (I. Have. An. Addiction.)

    Fingers crossed! I’ll tweet about this too.

  34. Swiss army knife, great for fixing small problem on bike etc.
    Blackberry phone, but why do I need to constantly check my emails?
    A lucky charm I was given when I was 10 years-old, well it’s worked so far!

  35. baby wipes – what did we do before these magical cloths? baby bottom to shoe shining!
    iphone – for instagram and connection to the world of work and play.
    vaseline – as lip gloss, to tidy brows, emergency magic cream to sooth my children

  36. mmm…just three things? lets see! I never leave the house without:

    a book (hate to waste time whilst i travel)

    make up (because you never know where the day/night might take you)

    my tango shoes (because I never know where I might end up dancing!!)

  37. I have mobile phone,pen and file-o-fax. I am old fashioned in that it holds my life. Most people now use their phone. I love the feel of paper and flicking through it looking for my appointment and whats meant to be happening to me that I can’t rememeber 🙂

  38. Handbag must have:

    1) Book very important – forgot it recently felt very weird!
    2) Phone – multi purpose tool as it is also my pen and paper
    3) Money! Vital for spending.

  39. In my pocket I have always dream of travels, my digital camera and a card of my last discovered shop, restaurant or artist.

  40. iPhone
    Wallet (empty, but still nice to carry one)
    Glasses (more use on my head, than in my pocket so I keep them in my pocket*)
    *you didn’t read that wrong

  41. Moleskin notebook..for addresses( you Never know,when you remember a birthday etc) lip stain, pens & notebook ( I’m a chef too!) door keys I will share this on FB xx

  42. My must have items in my pocket would have to be:
    Pocket Knife
    a tiny wooden vial of toothpicks
    I have a cooking blog and I have your blog listed as one that I follow.
    Terry Mosher/Grapevine,Texas, USA!

  43. Well,my pockets are empty always, but I have always with me- Lanvin notebook, porcelain angel figurine and pen form trip to Seychelles! 🙂

  44. Dear Rachel,

    My must haves are:
    • Lipgloss
    • Notebook for my thoughts, recepies and creations
    • Phone

    I really like your blog. It makes me smile 🙂

    Greetings Ellen from The Netherlands…

  45. I’m a sucker for inspiration, it can be found anywhere, which is why you will always find in my bag: a notebook, a camera and my headphones.

  46. I usually have a backpack on me as the male equivalent of a handbag! Must haves in that or my pocket:
    – iPod; music and iBooks is always welcomed!
    – Bus Pass; my yearly pass takes me where I need go locally everyday
    – Mini sketchbook; with cartridge paper it is the perfect accompaniment for the occasional sketch when ideas pop into my head!

  47. Inspiration can be found anywhere, which is why you will always find in my bag; a pocket sized sketchbook, a camera (of varying forms, currently my Diana F!) and my headphones!

  48. I randomly found your show a while back and have loved it since. Your personal style to your cooking comes off as epic! I said to myself “self, you will eat her cooking one day and your stomach be forever be grateful.” You see what I did there? Lol

    As a guy, because that’s what I am. You always want to carry what’s most important at all times.
    Wallet, Audi Key and my iPhone.

  49. I love how you use beautiful porceline pans-even when they have a chipped off piece.. beautiful!it insipred me to get the ones I have out and use them.. thank you Rachel
    in my purse is always a band aid and aspirin cause you never know!

  50. My must haves are:

    -Filofax Osterley personal organizer
    -EOS passion fruit lip balm
    -Wide tooth comb


  51. Bonjour Rachel!
    Everything but the kitchen sink in my bag! BUT 3 must haves and can’t do withouts would be 1. Clarins lipstick 2. iPhone & 3. Chocolate!
    Ps. Looking forward to your new book!

  52. i feel ready to go if I always at least one very fine point pen, lipstick, and mints. If I can fit in a small notebook, even better. I’ve learned to whittle it down because a heavy handbag doesn’t work for me!

  53. 1. My wallet (money, cards, pictures)
    2. My Nexus 7 – just got it for my B-Day! (will be a priority over my mobile phone, ipod and agenda from now on I suppose!)
    3. Keys (with USB stick)

    And I always carry some bonbons à la violette, gums, tissues, hand balm, lipbalm, antibacterial gel, paracetamol, teas, sweeteners and… my red & black umbrella!

  54. Alas, like everyone else, wallet, mobile, keys.

    But if it were three in addition to non-essentials, it’d be favourite lip gloss, headphones, and gum.

  55. Three must-have items in my handbag: palmer’s cocoa butter lip balm, my mobile phone and some hand cream!

    then there’s all the other stuff that lives in the cavernous corners of my bag…

  56. I carry a handkerchief; my keys; money in a little plastic bag; my cards; a folder with my B&Q old farts card and other trivia and my ‘bus pass; and another folder with some reserve cash and lists of ‘bus times. And a comb.

  57. essential items – note book, meisterstuck, crabtree and evelyn handcream. Oh dear, I fear that I might become a Quill adict now…

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