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June 21st, 2020

Behind the scenes: Remarkable Places to Eat

Night shoot

Filming abroad seems like a lifetime ago but it was only in February that I had the amazing opportunity to film with Fred Sirieix and Outline Productions for the BBC Two show, Remarkable Places to Eat.

A snapshot of the grand Viennese architecture

When I first got approached to do the show I couldn’t believe my luck. I had a few favourite European cities but Vienna was in the top three and not an obvious choice for a lot of people. I was fortunate enough that I had a trip to Vienna planned in November so I could do a recce of most of the places. I had a hard time making a short list I could have easily filled a whole series with so many delicious places in Vienna to go to (read more about it here).

It was a very cold shoot in Vienna (thermal underwear needed) but luckily the weather held up and we were able to do some open horse carriage rides around the city. We had intensely packed days to be able to film all the content in a short space of time.

The level of concentration is high when you have to get it in one take.

Filming in busy outside locations meant often we had only a short space of time to get everything we needed and with restaurants and cafes we had to be mindful of not getting in everyones way during service. It certainly isn’t an easy task but the professional crew took it all in their stride.

Katy Fryer, executive producer and Flora Fenton, series producer reviewing the shots.

It was fantastic being able to work with both Katy Fryer and Flora Fenton who were kind enough to give me plenty of advice when it came to producing TV shows. I’m forever looking to learn and push myself so am always asking questions.

Viennese skyline

Fred was delightful both on and off screen and being able to share a city that has a special spot in my heart is an absolute honour. Viel Spass beim zuschauen (transl. have fun watching)!

Remarkable Places to Eat, Vienna airs 25th June 2020 8pm on BBC Two.

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