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August 5th, 2016

Building your own little community

The term community has changed so much in recent years. It no longer just defines the immediate area in which you live and the people you surround yourself with, but also incorporates all the small sub-groups and niche collections of individuals who hold similar interests and meet both online and in person to share in something common.

For the whole month of August, we’re exploring everything community over on Khoollect. We’ll be covering the whole spectrum – from how to build or join particular genres of communities, to mastering the pursuits of some interesting and wacky communities, and profiling people from inside communities we might find a bit more foreign and a touch less familiar.

Here’s a few features we put together this week that I think you’ll enjoy and might help to put the wheels in motion for you to pull together your own community:

Photo: Eric Bobrie

Photo: Eric Bobrie

Lovers of everything vintage may already be active participants in a swing dancing club. But if you’re not, our feature In the swing: why you need to start swing dancing will give you a rundown on what’s to know, and help motivate you to get started. Swing dancing communities are super tight-knit, so if you need a new hobby and want to meet some great people in the process – get cracking and find your nearest club!

Photo: Lara Messer

Photo: Lara Messer

Are you a literary fanatic? Or do you just enjoy getting your nose stuck in a book and hobnobbing about it with friends? Khoollect’s guide on how to start a bookclub will set you in the right direction to get a group of book-lovers together quick smart.

khoollect instagram community hotlist

If you need some solid examples of people creating and supporting some inspiring communities, then check out our community-led Instagram hotlist and get following some of these cool cats.

Finally, join the growing health conscious community by WINNING yourself a copy of Green Kitchen Smoothies by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl. There’s more delicious smoothie recipes in this book than you could ever dream up at home.

Have a great weekend!

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