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September 2nd, 2016

Celebrating the world’s wonderful & wacky communities

Over the past month the Khoollect team and I have been celebrating all the wacky and wonderful, practical, functional and brilliantly nonsensical communities that make our world special. From bookclubs to comic book collectives, surfing communities, food groups, online collaborations, to small gatherings of like-minded individuals, we’ve been digging around in lots of nooks and crannies to share with you a little slice of what it’s like to live in the shoes of some of the members.

First up, I want to acknowledge our own growing Khoollect community – that’s you, our followers, who have been there from the beginning of our journey or joined us somewhere along the way. As you’ll be aware, Khoollect celebrated its first birthday on 17 August (read all about our birthday bash here, or watch the video above). To celebrate our birthday, we’re giving all our newsletter subscribers a free e-cookbook full of tempting treats and tasty dishes. So if you haven’t signed up already to receive your copy, do it now!

To whet your appetite for all things community I’ve selected a few of my favourite features from over the past month:

If you’re a closet comic book fan, or just love to read in general, then head over to Khoollect and find out about Brisbane’s unique haven for comic book lovers: Junky Comics. Old timers and newcomers to this fringe community are welcomed with open arms by shop owner Vlada, who provides unique escapism via her dinky little store.

Photo: Olio

Photo: Olio

When it comes to online communities there’s far too many to mention, but we’ve selected five online projects making real world changes that we take pride in shouting about. These are the innovative communities making real inroads to making positive change. Head over and find out more.

For those of you who consider yourself part of the world’s growing collective of food enthusiasts, I suggest catching up with Kristina Gill. The co-author and photographer of Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavours and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City shares her insights into Italian food and her passion for all things culinary.

Recreational activities have always acted as a sort of community ‘glue’. We chatted with the Surf Sistas who are certainly one community-oriented girl gang on a mission: creating surfing adventures and leisurely courses for people at all levels and of varying interests.

Hula-hooping is back on trend (or maybe it was never off trend?!). There’s a huge community of hula-lovers around the globe who are taking to this hip-swinging past-time for fun, laughter and exercise. Here’s our tips on why you need to start hula-hooping.

Finally, the glue of many of the world’s cultures and communities and something we absolutely adore at Khoollect – food. Here’s a delicious recipe for easy-to-make homemade crumpets (yes, they are so much more tasty than the store bought ones!) for you to share around the table with your own community of friends, family or like-minded others!

Have a great weekend!

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