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March 29th, 2017

Dinner diaries: my go-to meal ideas

There’s nothing quite like the thought of a tasty homecooked meal to end a busy day. I like to be as productive as possible during the work day, and running an online magazine means constantly searching for inspiration, new trends and creating connections with other like-minded small businesses. Although my schedule is non-stop and I’ve been travelling a lot lately, I make an effort to prioritise my time off each evening when I can. It’s important for me to step away from my laptop and make a delicious meal to enjoy with my family. After a long day, I know how easy it is to opt for a quick take-away or ready-cooked meal, I get you! But ready-made meals will never leave you as satisfied or inspired as a dinner you make for yourself. Get in the kitchen and treat cooking as a fun experience, away from the everyday stresses of work and admin, and your taste buds will thank you for it.

To get you started, I thought I’d share a handful of my favourite dinner picks from Khoollect. These recipes are easy, delicious and fun to make with family and friends. Prepare to be tempted!


Vanessa Fletcher’s sweet potato gnocchi

Roast fennel and carrot soup

Lentil and aubergine stew with pomegranate molasses

Classic tortilla

Comfort food

Trofie avvantaggiate

Spaghetti squash with chorizo bolognese

Roman-style ossobuco with vignarola

Macaroni cheese

Spring inspired

Late spring stew with preserved lemon relish

Vanessa Fletcher’s tomato, pomegranate and parsley salad

Trout parcels for two

Scallops in seaweed butter

What are your go-to meal ideas for delicious and nutritious dinners? Comment below and share your ideas with me. 

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5 thoughts on “Dinner diaries: my go-to meal ideas

  1. It depends what’s in the fridge.
    The other day I russled up chopped green beans & potato curry with fresh curry leaves, small yellow dhal curry and jeera rice and chapatis. It took me about 1hr from start to finish with the help of a pressure cooker. I feel it’s important to feed my children good nutritious food. I also make all sorts of food from around the world! I’m also a huge fan of your food!

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