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July 5th, 2017

My latest Parisian adventure: Cafe Sou

At the beginning of the year, I was approached by the Ned – a Soho House x Sydell Group collaboration in the city of London – to come on board for an ambitious new project. Together they were planning on transforming the old Midlands bank  into a 252 room hotel with 9 restaurants, a members club, spa, gym and even a secret vault club downstairs.

As one of the nine restaurants, The Ned planned to develop a Parisian-style cafe and asked me if I wanted to get involved. As you know, I’m always up for a challenge! Especially as accepting this one meant delving back into my photos, notebooks and memories from my time in Paris, which I never need an excuse to do. I’ve devoured many a croissant in Parisian cafes over the years, so I certainly felt armed to take on this wonderful task.

Cafe Sou Display The Ned London

Left: Cafe Sou display. Right: Dark chocolate, cherry and chantilly cream millefeuille.

Our planning covered everything: from menus to aprons, tabletop choices to how we assemble our millefeuille. After months of hard work and piles of dust, Cafe Sou is now open and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Serving everything you could hope for from a French-style cafe, I’m happy to report that (after lots of sampling ;)) the menu is delicious and traditional… like a little piece of Paris in the middle of Bank, London.

Rachel Khoo Cafe Sou Menu

Left: Niçoise style filled baguette (Tuna, cucumber, tapenade, lemon aioli). Right: Hazelnut Financier topped with praline cream, Chocolate financier and lemon curd and cream cheese mousse financier.


Rachel Khoo Cafe Sou MenuThere’s plenty to tickle your taste-buds regardless of what time of day you drop in; whether it’s popping by for breakfast and a freshly whipped up omelette (I keep mine simple with a sprinkle of cheese and chives), lunch with a generously filled, deliciously crusty baguette (my favourite the Niçoise style baguette), goûter with a financier (a little gold bar teacake) or something a bit more decadent like a dark chocolate and cherry millefeuille topped with Chantilly cream (a little homage to my Austrian heritage with a nod to the Black forest gâteau). In the evening you can while your way with a delicious board of charcuterie or cheese and a glass of wine (I’ve spent many evenings of Paris like this).

Rachel Khoo Cafe Sou Menu The Ned London

Left: French roast coffee and buttery croissant. Right: Quiche Lorraine.



Cafe Sou is open every day. The closest tube is Bank.
Cafe Sou (ground floor of The Ned), 27 The Poultry, London, EC2R 8AJ.

For all of you who won’t have a chance to get there, check out my Pinterest inspiration board to satisfy your Cafe Sou craving:



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6 thoughts on “My latest Parisian adventure: Cafe Sou

  1. Rachel, I am so glad that I signed up for your newsletter, however much it makes me wish I could visit London, Paris, Switzerland, etc., etc. Your pictures show beautiful scenery and delicious (looking) food. Yum!

    Thank you for taking the time to share all of that with your readers and fans. I love watching your shows. I wish we could get more of them here in Seattle. I record them when they come on so that I can watch them over again.

    Have a wonderful summer. Looks like you’re off to a great start!

  2. I am so happy for you I know how it feels when u discover little Paris in the middle of the city. Even though i haven’t been to Paris yet i fell for the city because of you.The classic French cafe music and the food with a glass of french red wine and cannot forget the patisserie work. Its very beautiful. I think this collaboration made your love for Paris increase more as all your memories back in Paris were refreshed. I love your style as it is very english like but the french tinge stands out the most.

  3. How shocking of receiving of your latest news of your colourful Parisian “Cafe Sou”!!!
    This is exactly what I want to do in the near future from my baking journey (start from zero) following your “Little Paris Kitchen” with your multi-national background, heritage, challenging lifestyle. You are so inspired me and one of the reason to think of signing up for the cooking school (LCB) soon in Paris. I’m so excited (preparing for a year)to have a chance to experiment your footprint in Paris as a foreigner. (HK Chinese, Malaysian-Chinese root from paternal)
    My Paris dream & food passion are going to come to life soon. What next Rachel?

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