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June 19th, 2013

eat/share/listen with Lotta Lundgren

Clever, funny and witty, Lotta Lundgren from Sweden shares her inspiration and favourite things with me for my latest eat/share/listen Q&A. Tack, Lotta!

(Here’s a link to Lotta’s fab foodie book ‘If I Were Your Wife’).

(eat) my fail-safe dish… A hotter than hell, creamy and severely addictive vegetarian black bean chilli. I think it might work as a rather powerful aphrodisiac, so I usually advise people to start with a small portion. I serve it with freshly baked cornbread, baked peppers, creamed corn, sliced mango and loads of cilantro. And gallons of cold beer to calm people down.

One of Lotta’s delectable creations

(eat) favourite restaurant/cafe/bar and why… Lao Wai, a Chinese vegan restaurant in Stockholm at Luntmakargatan. It’s a small crowded place, with a fixed menu, rather unfriendly staff and hilarious food that knocks me out every time.

(share) can’t get through the day without… Caitlin Moran on Twitter (@caitlinmoran).

Pancakes, anyone?

(share) recent inspiring find I’ve discovered online… It’s not a recent find, I’ve been down with Radio Lab for years. But I’d have to say radiolab.org, my favorite podcast.

(listen) a tune I turn up on the radio… If they ever played ‘Neither Here Nor There’ by Lost In The Trees I’d turn up the radio. But they never do.

(listen) a quote that resonates with me… “Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel”. Leonardo da Vinci


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