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August 31st, 2016

Inside my Zumbo’s wardrobe (episodes 4 & 5)

I hope you enjoyed last week’s wardrobe update on the first three episodes of Zumbo’s Just Desserts. During this week’s episodes (episodes four and five) I had the privilege of wearing some more beautiful outfits that were both vibrant and fun, while still being super comfortable to spend the whole day in – and filming days are certainly long! Here’s a breakdown of this week’s beautiful collection of wardrobe items:

Episode 4

This is one of my favourite outfits from the show – I’m a big fan of the colours incorporated into this ensemble. I wore a gorgeous pink, blue and teal skirt from GiGi’s Fairy Fashion – a local Sydney-based boutique – and teamed it with a Kate Spade mint green ¾ sleeve top to tie in with the same colour scheme. The outfit was completed with these adorably quirky ice cream wedges from Kate Spade and little stud earrings from Seed Heritage.

Channel 7 Australia

Channel 7 Australia

Photo: Channel 7 Australia

Channel 7 Australia

Episode 5

On episode five I wore a stunning red shirt dress with floral skirt by Retrospec’d (you may recall the gorgeous blue number from episode one was also by Retrospec’d). I repurposed the Wittner nude patent heels from episode three and a set of Witchery rose gold triangle studs. So lucky to be able to wear yet another gorgeous outfit…and it even matched my lipstick!

Channel 7 Australia

Channel 7 Australia

Zumbo’s Just Desserts is airing on Channel 7 Australia during August and September 2016. Tune in to catch me co-host the show with Adriano Zumbo or watch online (Australia only).

If you’d like to find out more about my personal fashion picks then head over to Khoollect and take a look at:

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Photo: Lara Messer

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Photo: Lara Messer

Photo: Lara Messer

And…meet Lauren Bush – the amazingly talented stylist for Zumbo’s Just Desserts.


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10 thoughts on “Inside my Zumbo’s wardrobe (episodes 4 & 5)

  1. What is your favourite red lipstick now? Is it still Russian Red? I tried asking you before if that was the lipstick you wore in Rachel Khoo notebook- Australia Diaries? Please let me know. Are you wearing Bobbi Brown above?

    1. Hi Divyani, Hmmmm I now tend to mix it up and don’t have one favourite. I’ve put together my top 5. It really depends what I’m wearing that day. Re: what I was wearing Rachel Khoo’s notebook: Melbourne. It was mainly Cherry Lush by Tom Ford but I did mix it up with some in my top 5.

  2. Hi I am OBSESSED with that Kate Spade top in episode 4. Could you tell me the name of the top if you remember? Thanks for taking the time!

    1. Hi Kasey, We filmed the show almost 2 years ago, so I’m not sure the top is still in stock. It’s called Saturday slip neck tee. I just did a quick google and found something similar on ebay.

  3. I think it’s lovely that you take the time to respond to queries – and to go to the trouble to try to find options – very, very classy.

    and I love Rachel’s style!

    1. Thanks so much, Musette! I try my best to respond. Not always possible with so many different platforms now (website, FB, instagram, twitter, youtube, newsletter…) so sometimes the comments slip through. Happy New Year!

  4. Rachel,

    I just started watching Zumbo two days ago on Netflix and you are the most delightful surprise of the series! I love your style on the show–reminds me of “Joan” in Madmen…it hearkens classic feminine style, but adds modern twists. I have a similar figure, so it’s nice to know there are things that may look so lovely.

    Anyway, I don’t usually follow online blogs, nor do I comment, but I had to drop you a line!

    1. Thanks so much Briana. I was really fortunate to have an amazing wardrobe/stylists who made some of the dresses (I was 4-5 months pregnant at the time).

  5. So I am watching Season 2 of Zumbos Just Desserts on Netflix (finished watching season 1) and OMG YOU ARE GORGEOUS! So I love to watch you taste desserts because when you’re tasting… you raise your brow, chew very carefully and look the contestant in the eye! LOL

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